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  1. You need a better accountant.
  2. Well if your just going to see it, what's the point? Unless you both exchange information I don't see the point. I thought the UCC pertained to business transactions. This is a private sale.
  3. What are you looking to trade for it?
  4. Well I would bring them just to be sure
  5. Exactly! So who do you want backing you up in a fight? The super model or the burly East German ?
  6. Hey any time Snowflake.
  7. I would buy 3 Kimbers and a bunch of ammo instead.
  8. You can apply for multiple permits at one time. Most people apply for three. If you don't use them in the allotted time you can get an extension of 90 days.
  9. Didn't Barbie drive a Jeep?
  10. I'm thinking of just going on Friday. If I get in I get in. If not I'll make a few calls.
  11. Actually I've made them Sous Vide. 20-24 hours @150 and then a couple of minute on the grill to brown them up. Amazing
  12. Did some one just confuse my gentle ribbing with being offended? Have a Milkyway and shove it.
  13. There must be a line out to the Turnpike already.
  14. My comment WAS directed at you. The guy said he didn't know planes, but you had to belittle him with your FAR superior knowledge. How about being a little constructive instead of being a douche nozzle.
  15. I could not recognize the type of fighters, looked a bit like F22s but I don't know my planes. I wonder if it was just a normal movement, but these were low and loud! Sorry Maverick. We all weren't door gunners on the Space Shuttle like you.
  16. Danno

    Pawn shop score

    Got home tonight and shot 9 rds of Georgia Arms 158gr Speer Bonded HP +P ammo and 9 rds of 125g JHP. The 158gr ammo was awesome with a nice fireball. The 125gr felt like 38 spl. The gun is very accurate and smooth. I am really going to like this. This is like teaching my kids. Read what is there not want you want!
  17. Das Gewicht des Projektils
  18. I usually just throw it in the back seat and drive home. Stop being so paranoid.
  19. So i guess the New Jersey office is closed now??
  20. Interesting since you are supposed to sign them in front of the issuing party.
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