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  1. Yes...alll the RSO's that I have dealt with so far were so helpful at RTSP Union
  2. South Orange Resident Here Submitted online 6/25/19 permits only.. Received email status update 7/13/19 Approved Do not appear at the approving police dept until you have been contacted. Received letter from SO Police to pick up dated 7/17/19. Picked up from records bureau and paid by check for permits.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion of Luciano's...I took a trip up there yesterday. What an interesting experience that was....But lots of info, suggestions and walked out with a sig I had been wanting. I would not hesitate to go back. Now I just need to wait the 30 days for my other purchase...
  4. Thanks all...Had a chance to go to FSS today. Could not have been a better experience. Ross (and the woman who I did not catch her name) was so helpful walking me through the process since I am waiting on permits, ordering online, and differences in my favorites pistols that I recently tried out. My first purchase was discontinued by manufacturer...
  5. Sig m17/320/Beretta 92FS 9M or Glock 19....The Beretta and Sig M17/ 320 felt the best to me so one of those. I will keep an eye on used/for sale here on the boards.
  6. Spent the last number of weeks trying different 9 mm at RTSP in union Glock’s 17, 19 Sig m17, 320 HK vp9, 1911, beretta so I’ve narrowed it down I’m still a new shooter so I’m looking to buy since my permit (s)will be coming in soon. So Who are your preferred places in north central jersey?
  7. I finally made it to RTSP yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. I was with my son and girlfriend. The staff was awesome. As someone that is a new shooter the instructor was so helpful and patient. So looking forward to returning soon.
  8. Thanks chocodove I had heard of the Going Home series but not the other. Will look into it!
  9. I just finished One Second After and had to think about reading One Year After because One Second After was depressing enough.
  10. Teenagers made breakfast and were really sweet....Very thankful and grateful for how blessed I am...
  11. Sorry for all of you that have lost your beloved pet (s)...♥
  12. I took my kids to DC in Nov...My d is in a wheelchair. So I can tell you DC is so accessable (since you will be using a stroller (s) Use the Metro to get around. The people in DC was so helpful, if you pulled out a map people would come up to you and ask if you needed help...We took amtrak down from NJ into Union Station and stayed at Embassy Suites http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g28970-d84062-Reviews-or10-Embassy_Suites_Chevy_Chase_Pavilion-Washington_DC_District_of_Columbia.html#REVIEWS They have a pool which your little ones will enjoy....This also has bkft included which saves money....Hope you have a wonderful time. My kids are teenagers and they had a great time and can't wait to go back...
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