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  1. Get the record expunged! You don't need a gun lawyer to do that! If you get the expungement, it never happened! I had a "problem" and had it expunged, but was denied a purchase permit because somehow the police knew of it! I went to the county court with a well known gun lawyer and the case the police were trying to use against me was thrown out!
  2. No point having the thread if you can't use or see anything! Part of what I'm paying for!
  3. How come I can't get the pictures now or they're covered w a Photo Bucket logo?
  4. Know this; once Mama gets the word and takes over, you'll be lucky to fit a rabbit in there!
  5. Mele Kalikimaka! Okole maluna!
  6. I was Navy. My dates were 6/'56 - 6/62. I used to get applications in the mail all the time to join the VFW & American Legion. I was reserve at the beginning of the Viet Nam war. I actually was a member (social) of the American Legion and tended bar.
  7. Who has to know it's borrowed? If I have to show proof that I own the guns i have, I'm screwed!
  8. 40 days! Checked cashed yesterday 11/29 and it's now in my hand.
  9. What's up with that? My $135.00 annual renewal is now $144.45(?)
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