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  1. Depends on the caliber. I have some .22’s that rapidly crud up and need to be cleaned frequently to function well. Centerfire stuff gets cleaned much less often.
  2. We did previously - the Drake case. Drake V. Filko made it to the 3rd circuit in 2013, who upheld NJ's "justifiable need" standard: https://lawprofessors.typepad.com/conlaw/2013/08/divided-third-circuit-upholds-new-jerseys-handgun-permit-law.html Appealed to Supreme court (as Drake v. Jerejian) who declined to grant certiori in 2014: https://reason.com/2014/05/05/supreme-court-refuses-to-hear-major-seco/
  3. http://vanishingnewyork.blogspot.com/2020/05/john-jovino-gun-shop.html Much more in the article. The company that owned this store in the 20’s was also the founding owner of Henry Repeating Arms.
  4. Welcome - just across the northern border in SE Monmouth county here.
  5. You know the *real* recall effort failed, right?: https://shorenewsnetwork.com/2020/03/12/phil-murphy-recall-didnt-get-the-signatures-but-was-a-success-for-new-jersey/
  6. You're fine. Transport the same as though you were going to/from any other range. Has your friend verified that his property is in a municipality that does NOT have a "no-discharge" law?
  7. I have a G-sight in 9mm - AFAIK has the same capabilities as the others at a lower price point. Went to check it on Amazon, I see it's not available at the moment, but might want to keep an eye on it if it comes back in stock: https://www.g-sight.com/
  8. Google drive share of Guns magazines from 1955-1966 in PDF format: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1qnnT2XbnSdKi1iIchfGqNQQJO1Md-F6x .308 Cetme's mail ordered for $220? Mauser's for $30? Oh to go back in time...
  9. Rogers v. Grewal supplemental brief just filed by Dan Schmutter, arguing why this case is the ideal vehicle for SCOTUS to address lower courts infringing on 2A rights: https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/18/18-824/142651/20200429142838818_18-824 2020-04-29 Rogers supplemental brief FINAL.pdf
  10. Came across this on Reddit - excellent tracker for 2A cases in SCOTUS, District, Circuit and State courts: https://airtable.com/shrcrC5FsedZqIi3T/tblMclNyymYiklOOg/viwM47ZZsFWQo69Vf?blocks=hide
  11. Get back in touch with whoever gave you your FID card and ask about the status of the handgun purchase permit. If you applied for both of them at the same time then I'd expect them to be completed and made available to you at roughly the same time (within a week of each other).
  12. Tried them on a glock years back, didn’t like them, my accuracy went down, took them off.
  13. Came away from this discussion wanting to clarify some points, so called up Law Shield again, and got a lawyer from Nappen's office again. Below are my notes: - Paraphrasing the lawyer: "When they passed the new ghost gun law they did not use the established terms "possession" or "acquisition" but instead used the term "obtains". We believe this novel "obtains" term was used to attempt to avoid running into constitutional takings issue, because ghost guns become worthless once illegal (have to dispose of them without compensation). What "obtains" means in a legal sense has to be established via case law. - There is no case law on this yet, however their office has 4 active cases where 80% frames were completed outside of NJ and brought back into NJ. Cases include both manufactured firearm frames alone (not assembled into functioning firearms) and assembled firearms. In each case the prosecution is prosecuting as though "obtains" means "possesses" in NJ (the crime occurred as soon as the frame/firearm was brought into NJ). One of these 4 cases may become the case law standard, assuming they're not all settled out of court. - In every case where a "ghost gun" has come up, the prosecutor has never been "neutral" regarding it, it has always been an aggravating factor. - He believes that this new law has opened the door for every firearm now possessed in NJ that does not have a serial #, or serial # that traces back to a federally licensed manufacturer to be prosecuted as illegally possessed.
  14. Where were you when I started wading into the jungle!? Im past the point of brush clearing (look at the pictures). Now I need ground grading/leveling and figure out how to get rid of the ivy root network and get grass growing instead.
  15. Thanks, I'll give that a shot - I have some high strength fabric webbing left over from my climbing days, may try weaving that through the fence.
