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  1. I am coming home this weekend and will grab my books to bring up to Massachusetts. If anyone's kid needs a science project I am now working at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  2. I'll have about 6 unfired savage enfields, 2 in the factory cardboard, going up on the wts section in about a month. Time to thin the herd a little
  3. It may be a few days as I am hectic with moving out of state and heading to France to begin filming.
  4. usnmars

    Why an AR?

    So you can compete with your wife in who's Tupperware is better
  5. BMW, BEAUTIFUL DOT! Hows it shoot? know the history?
  6. I know that I am not the only C&R nut on here and its been too quiet lately so lets start a picture thread of some of your last purchases in the past 6 months. I'll start with a few that came from the same auction house at the same auction and everyone was interested in tactical tupperware. All of the rifles came home for less than 100 each. First a 1939 Commercial BSA No1 MkIII Enfield target rifle, non import marked- Bore is mint, but I bought it knowing headspace was bad. After swapping the bolt head it is now nice .067 British P14 target rifle made by Winchester - beautiful bore, bluing, everything and last but not least a rare bird, a Steyr 95/24 straight pull. The 95/24's were rebuilt by the Yugo's and are chambered in 8mm mauser. The bore is just OK, but damn this thing shoots nice! On Saturday I was hitting my 3" gong at 100 every shot. For iron sights I consider that to be pretty good.
  7. A few years ago matt6669 and I put one together in my shop. There was a thread somewhere on here, but anyways it was a Yugo receiver, a Chinese barrel, Albanian bolt, Russian bolt carrier and other assorted parts. The rifle shoots like a dream and it shows there really isn't much of a difference between parts other than barrels. If looking for a shooter it comes down to non chrome lined(Yugo) and chrome lined(the rest) barrels. Parts are interchangeable and work together.
  8. Remember you can't spell SCUM without USMC... Coming from a squid that worked extensively with Marines.
  9. I would be going to France, They are on location for 4 months, and I will be there for 6 weeks. I am hoping this gets my foot in the door in the industry. On a side note, y'all would be amazed how many of the Hollywood types are pro 2A
  10. So I got layed off from the oil patch due to oil prices but this time I think it happened for a reason. I got hooked up with a few friends that introduced me to the Baldwin brothers, and it expanded from there. I got a part time job as a on set WWI firearms expert for a film that is set to start filming in France in January. I have a pre- production meeting in NY next week and I'll learn a bit more. I can't say a title yet, but it has some major names in it. I will keep y'all updated on my progress. On a side note I guess it gives me an excuse to expand the collection a little
  11. No hit but it is close to a few serials that were SAA barrel fitting test on August 25 1946
  12. That one was one of the rarer WW1 variations made in 1918 US material marked with original stock. Most of the WW1 guns were not US marked. The WWII were takedown models and had a beefier wrist. The store had it on the shelf without the heat shield marked as a reproduction because the US is hand stamped. Everything I knew was saying the gun was legit. I bought it on a whim for a couple hundred and the serial number was actually in my SRS books. Inventoried at Hickam Field in 1939. The hardest part was tracking down a real heat shield and bayo lug but, that was a whole different battle.
  13. The originals are out there and do pop up. I fell into this one last year
  14. I picked up yesterday a percussion heavy barreled chunk Gun made by Baker in London. It has a tang sight and double set triggers and I have a severe itch to shoot it. I am going to a friend that is a gunsmith later today to find what caliber it is and get a clean bill of health. Anyone want to show a black powder noobie the ropes and actually shoot it. I am now starting some research and trying to date it but from its construction I am guessing 1830s or 40s. I have no clue why I had to buy the thing other than it is a cannon with a stock
  15. Sarco is awesome when you know what you are looking for. I got my M48 snipers off the rack and my 24/47 mountain cavalry carbine sniper for something like 150. There are only 6 known mountain cavalry carbines known to exist in the world and this is the only known sniper. If you take your time and dig you can find some gems. Hell I picked a stock for a Borschardt there, where else in the world can you find one of them?
  16. US VS THEM! They can but we can't. How many non LEO went through small arms firing school when they served in the military, I know I did.
  17. There were a ton of them yesterday, all went cheap. I picked up a Winchester P14 in similar condition, an unissued Savage no4, and a real oddity a Steyr 95/24 in 8mm mauser. I cant understand what is going on in the gunworld, everything is cheap lately.
  18. Its been quiet in here lately so I figured I would post a new aquisition from a recent auction. Have you ever wondered what a 1917 Enfield SMLE looks like brand new? Well I picked this up for cheaper than a Mosin and it hasn't even had a screw turned on it. There is a little wear on the high spots like the bolt knob and rear sight wings, but heck for 100 years old I cannot complain too much. Sometime in its life it was issued to Canada, but it isnt import marked. The bore is like the day it was made, and there isn't even wear on the magazine from either rounds or the bolt being cycled.
  19. I dont think they will be ratty at all. The reason we abandoned the the 1911 for the M9 was a political deal, not condition wise. I know the armory at one of the bases I was at overseas had 1911's in the back room and they looked brand new. Look at the M1's, there are some beautiful cherries in there, should be the same for the 1911's.
  20. I think it will be a negligible decrease. Look at garands, you can get a m1 through the CMP but yet they are 1400 at gushows.
  21. Ummmmmmmmm, why donate. They have all the taxpayer money they want and revenue from tickets. When I see MRAPs and new guns and better cars than most people drive I do not see an organization that needs donations
  22. I went to a gun auction on Saturday and picked up another, a 1944 milled panel Walther sniper I'll post pics tomorrow after I get back from the range
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