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  1. 1) LNIB New model Colt Python 3'' barrel fired at factory only, original numbered box and all contents that came with gun. $1375. Prefer transfer in South Jersey area within 40 minutes of 08096 PM for Questions/Offers. Thanks 2) Colt M4 carbine 6920,older CR prefix serial double roll marked, all NJ compliance work done, Surefire comp, Magpul grip and trigger guard, Geissele trigger, Matech sight, BCM charging handle. Low round count very clean. SOLD
  2. Still B.S. but nics down to 1 day recently. Guessing more do to gun sales slowing some
  3. Dozer

    Taurus 617

    If you are comparing S&W frame sizes the 617 is more like a K frame. Older Taurus J frame size was a model 85 5 shot replaced now with slightly larger model 856 with 6 rds. The 856 has many variations lightweight and steel frame . Think there's still a small J size 5 shot model 605 As far as used guns, auctions , frame size , warranties etc , do your research and go with what your comfortable with.
  4. Dozer

    Taurus 617

    Had a blued version years ago, it was a nice example. Shot a few cylinders, had decent smooth trigger and shot well. Little bigger than j frame size and price was under $400 then I believe. Saw they have a small 6 shot think 38 special, don’t remember model number or size compared to 617 .
  5. Ran across Butch's fake site a while back ,damn shame ole Butch doesn't even have a website. Have seen and heard stories of quite a few fake gun sites lately be reported around the net.
  6. Didn't really know each other but sent an Inquiry to Louu (Elmer gun Co) and he was on it like a duck on a june bug! At present time also doing some business. Another helpful vender here JT Customs jumped on a couple inquiries and is a pleasure to speak with.
  7. Dozer

    cz p-01 polished

    Limited run advertised as an all “Stainless polished “ gun.The uniformed buyer that treats scratches/etc thinking it’s stainless will not be happy with the results.
  8. Dozer

    cz p-01 polished

    You may want to check out the CZ forum discussion,reports they are plated not stainless if it matters to you. https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=103860.60
  9. Great news,nice and close for me. Good group of gun guys over at Freedom,they should do well there.
  10. Its possible the S&W 38 came from factory two tone.Especially coming from the Michigan State police,have seen other guns contracted by them not real common.
  11. Been running Toyo Open Country AT on a Sierra. They are available with a lower load rating which allows for a better ride while still looking a little aggressive. I’m not heavy hauling or serious off roading, they are wearing well so far.
  12. Sledge hammer to back of slide is only true test !!! Some of those videos were tough to watch. Lol
  13. Problem is finding an out of state FFL that understands the law willing to ship here.
  14. Thanks for the update,going to check out the 43X. Probably unlikely,but if you see anything new in 45 acp Non-1911 please report.
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