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  1. Things are coming along nicely . . . Wrong doors on the cabinets . . . same wood, just with panels on them. All these cars are hand painted by the two faux painters. . . they did an amazing job throughout. Its hard to see, but the faux has a texture to it. I put these opaque glass doors in . . . I wasn't sure how they'd look at first, but I love em now!
  2. You don't need those numbers and letters, if you DL the latest version of bbm just post your bbm barcode and other users just have to scan in using their BB's camera . . . looks like this:
  3. Awesome dog!! Whats his name?
  4. Sorry if this was brought up already. . . didn't see anything tho. http://www.app.com/article/20100722/NEW ... -gun-range
  5. Ahhh yes, I do remember that cold azz day.
  6. Holy crap . . . this thread is still going strong? Are we just trying to break a page record?
  7. Update . . . http://www.app.com/article/20100628/NEW ... ic-weapons
  8. Some interesting replies on this question here . . . http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index ... 126AAjvhsK
  9. Hey Matty . . . no, thats a different one. We are down about 2 miles past that on the same side. Culture stone is almost done,
  10. haha the "slave master" . . . she was not supposed to tell you what her little pet name for me is! Yes, we do pick ups (as long as there is NOTHING in the bed). . . Should be ready to go on the 23rd of July. But I will keep you posted on that, as it stands now we are right on schedule.
  11. Yeah, for a few weeks time. It will really start to fly now. Right on schedule for the 70 day time frame. I've never seen such a high quality builder before. Amazing work, super impressive, and runs a tighter ship than I do! lol As you can see by the parking lot, there are quite a few crews working, and this was lunch time! We took over the parking lot next door also heh! LOVE IT!!!
  12. Making progress. . . Culture stone and dryvit started today. . . new equipment arrives on monday. . .
  13. lmaooooo Yes, YOU CAN!!! Even YOU tony!!!!
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