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  1. Gun For Hire runs them all the time. Next one 11/29.
  2. I "need" a Magpul ASAP QD sling attachment and an AFG or AFG-2 angled foregrip today. So, anyone know a gun store in Central to Northern NJ that has a stock of Magpul parts and is open until maybe 7pm tonight? Closer to Rt 78 from NYC to Exit 41 the better... TIA
  3. I have that DVD and a few of his parts sitting on my desk for months now. I need to do that!
  4. My membership at WPR/GFH includes all the free range time I want.
  5. My roommate in college brought a ferret into our room for a while. It stole all my socks, and would bite (playfully, but still bite) my big toe in the middle of the night.
  6. If you are interested in attending this event to support scouting, please register tonight or tomorrow. Attendance is pretty low, but we'll hold it no matter how many people attend and have a great time. I think we're about 12 people now. -Dave
  7. Saltpeter was also used in previous ages to keep men from getting too.....excited. Anti-self abuse medicine.
  8. As A-Tech said, 1/4lb is $5, which is about as inexpensive a mistake as you can ever make. Toss it.
  9. I live in Fanwood. I belong to Monmouth County (45 minutes South), Cherry Ridge (45 minutes North), and my favorite Gun for Hire (about 24 minutes door to door). I love GFH. I hated indoor ranges until I joined. I've taken many courses there, all fun.
  10. Ha Ha Ha! First off, you're going to die in a traffic accident trying to stop there. Second, when is he open? Third, that's the most run down building/house/hovel/shack I've ever seen. Yikes. I can't imagine anyone new ever going there. I suppose there must be long time customers, but no one new can ever go there. Tier 1 is good, or Gun For Hire is about 22 minutes from me in Central Union County...
  11. 10/22 rifles are great, but you are going to run into your $400 budget quickly if you do any modifications. I'd choose the Ruger American Rimfire for a first quite accurate 22LR rifle. Uses the same 10/22 magazines, but is (IMHO) more accurate out of the box. -Dave
  12. I am hosting a sporting clays event at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays on Sunday 6/14 to benefit the Boy Scouts of America. For $165 you get a round of clays, ammo, lunch and a golf cart! Join me and a lot of friendly people having fun with shotguns and support Scouting at the same time! We eat some lunch, shoot some guns, get home in time for dinner! For $10 more, you can rent a shotgun for LVSC, too! So bring friends and family who would like to try this fun sport while support the Boy Scouts of America! Registration at: http://ppbsa.doubleknot.com/event/2nd-annual-alumni-friends-spring-shoot/1719545
  13. I'm a founding partner in a financial services firm in a very, very competitive niche, and I DO know all our secrets, and I still only have a one year non-compete, which pretty much everyone agrees isn't really enforceable.
  14. You need to take and pass the Basic Instructors course before you can take any other discipline-specific instructor course. Pistol, shotgun, rifle are all one full day courses each which require BIT as a prerequisite. Each course has a written test you must pass but are quite easy if you pay attention. Each discipline has a minimum shooting skill requirement. You can quickly google them. They are hard enough that a beginner won't pass, but shouldn't be a problem if you are an experienced shooter. I did practice a few times before each course with the exact test requirements to make sure it wouldn't be a problem. For pistol, you need to put most of 20 shots into a 9" circle at 15 yards, and the group needs to be 6" max. There is a point system. For rifles, similar test. You can google to find the exact requirements. For each course you also need to know about all the different action types, how to clear all different kinds of malfunctions, etc. I took all my courses at Gun For Hire, and they were fantastic.
  15. I recently bought a Beretta CX4 in 9mm, with the 92FS magazines. It's a LOT of fun to shoot, and at 25 yds it makes one hole (almost) with the iron sights. I already have about 20 92 mags for my M9A1, so I wanted that model. The trigger is a little mushy, so it's going to sierrapapacx4.com this weekend for their full trigger upgrade parts install. It's a lot of fun. I have a bunch of lever action 357/38 rifles too, and they are also a lot of fun.
  16. I am also a Rifle Merit Badge Instructor (and also an NRA CRSO and rifle instructor). The BSA loosened up the rules for rifles recently, November, 2013. Previously rifles could not have a removable magazine, and had to be loaded single cartridge at a time. The rule now reads, "Either a breech-loading, singleshot, bolt-action rifle or a repeater bolt-action rifle with a box magazine can be used." They have to shoot 22LR. I really enjoy teaching with the Ruger American Rimfire rifle. Retail price is around $339, but you can buy them as low as $230 on gunbroker. I know we are replacing some of our camps' old Savage rifles with these this year. -Dave
  17. I bought a CX Storm on Monday around 2pm, and the store Rahway Heritage Guild (aka NJ FAG) was still waiting on their checks from 11am, 3 hours earlier. I still haven't gotten a call that my check from yesterday is done yet...
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