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  1. To all the Mom's here...Happy Mother's Day!
  2. It was Sandy...not that my family was affected but many around us were. We had water, lights, a way to cook. And then I remembered back to Katrina and the superdome and how no one is coming for awhile....As I looked back my Dad stored stuff quietly....So I started asking what if and then started prepping. Being in NJ is not the place you want to be if something really goes down but in the meantime I will prep with where I am and what I can...
  3. Ordered and received them next day and promptly received the refund. Had a chance to check them out with the beautiful weather this weekend and like them. I especially like the camera adapter....
  4. I just did some shopping today on this list....canned tuna, chicken, fruits and veggies canned some sauce pasta coffee sugar....rice beans I tried to stock so I can rotate so I havnt stocked stuff we don't typically eat...I have a supply of meds, toilet paper, soaps bleach, clorex wipes, tissues....I need more ammo
  5. Yes...alll the RSO's that I have dealt with so far were so helpful at RTSP Union
  6. South Orange Resident Here Submitted online 6/25/19 permits only.. Received email status update 7/13/19 Approved Do not appear at the approving police dept until you have been contacted. Received letter from SO Police to pick up dated 7/17/19. Picked up from records bureau and paid by check for permits.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion of Luciano's...I took a trip up there yesterday. What an interesting experience that was....But lots of info, suggestions and walked out with a sig I had been wanting. I would not hesitate to go back. Now I just need to wait the 30 days for my other purchase...
  8. Thanks all...Had a chance to go to FSS today. Could not have been a better experience. Ross (and the woman who I did not catch her name) was so helpful walking me through the process since I am waiting on permits, ordering online, and differences in my favorites pistols that I recently tried out. My first purchase was discontinued by manufacturer...
  9. Sig m17/320/Beretta 92FS 9M or Glock 19....The Beretta and Sig M17/ 320 felt the best to me so one of those. I will keep an eye on used/for sale here on the boards.
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