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  1. Shaneen Allen, Evan Nappen and Ginny Simone from NRA News to Appear at the State banquet in Edison NJ. Great time to show your support! Go to www.friendsofnra.org and purchase your tickets today for this great event! Be sure to select the event in Edison NJ on October 18th.
  2. Fellow Members of NJ2AS, NRA, FNRA, JFPO Etc. Think about the logic of the Bullet Hole not standing strong for the Second Amendmant. The fact that we like to provide for our family alone should make you laugh at any one questioning our support for the Second Amendment. All three generations of the Bullet Hole Family are avid in the shooting and hunting sports as well. Ray Ray, Was the person who allegedly laughed you out of the store the same one who's handicap you mocked on this forum? You have maligned us continuously on this forum. Now you expect to march into our store and dictate our operation to us. I don't think so. WE will be posting these fliers. No one can look at the countless man hours and resources we pour into the support of our rights and question our dedication to the cause. We at the Bullet Hole look forward to many more generations of supporting our rights as well as our shared love of the shooting and hunting sports and firearms collecting. We also appreciate everyones continuing patronage of our family business. Jennifer
  3. I would like to try to correct this. The next time you are In, please show me the permit for the gun so I can remember the offer and I will give you an hour of time. Jen
  4. I’d like to comment on this post. I hope you all realize that I have not commented on anything since I removed the Bullet Hole from here. First of all, my range officer is very strict. I am not arguing that. John is a Vietnam Vet that has seen more then most of us will in our lives. I know that is no excuse for something that may of happened in the range, but when you talk about someone like that it hurts. I can also assure you that he is not a homosexual if that is what some of you were implying. He is dating a very nice woman that is dear to him. Now, when I monitored my cameras today I did notice John walking over to you Jared several times during your session. You shot my target hanger and you took a picture. That is why he talked to you. Realize that my cameras work. When you hit a hanger we need to order new ones because they break. This increases operating expenses which makes prices go up. So we ask you to aim for center mass. I know that is not fun and aiming for the head is just so much cooler but we just cannot afford for you to do that especially when there is a real good chance that you could miss. In the past the associated press has used photos collected off of websites in order to create a news story. We would rather not have a photo collected from our range. So we ask you not to take pictures. I realize that some of you do, I’ve even seen videos on You Tube. Now for a more serious point. In the same thread you as a group have referred to my range officer as being homosexual and a racist. You referred to my store as being a brothel stating that and I quote- “.And you guys actually pay real money to get treated like that? Damn, must be chicks putting out in a back room or something that's keeping you there.” We are a family business that has been around for over 28 years. My mother and my sister in law works there in addition to myself. I find this insulting and degrading. The firearms industry is under attack from all angles. We do not need attacks from within. As many of you know, I am a fighter for the cause. Please in the future contact me if you have an issue. Stop at the counter on your way out and talk to us. I was there yesterday when this event happened and no one said anything to me. I cannot for the life of me understand why you waited until you got done, got in your car, got home, and got on your computer to complain. Jennifer
  5. I will be in this Friday Saturday and Sunday. If you can deal with me holding an infant while I help you I will be glad to spend some time with you. Jen
  6. That was a beauty of a Kimber too!
  7. I will definately be at Crystal Springs. Maria does a great dinner! GFH and I usually get a table. Contact Anthony about a seat there. Thanks for the support Scott!
  8. The dinner plans are in full force. It is scheduled for September 30th at Mayfair Farms in West Orange. Cost is $50 per person. Seats are filling up fast. Guns to be given away include a Glock, a Smith and Wesson M&P22 rifle, a Sig Sauer handgun, a Remington 870 12ga home defense gun and a CVA muzzleloader. I also was able to get a high end air soft gun! There are several other items that are too cool to mention. If you want to come to this event please stop through Bullet Hole or Gun For Hire and buy your tickets. Remember your families are welcome, including children! Tickets are also available online at the Friends of the NRA website. Also if you want to make a donation, contact me or Anthony (Gun For Hire). I hope to see some of you there it is sure to be a great time. Thanks Jen
  9. I am willing to stay open late on the Saturday if Anthony is willing to do the course. Jen
  10. Sometimes things work out well! Glad I was able to help. Jen
  11. The shaking down has begun! We received our first donation from an up and coming bipod company made to fit on the front of an AR style gun. Other companies included in the "shake down arena" are Desantis Leather, Galco Leather, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, and Ellett Brothers (one of my best Distributors) just to name a few. Please guys do not forget to bring your wives. Anthony's wife and I are involved in this! There will be lots of girly type of things there. I know when my hubby buys me some jewels or some Colts (LOL) I find it easier to accept the Dodge trucks all over the place! Jen
  12. If you manage to stop at Weaver's it is worth it. Not a huge place but worth it nevertheless. When I have to transfer guns up (I live in PA), I use Phil. He is a great guy and pretty knowledgeable. Jen
  13. If you would like, please bring in the gun and tell whoever it is that helps you that I asked you to bring it in. I will call Remington for you and see what I can do. Maybe we can get this straightened out for you. Jen
  14. We usually just charge the shipping, nothing more. I know that we are a business and we want to make money, but this is a service we try to provide as economically as possible.
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