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  1. Most of the Primary arms stuff, especially the 3x magnifier is rated pretty well. I have a 3x eotech magnifier that I've been running for years. I usually just use the rds but occasionally I do like to flip the magnifier up at greater distances. YMMV
  2. It doesn't look like he was using one of those silly toe caps, he put it right through the center of his foot. Barrel must have been right next to his ankle.
  3. They shouldn't but if that person is prohibited from owning firearms that's another issue and that will cause you problems. It took me 6 months to get my permits the first time and I know in some places it could take 18. Fortunately those wait times have been reduced dramatically thanks to ANJRPC and others. As mentioned some towns are pretty straight forward, others are a PITA. Good luck!
  4. I took a class with Dave Spaulding a few months ago after stumbling across him on Social Media. He teaches pistol classes exclusively as that's what most of his training is in. He was also an MP5 instructor for H&K but I'm guessing that would be a pretty low enrollment class unless he was providing extras. Great guy, great instructor and he's got some great videos.
  5. I will say if I had to do it again I would get a performance center version of the Shield. I recently replaced the slide of my M&P full size with a ported performance center slide and the change in accuracy and follow up is impressive. I'd like to get an M&P compact and I plan to wait for the performance center model to be released.
  6. I've been carrying my 9mm shield in a Crossbreed holster daily for about a year and enjoy it immensely. It's very easy to shoot in 9mm.
  7. Because the stock reciprocates, I suspect it could be ruled a collapsible stock. I wish I had bought one to try out but you might get one on gunbroker still for 2-3 times their initial cost. Or you could just make your own.
  8. It doesn't become non compliant unless you build it that way (12" barrel with stock, bayonet lug with other evil features or something else that would otherwise make it illegal under NJ or Federal law). You could mill the entire upper out of steel in your garage, mark it 123456 and add a carbon fiber barrel you made in your basement and drop it on an lower you purchased. The lower is the only relevant thing to make it a firearm. If you didn't live in NJ (literally you could live in almost any other state) you could make your own lower as well.
  9. Yes, every fridge seems to have slightly different layout unfortunately. IIRC (it's been a while) if the tower is open to the fridge you should be good to go, so don't just cut a 3/4" hole through the fridge for the line, especially if you're not pouring everyday. Or again, it's less cool but more practical (and cheaper) to just stick the tap in the front. Like you said you can definitely just run the tap for a couple of seconds if it's been a while. I can always taste at a bar when a beer doesn't get poured very frequently. One last thing (if you aren't already aware) make sure you clean or replace the lines occasionally.
  10. You can run the lines up into a tower in the top of the bar, or right through the front of the fridge door. Keep in mind that the beer needs to stay cold the whole way, from the keg to the tap. If you run it up into a tower, you need to make sure the inside of the tower is cool, otherwise the beer in the start of the line will get warm and possibly bad. It makes the first few oz of the pour unpleasant if you're not drinking continuously. Keep in mind there is not one standard beer coupler. There is one fairly common one, another somewhat common one with some additional oddballs. Bass used to have a weird triangular coupler that was a huge pita to tap for example. Lastly not sure how big your fridge is but you may want to go with a sixtel instead of a 1/4. You may even be able to fit 2 sixtels if it's big enough. Good luck.
  11. They are going to be taxing criminals, it won't be legal to own a firearm in NJ much longer. Not without special permits that need to be renewed every 2 years requiring a $50 tax stamp for each baby killer you own with the funds to go towards the widows and orphans fund, managed by the State Democrats for distribution as they see fit. Make sure your clean your house before your 'interviews' to determine whether or not you're fit to own a firearm. They'll also need to let all of your neighbors and your employer know about your arsenal and possible blood lust.
  12. I did, it brought up dozens of triple murders with those 4 key words. Sad really.
  13. I carry pretty much everyday at this point and it's funny how paranoid you are in the beginning. Now I have my M&P Shield pretty much everywhere I can legally carry. I was at the park with the kids yesterday with just a T-shirt and shorts (I carry at the 3 o'clock in a Crossbreed mini-tuck) with no concerns. Speaking of which, I can't imagine carrying a full sized, steel framed pistol, though I have considered moving to a compact. I figure better to have a small pistol and a reload than no pistol. When I lived in NJ and was able to carry in PA I wore my pistol around town and when I get back to my in-laws I asked my wife if she saw my handgun. She asked "what do you mean?", and I replied that I'm carrying my handgun now and I've been carrying it all day. She had no idea and was floored.
  14. I've bent a couple of craftsman punches demilling a couple of really stubborn AK's with a hand sledge. If you are assembling AR's and performing general tasks, I doubt you'll have an issue with a generic punch set.
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