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  1. GAPP has another CCW class coming up. This one will be held at Shooters Sporting Center in Little Egg Harbor Township.... so all of you South Jersey shooters interested in CCW should consider coming to the class. Florida and Utah are the most sought after permits in the nation because they are among the most widely recognized. We provide all services necessary to get a concealed carry permit in both UT and FL including the applications, envelopes, passport photos, finger prints, notary seal, and UT CFP instructor seal... pretty much one stop shopping to get your CCW in multiple states. We also help you fill in the application so it wont be returned for being completed improperly. For a full course description, registration information, and other class dates, go to www.gappnj.com.
  2. GAPP

    AR-15 pistol?

    Why would the magazine need to be welded or glued? If it is mechanically attached but requires disassembly (using tools, not the new ca version of the bullet button) to remove, why would that not be acceptable? The sks is considered a fixed magazine firearm but the magazine can be removed/replaced with some disassembly.
  3. GAPP

    AR-15 pistol?

    Well of course the magazine capacity cannot be over 15, that is listed as a completely different part of the NJ AWB. But the question is, do the other "offensive" characteristics still apply to an AR pistol if there a fixed mag.
  4. GAPP

    AR-15 pistol?

    I appreciate all the feedback... especially krdshrk (thanks for the breakdown on parts). I can cut ounces here and there but the best I can come up with is in the 52 ounce mark without sights. So my next question is: if I decide to install a fixed magazine and weight is no longer an issue, can the firearm have a barrel shroud and threaded barrel? The only restrictions I can find apply to firearms that have detachable magazines. Again, i appreciate any help.
  5. GAPP

    AR-15 pistol?

    Really? I thought as long as someone used a PTP from an FFL then it was legally a pistol
  6. GAPP

    AR-15 pistol?

    Has anyone here ever successfully built one? What parts did you use to stay under the 50oz maximum?
  7. Is the gunsmith shop still up and running in the rahway shop? I forget the gents name (Jeff I think) but he did some of the best work around.
  8. Ive seen a version of that grip before (it actually has elements of Coopers teachings) but with a totally different rational. That grip isn't used because of a nerve that causes fatigue, its used in a push-pull grip.... right hand loose but pushing forward from the palm and left hand tight in the fingers pulling back on the front of the grip to create a stable front-back platform to hold the gun... it requires the weaver stance to be done right. I hate the grip/stance and continue to use and teach an isosceles stance and a grip like the one you started with. If you're professionally trained, stick with that training, not a 5 minute lesson from an RSO at a range.
  9. I use provident too... which branch has a coin counter?
  10. The shop is nice with some pretty goos staff. They have limited inventory but they are really just getting going. Give them time and they will be a great shop.
  11. Cant go wrong with an aimpoint pro and flip to side 3x magnifier
  12. A few years ago, the firearms guild in Rahway had quite a few... old military weapons and muskets were there specialty
  13. GAPP

    Beowulf Question

    Alexander arms upper and Alexander arms ammo... so its definitely suited for it lol. HE, thanks for the link. And thanks for the input guys... Im going to contact AA and see what they say about it. I bought this as a bear/hog gun and as things are, Im just going to stick with my 45-70. I have no confidence in the gun right now.
  14. GAPP

    Beowulf Question

    Bought it complete... this one http://www.midwayusa.com/product/316928/alexander-arms-ar-15-entry-a3-upper-receiver-assembly-50-beowulf-165-barrel I bought it about a year and a half ago so any warranty is probably past but Ill send them an email and see what they say. Its been going on for months. I dont shoot it often because of the cost of ammo but every time Ive had it on the range since last august it hasn't grouped properly (but since then its only made 5 trips to the range with me). I thought about inconsistent loads too... but Im not convinced of it because it has been multiple boxes. I may run the rounds through the chrono but may just reload some and see if I have the same problem. Thanks for input.
  15. Ive been having trouble with my 50 cal Beowulf upper and Im looking for some advice. The scenario: My gun hasn't been grouping well at all... 6" groups at 50 yards. Im shooting from the bench rest with a Leupold optic. I checked the scope mounts and even replaced the mounts and scope to make sure thats not the problem. The gun does seem slightly under gassed... brass is ejecting between 4 and 5 o'clock and sometime doesnt chamber the next round or lock back on an empty mag. On a freshly cleaned barrel I see slightly better accuracy but a different point of impact... within 10 rounds, my accuracy is shit again. Im shooting factory Alexander Arms ammo and have about 100 rounds through the gun. The crown seems ok and the bore is shiny and blemish free (from the naked eye). I know the gun is capable of better groups than what I'm seeing so my question is simple: Any idea why its so inaccurate?
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