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  1. Things are coming along nicely . . . Wrong doors on the cabinets . . . same wood, just with panels on them. All these cars are hand painted by the two faux painters. . . they did an amazing job throughout. Its hard to see, but the faux has a texture to it. I put these opaque glass doors in . . . I wasn't sure how they'd look at first, but I love em now!
  2. You don't need those numbers and letters, if you DL the latest version of bbm just post your bbm barcode and other users just have to scan in using their BB's camera . . . looks like this:
  3. Awesome dog!! Whats his name?
  4. Sorry if this was brought up already. . . didn't see anything tho. http://www.app.com/article/20100722/NEW ... -gun-range
  5. Ahhh yes, I do remember that cold azz day.
  6. Holy crap . . . this thread is still going strong? Are we just trying to break a page record?
  7. Update . . . http://www.app.com/article/20100628/NEW ... ic-weapons
  8. Some interesting replies on this question here . . . http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index ... 126AAjvhsK
  9. Hey Matty . . . no, thats a different one. We are down about 2 miles past that on the same side. Culture stone is almost done,
  10. haha the "slave master" . . . she was not supposed to tell you what her little pet name for me is! Yes, we do pick ups (as long as there is NOTHING in the bed). . . Should be ready to go on the 23rd of July. But I will keep you posted on that, as it stands now we are right on schedule.
  11. Yeah, for a few weeks time. It will really start to fly now. Right on schedule for the 70 day time frame. I've never seen such a high quality builder before. Amazing work, super impressive, and runs a tighter ship than I do! lol As you can see by the parking lot, there are quite a few crews working, and this was lunch time! We took over the parking lot next door also heh! LOVE IT!!!
  12. Making progress. . . Culture stone and dryvit started today. . . new equipment arrives on monday. . .
  13. lmaooooo Yes, YOU CAN!!! Even YOU tony!!!!
  14. I guess all is forgiven?
  15. Chad

    Guess what?

    Are you missing a finger or is it behind the slide? Mazel Tov nonetheless.
  16. I didn't read thru all the replies, so my apologies if this was covered already. I have a hard time believing that any pistol is more accurate than another. I think its simply the user using it. One person can shoot accurately with a glock, while another shooter, using the same gun is not accurate. I think its all about "fit". I'm no expert, just my feeling on the issue.
  17. Bite me Raymond! :mrgreen: Like your stupid zombie thread is any more interesting than this? Well, errrr, yeah I guess it is lol. I have no clue. We just bought this place last year. Thanks Makseeeeeeem! ?? First time knocking it down. . . but maybe it was discussed before? I know we've had the heated cement conversation in the past tho, maybe thats what yer thinking of?
  18. I have it at 3 other locations already, its amazing. Its not so much for after a storm (because the roads themselves are still wet, etc and we don't open anyway) but more just for freezing temps. Cars come out wet and dripping, which results in ice on the ground. We were constantly throwing salt down, which doesn't sit to well with people that just paid to have their car cleaned. lol . . . it gets on their shoes, and then they get into their clean car. When its below freezing, the heaters kick on, and the entire front and back slabs remain ice free all day. As far as the BTUs I have no idea. . . I will have to look on the spec sheet for what we are putting in at this location. Not sure what we have at the other ones either. I'll find out. I was able to dig up a pic I took over the winter after a snow fall. You can clearly see where the heated cement ends and the asphalt begins lol. . .
  19. Here u go Matt. . . these are old plans, much has changed, but you get the gist. Brisco, I've looked into it. I would have to have the entire roof covered in solar panels, and it would only cover approx 10% of the cost to operate the system. Not that it matters, but it actually runs anti-freeze.
  20. Fill me in on the hot spots! I've been out of the loop for a long time, I'm not sure whats really around here. . . I was at monmouth battlefield state park. Planning on going to turkey swamp park tomorrow. That's chad.. the fish on the other hand is a fine looking species.. :mrgreen: looks like you had a good day out fishing.. LMAO Tony, are you saying I am not a fine looking species???
  21. Construction has finally begun in Oakhurst. Demolition / equipment removal started on Monday and final clean up will be completed by tomorrow. Next is construction / site work. Every square inch of curbing, cement and blacktop is getting removed and replaced with heated cement. Anticipated time frame till completion is 70 days. Oh, and yes, that is yours truly operating the hoe! BEFORE: DAY ONE: DAY 2: FINAL RESULT: Anyone who is curious why I decided to leave one wall (and two small pieces of side walls) standing is because if we were to knock those down it would no longer be considered a re-model. It would then be considered new construction, many more permits, more planning board meetings, zoning, etc. If you leave 3 load-bearing walls up, it is only considered a remodel.
  22. They are freshwater fish called pickerels, aka southern pike, or jack fish. I don't eat them, they are a pain to clean, tons of little bones.
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