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  1. Wow. Tuesday shoots back from the dead. Met y’all there almost 10 years ago. I will try my hardest to make this. I miss these meetups. Bunch of good dudes would always show up. Paging Chad, Lunker and others...
  2. You know it's funny. I was looking at various forecasts and thought: "Wait a minute... Check out the Forums. There is always storm talk on there. Always..." You guys didn't disappoint. I am hoping for some snow. Over a foot would be fun. Gen is working and gassed up and my reserve jerry cans are all full. 2 cords of seasoned oak ready to go. Best line of the thread: "Bill Ayers, worst Weatherman ever..." Very funny.
  3. Interested. Live in Jackson but will travel to Bridgewater. Thanks for the effort in setting this up.
  4. Sweet! Now you'll be even closer. I actually pulled into the parking lot yesterday to see if there was anything on the door. I saw the sign and was intrigued. Now I know that TJ will be a partner I am in 100%. Can't wait for the grand opening. I'll start saving again to make sure I have some cash to spend when the licenses come it. Congrats and good luck.
  5. It was a great course. Well worth the price of admission I assure anyone who is on the fence about it. Just getting some confidence in future choices for some first aid gear made it well worth it to me. Thumbs up to David for stepping up and offering this service to forum members.
  6. I'm in. Awesome. I have been waiting for this to come together for years. Thanks so much. Payment at the class or prior to?
  7. Oh. So how many of you have heard from friends or family that they'll "just come to your house..." ?? My sister commented to me that I was serious about taking care of my family when I responded to her comment by saying "Just don't come empty handed..." A lot of people like to keep their head in the sand and feel reaasured that there are those of us doing the work.
  8. My main reason is natural disaster. My wake up call was Irene. I had a 6 month old at the time and a JCP&L friend of my wife said to prepare for 30 days of power outage. What?! We lost power for only a few hours but since then I have taken care of business. As I am on a well for drinking water, the well pump is vital. So in went the manual transfer switch for the generator. Now water and heat (gas) are taken care of. Also have a heatilator on the fire place. In a pinch it will heat three to four rooms of the house. Also, several means of water storage. Stabilized gas supply that gets transferred to the truck every 6 months or so. Etc. Etc. When Sandy hit and we lost power, I was able to remain calm and just take care of the house and my family. It was reassuring knowing that I really didn't need to leave the house for weeks if needed. If I can avoind standing in line at a gas station or super market and potentially avoid a sticky situation with stressed out people, then it all makes perfect sense. My goal at this point is to be totally self sufficient for 30 days. That should cover it.
  9. CPRPE


    A better bleach alternative is pool shock. Granulated kind. Has a much longer shelf life. Clorox bleach only has an effective shelf life (for safe disinfection of drinking water) of about a year/year and a half if memory serves. And in the summer the pool shock is available in every hardware store and HD/Lowes. BTW. Love that "prepping" in now on NJGunforums.
  10. All the best. Congrats. Mom doing ok I hope? Beautiful girl.
  11. Ha! that would be a good one. Speaking of that one and the Clancy movies, I thought Willam DaFoe was a HORRIBLE choice for Mr. Clark. Mr. Clark is a true badass and would never let himself look like that. I always pictured Mr. Clark looking like Race Banion from Johnny Quest. How's that for a reference?... Sorry to hijack but I figured it was fair game and in the spirit of the discussion.
  12. Hmmmm... Have to reluctantly agree with Lunker on this one. I read all the books prior to the movie release and to me Baldwin was what my mind's eye created for Jack Ryan. That's the only Baldwin movie that I will ever re-watch. It also helps that Red October was actually at least similar to the novel. The other ones, not so much. Too much artistic/literary license from the film maker... Too bad.
  13. I'd strive to become VERY proficient with the blade, crossbow and compound bow.
  14. Hopefully these pics came out. We rescued the two Shepherds from Popcorn Park 3 weeks ago. They joined our Golden who is just over 2 yrs old. The pic is from the ride Home... they are great dogs... Not many "issues" thank God.
  15. CPRPE

    Just picked up a...

    Is that a special order item? On the Ruger website it only lists stainless barrels with the composite stock. I love the look of the stainless and wood. Beautiful rifle you have there. Me very jealous...
  16. Put me on the list also, please. I am also looking for some basic training to help someone before professional help arises. I am also interested in knowing some first aid for common household injuries suffered by little ones/family members. My big fear is that my little guy will burn himself or something in the future and I want to know what to do right away to avoid any panic. I looked online for Red Cross seminars but a lot of that is CPR etc.
  17. Welcome from a Jacksonite. We're building a pretty good Jackson Howell Toms River contingent here. BTW I am at that Home Depot A LOT...
  18. So I got the call yesterday... Permits are ready. Total waiting time: 157 days. Ouch.
  19. Because I can... "I have as many guns as I do because I believe in a diversified portfolio amongst various asset classes. " Quote of the day. And wise advice on many fronts...
  20. Called again this morning. "sir, we are really short-handed... Let Me check." So I "am on the last step... It went up to Lt Wagner on the 6th. So I guess I will email the chief now. Ugh.
  21. I don't believe it... Good for you though... Go pick them up then I'll raise holy hell after to make sure my rant doesn't mess you up. I'll say it again. AUGUST 1st!!!! Oh I am so aggravated. Can I have one of yours?
  22. Count me in on this. I am willing to bet at this point that I will still be waiting come January1. How ridiculous is that? I am at day 130 and counting.
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