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  1. I'm a mile from the beach. I guess I should cancel my lawn service?
  2. Sent mine here. Great work, FAST turnaround. https://jagerwerks.com/glock/optic-cuts/
  3. What is that stand the bike is on?
  4. Butcher paper counts as a "container" to transport a 9mm carbine.
  5. Your first mistake is thinking the autotrain is a relaxing way to travel!! If the SLIGHTEST thing goes wrong it turns into a total cluster #uck.
  6. You need a better accountant.
  7. Well if your just going to see it, what's the point? Unless you both exchange information I don't see the point. I thought the UCC pertained to business transactions. This is a private sale.
  8. What are you looking to trade for it?
  9. Well I would bring them just to be sure
  10. Exactly! So who do you want backing you up in a fight? The super model or the burly East German ?
  11. I would buy 3 Kimbers and a bunch of ammo instead.
  12. You can apply for multiple permits at one time. Most people apply for three. If you don't use them in the allotted time you can get an extension of 90 days.
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