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  1. New to the AR scene and figured I would post a few shots of my new Ruger AR556. -Scott
  2. Well I finally made it out to Shooters on a Thursday night and man have I been missing out! What a great bunch of guys all very helpful, safe, and considerate. I had a great time and will definitely do it again. -Scott
  3. Scottcba1

    Glock G43

    Thanks for heads up I reached out to Gun For Hire. Im trying to figure out when I can make the trip up there and possibly split the rental with. -Scott
  4. 40 S&W 9mm .22lr .357mag .38s 12ga I agree that it all depends on what you want and what you can afford. Im starting to realize I spread myself out a bit and it makes buying ammo a chore. Im thinking about narrowing down to certain calibers to make it easier to restock as Vladtepes mentioned. -Scott
  5. I think im gunna give it a shot maybe this thursday we will see. Was just looking for info as far as what to expect. Guess we will have to be the guiney pigs .. -Scott
  6. Scottcba1

    Glock G43

    Anyone who where I can rent one to try out before purchasing? I checked all the local ranges (GSSC, shooters & shoreshot) no one has the G43 as rental. Any help is greatly appreciated! -Scott
  7. Anyone ever gone to the fun shoot on thursday nights at Shooters? Wondering how big of a turn out they get? What the shoot setup like? etc etc any info is greatly appreciated. -Scott
  8. Scottcba1

    Glock G43

    good info thanks guys! -Scott
  9. Scottcba1

    Glock G43

    Cool! Comfortable to carry? Do you have stock mags or have a mag extension? -Scott
  10. Scottcba1

    Glock G43

    The 42 is the .380 model correct? -Scott
  11. Scottcba1

    Glock G43

    Anyone have one? Carry one? Shot one recently? Any issues that you have noticed or see? I have been doing some reading up on it but interested in first hand experiences from owners. Looking to get one for a ccw. Any info i greatly appreciated! -Scott
  12. I have had a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard M50 since new. Great cruiser, comfortable and very low maintenance! -Scott
  13. This is the right course of action. Car calls 911 says being pulled over. dispatch contacts officer officer gives location dispatch tells car driver yes its a New Jersey State Trooper car pulls over if their nice they get non moving violation and everyone goes on there way. Its really not a hard concept.
  14. Trooper is investigating BCPD didnt give any heads up so i say DCPD 0 - NJSP 1
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