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  1. Dozer

    cz p-01 polished

    Limited run advertised as an all “Stainless polished “ gun.The uniformed buyer that treats scratches/etc thinking it’s stainless will not be happy with the results.
  2. Dozer

    cz p-01 polished

    You may want to check out the CZ forum discussion,reports they are plated not stainless if it matters to you. https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=103860.60
  3. Great news,nice and close for me. Good group of gun guys over at Freedom,they should do well there.
  4. Its possible the S&W 38 came from factory two tone.Especially coming from the Michigan State police,have seen other guns contracted by them not real common.
  5. Been running Toyo Open Country AT on a Sierra. They are available with a lower load rating which allows for a better ride while still looking a little aggressive. I’m not heavy hauling or serious off roading, they are wearing well so far.
  6. Sledge hammer to back of slide is only true test !!! Some of those videos were tough to watch. Lol
  7. Problem is finding an out of state FFL that understands the law willing to ship here.
  8. Thanks for the update,going to check out the 43X. Probably unlikely,but if you see anything new in 45 acp Non-1911 please report.
  9. Dozer

    .22 help

    Take a look at Sig Sauer classic 22. There were some good sales last year priced well under $400. These are regular P series frames that use caliber conversion kits of you choice.
  10. Dozer

    New Grips for my ...

    Matching cowboy boots?
  11. Ever try here http://imageseek.com/hakan/ Hakan's Custom still listed used to make them.
  12. Dozer

    CZ P-01

    Don't think you will find much to complain about on the P-01 or CZ's in general.Other than sights as mentioned and a little heavy DA pull for some,but will get better the more you shoot.Plenty of options to make it the way you want if you find something you don't care for.Had the heat for one recently,waiting for it to be delivered.
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