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  1. NJ DMV has a set regimen for how they will title and register a car. You should give them a call and ask what you need. I'm having an issue right now where I bought my car from California, financed half the amount, and apparently California keeps the title and will only transfer it to the DMV for registration. Problem is, California takes forever to issue titles and does not issue temp tags. So I'm stuck with a car that I can't drive until I get the title sent here, and god knows how long that will take.
  2. I like the list, but I don't consider it to be the be-all. There is definitely some good information on there however and a lot of time and effort went into making it.
  3. Clearly you guys need to check out Russian Sniper (FPSRussia).
  4. I live right across the river from PA now and can smell the freedom wafting over occasionally.
  5. I've never cut myself with one of my knives before (knock on wood), but I feel like this thing is going to shed blood one way or another.
  6. I've been obsessed with getting a Kramer Gutshot ever since I first saw one (oddly enough, it was Gutshot John's own knife). Finally contacted Eric a few months ago to get the process going. He had a couple options as to steel and finish, but I wanted the original recipe (s35vn steel, satin finish). He just sent me a progress pic the other day after he heat treated it.
  7. The fact that he was THAT hopped up and still got dropped made me want to hug my HK45.
  8. I'm very interested to see how this pans out. Looks like the "defendant" has some 'splaining to do but I would love if this was used as a springboard to some AWB changes.
  9. This. Two .45 rounds and the perp was on his a**. That's a great outcome for a hairy situation.
  10. I watched a video where he called ACU's tactical. Lost all respect for him. Yep. All kinds of tactical bro.
  11. Way of the Gun (has the best line EVER in a movie) Ice Pirates Donnie Darko Apocalypse Now Big Trouble in Little China
  12. Great job Bob. Excellent self control. If it were me surrounded by three pitbulls.... I'd probably be rolling around on the ground playing with them. Great dogs, even many of the ones in the GHETTO as Ray Ray has pointed out, are mistreated and misunderstood. The problem with most people, and any animal, is that people attach human thought processes and emotions to the animals. They do not think, act, or SENSE the way we do. When you are afraid you give off pheromones that animals can and will interpret as aggression, you need to keep a level head especially with an animal that can hurt you. I hate to get all dog whisperer here but it's the truth.
  13. Cops performed well in this situation and put that dirtbag down. Interesting that nobody put their vehicles in park, that's just an example of how bad your brain gets scrambled when bullets start flying.
  14. Cylinder Head

    Is this legal?

    It's a Benelli M4 chambered in .223. No, thank you.
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