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  1. If you;re talking about a Ruger, they are not any such thing..it's a press-fit
  2. No, No it does not.......BATFE ruled that ANYTHING that fires from an open Bolt is considered an MG, Semi or not, except for a couple of Specific EARLY Model MAC semis, and a very short tun of Tec-9's that fired OB/Semi, which, like the G-Series FAL's each is registered by Serial number as Exempted.
  3. http://www.emf-company.com/store/pc/Lever-Action-Rifles-Carbines-c122.htm picked up an 1892 in 45 Colt from them a few years back, and i've been very happy with it...well made fit and fninish were good, and the price was good as well
  4. You believe wrong. it only exempts In the case of Active Officers, firearms used for duty purposes, with the appropriate "Chief's Letter" same as now. Handguns form Both Active and retired are only exempt if you are Qualified to carry it.
  5. Tell that to Paula Dow, Auto Ordnance and I.O. Inc. thise two companies got "Substatially Identical" shoved right up their a$$es in the last 5 years
  6. It isnt worth it..believe me Nick Paula Dow had EVERY INTENTION of expanding on what she did with Auto Ordnance, and a few months later I.O. Inc. AK clones she was working on getting ALL previously Legal AK's banned, and after that AR's. The Auto Ordnance Markings were different than the Factory Carbine Markings. Just as Arsenal or Saiga markings are different than "Avtomat Kalashnikov AK-47", and just as say "Spike's Tactical SL-15" is different than "Colt Ar-15" By doing what she did with Auto Ord, she was trying to push open the door for a REAL AWB to go into place.
  7. Fixed that for you...it isnt a matter of you "Don't" own one..there isnt an option to do so.
  8. The Administrative code IS Law, it's just separate from the Criminal Statute http://www.njsp.org/info/pdf/firearms/njac-title13-ch54.pdf Anyway, the Assault Weapon Misnomer aside, this whole case rests on the Judge calling out BATFE for their less than Exemplary method of testing...as in.Not actually DOING Any before declaring this particular Muzzle Device a "Muffler" even though they showed NO Actual data of Sound Supression.
  9. Originals are stamped "US Carbine" Caliber .30 M1" the Auto Ordnance Carbines were stamped "ML" and declared to be "Substantially Identical" by fiat of the former AG
  10. Tell that to the Auto-Ordnance US Carbine "ML" NJSP actually TRIED to allow it and was Derailed by the former AG..nobody in the FIU is going to try again
  11. Airhorn, or whistle.... speak very softly..try and get him to turn the volume up on his end...then...Blow his Effin doors off
  12. Read the first few Comments, before the 2A supporters started chiming in... HuffPo does this to allow the regular Leftists free reign to hammer anyone who chooses to go of the Path.
  13. It's very possible that the LGS bought that when they were INCREDIBLY hard to come by...and is now stuck with it. PK had the same problm with one of those "Mare's Leg" Pistols/Lever actions.. He bought one for Stock when there was only one company making them...and they were expensive as hell...about 6 months later Rossi IIRC started making them for about 1/3 of the price...Paul STILL had that one in the case when he left for Az. What was he going to do// That said, with the exception of one, I dont think any of the FFL's ive used over the years has EVER Charged me MSRP for any firearm...but YOU as the customer also has to put in the effort of being a customer.
  14. Dont buy one, and STFU about what other people DO use....its really THAT Simple
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