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  1. Thanks for asking. I don't want to break these up at this point. They are a great combination for someone who wants to give Benchrest a try straight away.
  2. This gun is still sitting in my office. I've had a couple of contacts from potential buyers, but they have all been across the country and I'm lazy. Make me an offer!
  3. This rifle is still sitting lonely in the corner of my office. Ready for a new home. $1000 for rifle, scope and rings, which is a pretty awesome deal!
  4. Selling my Hornady Lock-N-Load progressive press and accessories. Includes Press and powder meter Hornady Powder Cop Three shell plates (#45, #16, #30) Hornady LNL Micrometer metering insert (in package) 10-pack + LNL inserts Bunch of primer tubes Original manual Current retail value of this stuff is about $698. I'll sell the entire thing for $300 cash, hopefully this weekend. Located in Fanwood, NJ. I'll travel a little bit to meet you if you want. Thanks, Dave
  5. It's a single shot. Bolt is on the right side, opening is on the left side.
  6. I have a Savage 12 LRPV for sale. This is a perfect rifle for factory class Benchrest competition, chambered in 6mm BR. I purchased it on 3/2/2010 for $1549, and since then it has fired 402 rounds, all in 2010 or 2011. Mounted on it is a Sightron SII 36x42 benchrest scope. This rifle is capable of putting many rounds into a hole slightly bigger than 6mm at 100yds with your help. I was not particularly talented at BR shooting, only tried twice, but was able to impress myself. Take this rifle up to the Cherry Ridge BR competitions, ask for some help, have fun. Selling for REDUCED!! $1000 with scope and rings. -Dave
  7. Gun For Hire runs them all the time. Next one 11/29.
  8. I "need" a Magpul ASAP QD sling attachment and an AFG or AFG-2 angled foregrip today. So, anyone know a gun store in Central to Northern NJ that has a stock of Magpul parts and is open until maybe 7pm tonight? Closer to Rt 78 from NYC to Exit 41 the better... TIA
  9. I have that DVD and a few of his parts sitting on my desk for months now. I need to do that!
  10. My membership at WPR/GFH includes all the free range time I want.
  11. My roommate in college brought a ferret into our room for a while. It stole all my socks, and would bite (playfully, but still bite) my big toe in the middle of the night.
  12. If you are interested in attending this event to support scouting, please register tonight or tomorrow. Attendance is pretty low, but we'll hold it no matter how many people attend and have a great time. I think we're about 12 people now. -Dave
  13. Saltpeter was also used in previous ages to keep men from getting too.....excited. Anti-self abuse medicine.
  14. As A-Tech said, 1/4lb is $5, which is about as inexpensive a mistake as you can ever make. Toss it.
  15. I live in Fanwood. I belong to Monmouth County (45 minutes South), Cherry Ridge (45 minutes North), and my favorite Gun for Hire (about 24 minutes door to door). I love GFH. I hated indoor ranges until I joined. I've taken many courses there, all fun.
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