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  1. You can't ship a handgun through usps unless you are a dealer and have to fill out a 1508 form....
  2. Doubt that dealer cost is more than $500
  3. never could understand why or how a rental gun range can put a firearm in a person's hand and not run a background check..... Any person with any kind of a problem can then have access to a firearm and have the ability to hurt themselves or someone else..... this is why i avoid those ranges....just don't feel safe...
  4. hotshot

    HK VP9

  5. I have plenty of 308 ammo for anyone that needs..$1 per round.
  6. Did you try different ammo? they seem to like cci mini mag....
  7. I have a lefty upper if you want to go that route......
  8. very busy day...lots of requests for lowers and uppers ar's etc....ammo flying..223 5.56 9mm
  9. good luck trying to find it at $20.00..
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