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  1. Know this; once Mama gets the word and takes over, you'll be lucky to fit a rabbit in there!
  2. Mele Kalikimaka! Okole maluna!
  3. I was Navy. My dates were 6/'56 - 6/62. I used to get applications in the mail all the time to join the VFW & American Legion. I was reserve at the beginning of the Viet Nam war. I actually was a member (social) of the American Legion and tended bar.
  4. Who has to know it's borrowed? If I have to show proof that I own the guns i have, I'm screwed!
  5. 40 days! Checked cashed yesterday 11/29 and it's now in my hand.
  6. What's up with that? My $135.00 annual renewal is now $144.45(?)
  7. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20150101/guide-to-the-interstate-transportation
  8. For the record, I've never cleaned a crab before throwing it in the pot. Never had a problem and neither did my family generations before me. I don't eat the "mustard", but some guys do. DJNEB, there's a couple boat rental marinas o East Bay Ave in Barnegat also for crabbing and/or clamming. Bob's Bay Marina used to issue the clamming license, not sure now.
  9. My Brittany would run over the wire all the time without even noticing, even cranked all the way up!
  10. Yes, right above the bedroom window. Other times of the day too, at other spots on the gutter, mostly by the bird feeder outside the dining room window. Woodpeckers are suppose to eat BUGS, right? I get them on the feeder all the time. They chase the other birds away. My gutterpecker is the Red Bellied Woodpecker.
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