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  1. Three requests: 1. Have more classes at times that don't conflict with typical work schedules. For instance, I can't attend the 2 pm Tuesday pistol/flashlight class or the 10 am or 5 pm Wednesday defensive shotgun classes. (Even 5 pm on a weekday is really tough to make). It would be great to have more weekend classes, particularly during the winter. 2. Have a full calendar view where you can see all the classes on a given day at the same time. When I see a free weekend coming up, I look for things to do. I don't want to have to click through all the disciplines (shotgun, pistol, rifle, etc.) to see what is happening on a given day. 3. Have more competition nights. The once a month USPA match is a great start. Possible to have a match of some sort every weekend? Thanks much. Beautiful store, great selection, nice range. I must admit I have found the prices a bit high on guns and range time. I have not looked into your ammo prices. AS
  2. Okay. Loud and clear. Will avoid. Thanks.
  3. Any thoughts on this Bushmaster BCG? It's $80 at Brownells. I'm building a rifle on the low end of the price spectrum. This looked enticing. http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/bolt-parts/bolt-carrier-parts/bolt-carriers/ar15-bolt-carrier-group-prod69540.aspx -AS
  4. Does anyone know of an IDPA classifier coming up? My classification just ran out. Thanks AS
  5. Right now I could use some Trail Boss and some Red Dot. I also just want a sense of where I can go in the area in the future. Does Bullethole ever carry powder? -AS
  6. Which stores, in the best of times, sell reloading components in Morris, Essex, Union and Somerset counties? (That's my radius) Thanks AS
  7. how bad was the extractor problem on your ruger?
  8. thanks. to the excellent advice, all. i will try the diagnostic just to see if i can get a better sense of the problem. i may send to s&w, but i wonder if the expense and time of shipping the gun will outwiegh a tuneup from bullethole or omg. i like the guy at omg custom a lot. he did an ffl for me. bullethole is super convenient, tho.
  9. it has happened once at both the past two matches i was shooting. so once out of about 10 mags. gun goes bang, slide goes back but doesnt grab the empty brass. slide goes forward and picks up new round, which gets caught behind case still sitting in breech, resulting in me losing match. i am concerned s&w wouldnt fix it because it is just an intermittent issue.
  10. My Smith Pro Series 9mm 1911 has about 500 rounds through her and still has a too-frequent FTE (case stuck in chamber). Hoping to bring it to a gunsmith to tune the extractor and polish breach face, etc. Any suggestions for a gunsmith not too far from Newark who specializes in this kind of work? Thanks -AS
  11. Would a Glock 34 or 92fs work ok for pistol? Are a lot of folks coming out and just shooting what they've got rather than running top gear?
  12. Please post what you are using, pistol, rifle, shotgun, for your 3-gun competition rigs. I'm curious how folks are adapting their kits to meet New Jersey gun restrictions.
  13. What stores in Northern New Jersey have the best selections of AR-15s (and at reasonable prices)? Thanks -AS
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