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  1. Are there any other manufacturers of 7.62x39 ammo other than TulAmmo? Ive only been able to find one.
  2. Cameron, the class was great. My two friends and I enjoyed it a lot, and have our applications in the mail. I'm looking forward to taking more of your classes
  3. Lol idk, I'm up in the air about it still. Mainly wanted to know the market value, but its my first too.
  4. i thought the tlr 3 came with the laser. id rate it around a 95 atleast, gun was never exposed to elements, always shot indoors with american eagle ammunition. always fmj, only shot a handful of hollow points through it that were lawmen. ill post pics tonight.
  5. its a gen 3, with a streamlight tlr-2 i think. the one without the laser
  6. if i remember correctly, its based on external condition, how many rounds have been put through it, quality of ammo used, if its been detail stripped or just field stripped, any repairs done, etc etc.
  7. Well id love to keep the glock, but I know I could get a decent amt of money for it bc its in great shape. The shotty to me is more appropriate bc I have four dogs that I keep off leash in my backyard, and. There have been a few bear sightings recently. Just don't think my .40 would b able to help me protect them against a pissed off momma bear
  8. I still havea few posts before i'm allowed to post. already tried that with my ammo.
  9. Where would b the proper place to sell it?
  10. i'm lookin at sellin my glock with ~1500 rounds through it, and a hogue grip. gun was cleaned after every range trip, i'm lookin at getting a mossberg 12 ga. for the house instead of my glock. my question is how much would it be worth? i'd also probably sell it along with 2k rounds of american eagle forty cal.
  11. lookin forward to attendin the course anthony, see you than!
  12. hey, i'm movin from hanover twp to bridgewater, anyone know what the going rates for moving companies is on a 4 br house?
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