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  1. Thanks Ron. I would like to have a table that is a little beefier. I have time, though. I'm still waiting for the Dillon setup to arrive. Marc
  2. Hello I recently ordered a Dillon XL650 with accessories. . It should be here around the beginning to middle of May. If there is someone in or near the 08043 zip code that can help me set it up, I would be most appreciative. I also have to construct a bench. Part of my problem is I don't know how to build anything. Thanks, Marc
  3. I might use a right hand glove when using aggresive grips.
  4. Marc

    Belt Fed BMG50

    It doesn't get much better than having access to private property.
  5. The NJ law permitting one handgun purchase per month should be recinded. With exceptions for multiple purchases as antiquated as the law itself, hopefully enough power can be brought to our legislators to make them see the light. I don't know if this matter has been discussed recently but if so, it needs to be discussed gain.
  6. Marc

    Belt Fed BMG50

    I'm not familiar with Telco. Do you have contact information? Thanks
  7. Marc

    Belt Fed Rifles

    I used to feel that way but then decided to treat myself, once in a while.
  8. Marc

    Belt Fed Rifles

    Thanks. I'm going to try my best to attend as a spectator.
  9. Marc

    Belt Fed BMG50

    I have learned there might be a range in MD, allowing 50's to be used. If it is true and I am able to obtain information, I will post it. I would think if a reasonably convenient place to shoot, exists, more 50's would be owned. I know when I look at mine. I get real enjoyment.
  10. Marc

    Belt Fed Rifles

    Where is this shoot?
  11. Marc

    Belt Fed Rifles

    Your 1917A1 is a beauty. It's good to see the belt feds on the forum. Which range do you use?
  12. Marc

    Belt Fed Rifles

    I just picked up a 22 caliber Tipmann belt fed rifle. They no longer make them but are great quality.
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