  16. Nuking the site from orbit has also crossed my mind.
  17. Need advice on my work-in-progress of a back yard. I estimate the former owner of my house just let the backyard go wild for ~5-10 years. When I moved in, the half of the back yard nearest to the fence line was a jungle. Sapling trees supported giant curtains of English ivy with vines 1-2" thick, chest high weed bushes, some other kind of vine that had thorns that pierced through leather gloves like butter and complete carpeting of the ground in English ivy too. After wearing out 2 machetes, 2 chain saw blades, probably about a pint of blood lost to scratches and cuts here's where it stands now: When I first moved in, the vegetation mess was so thick and high you couldn't even see that there were neighboring houses behind it. What I've got now is a DMZ - I've been whacking down the ivy/weeds as they pop back up trying to retake the territory and the grass isn't migrating into it. The top soil in the area to the right towards the fence is completely infiltrated with ivy roots/vines, and the ground is lumpy as hell as well (which reminds me, I had to dig out a buried plastic wading pool that was uncovered when I hacked my way into the bushes). I'd like to get this to something resembling a suburban lawn. How to approach it? Should I get someone with a bobcat in first to grade/level it? For breaking up all the ivy vines/roots, I was considering renting a gas powered/hydraulic operated tiller from home depot and ripping up the entire "DMZ" area and then trying grass seed while staying medieval (I bought a propane weed burner) on any ivy that pops back up. Good plan? Close up of what the DMZ area looks like: I also need to remove some of the wire fencing that is in shambles - the issue is there is a full row of fence wire "grid" below ground level. I tried using a cable winch puller to pull it out the ground, but it just rips whatever part of the fence I attach it to. My next thought is to get out a pair of bolt cutters and just cut it slightly below ground level.
  18. Bane-style mask 3D print done - just need some touch up sanding and paint to be ready for Walmart cosplay:
  19. Thanks, I was starting to question my sanity and my understanding of the word "obtain." I think "untraceable" is, unfortunately, well defined in the statute - the firearm doesn't have a serial number that traces back to a federally licensed manufacturer. Believe me, I wanted an 80% handgun lower manufactured in another state and then brought into NJ to be an effective legal loophole in case I ever had a friend or loved one in a "Carol Bowne" type situation, where they were threatened and didn't have enough time to get a handgun via the NJ permitting process. I even paid for a consultation with Joshua Prince in PA to ensure that there were no legal snags on the PA side of the border with a NJ resident finishing an 80% frame in PA, but that was before the most recent ghost law was passed. I don't agree with every opinion from Evan Nappen (especially his belief that carrying of tasers/stun guns is still illegal), but I do think he's got the right interpretation here. NJ's AG obviously does...not...like firearms that come into NJ outside of the FID/FFL/purchase permit process - in addition to the "ghost gun" laws, they've also outlawed the possession/transmission of files for 3D printing of firearms; how that ban, which is an obvious 1st amendment infringement, is still in effect boggles me. If you want to go ahead and do it anyway because "Molon Labe" or "Free men don't ask permission", by all means, but I wouldn't take it out in public in NJ and you'll always have the risk that it will come to NJ's attention if you get involved in a bad relationship split, house fire, red flagged, etc. I'm very skeptical that the "but I didn't manufacture it in NJ" fact is going to make a prosecutor tuck tail and run if a "ghost gun" charge comes up.
  20. This is the NJ supreme court decision that says that a judge can't deny your carry application without a court hearing. The plaintiff in the case in the article sought a carry permit in connection with an armed security job, and was approved by the police chief. Was denied without a hearing by the judge, which started the case. After remand from NJ Supreme Court, he was granted the permit. I don't think this has any effect on the "average citizen" seeking a carry permit not connected to an armed security job. You *might* convince the police chief, but the judge will very likely deny you on the justifiable need test. Net effect is that now you'll get your denial from the judge in a scheduled court hearing instead of just a letter. However, it doesn't really hurt to try! The worst that happens is you get denied and have to put down the denial reason "lack of justifiable need" on future applications. NJSP Det. Brett Bloom has verified that this denial is *NOT* a negative factor on future applications.
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