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  1. nice and congrats. I'll see you in 7 years after I retire and kids move on. Cannot wait to leave myself.
  2. By the time a move out of New Joseys, they will cost $2,000.
  3. I heard that the ATF is forming an elite scuba diving unit.
  4. please, just no more demoRATS. Please for god sake.
  5. just get rid of them. Significant tax savings.
  6. my friend just got a rifle. It took 7 days. I was like damn.
  7. Everyone is leaving that liberal criminal infested dump and you are moving in. LOL. Why???? job? family?
  8. The_Matrix

    Hi all!

    welcome to New Jermany stranger.
  9. $75 seems like the new norm. My friend went to two different FFLs, and they both charged $75. The FFL knows you have no choice since no more Face to Face COE transactions thanks to the Murph. They got us by the balls.
  10. i just want to show my DL like all the other free states.
  11. don't beat your significant other and you should be 99% ok.
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