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  1. https://jagerwerks.com/glock/optic-cuts/ I used them a while ago for my G19. Great work and incredibly fast turn around. They will even zero it for you if you send the barrel and spring.
  2. Got mine, sent the check in on the 3rd, cleared on the 14th.
  3. You may be confusing a license with a permit. You can get a permit or stamp at most outdoor stores. You cannot "buy" a hunting license. Your license doesn't expire, your permits and stamps do.
  4. Your Welcome. I love helping other people spend their money!
  5. Don't bother. I've tried quite a few over the years either as gifts or for myself. If you don;t spend real money you are gonna get real garbage. A $50 drone is a toy nothing more. It's not enjoyable to try and fly, no stabilizers, no collision avoidance, no hover feature. DJI just came out with the MINI 2. The old MINI can be had for not that much. It weights 249gms, just under the legal limit for not having to register or get any kind of license. Look into it.
  6. I'm a mile from the beach. I guess I should cancel my lawn service?
  7. Sent mine here. Great work, FAST turnaround. https://jagerwerks.com/glock/optic-cuts/
  8. Butcher paper counts as a "container" to transport a 9mm carbine.
  9. Your first mistake is thinking the autotrain is a relaxing way to travel!! If the SLIGHTEST thing goes wrong it turns into a total cluster #uck.
  10. You need a better accountant.
  11. Well if your just going to see it, what's the point? Unless you both exchange information I don't see the point. I thought the UCC pertained to business transactions. This is a private sale.
  12. What are you looking to trade for it?
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