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  1. I was given a personal tour of the factory in Bayonne. In a nutshell, he cares about this employees. Henry goes the extra mile for their workers.
  2. Its very simply. If you want one - buy it If you don't want one - don't buy it. No need for 2 pages of non-sense. I do want one.
  3. looks like an anti-aircraft gun. like the ones on the side of aircraft carriers in WW2.
  4. A lot of places out of state are charging sales tax on internet sales. only a few have not done so. it sucks
  5. FYI - That rifle is a collector's item. Do some research before you release it to the wild.
  6. The_Matrix

    Scored. P365

    I love my 365. 1000 flawless rounds. Ball ammo, hollow points, steel ammo- eats everything. Manufactured Oct 2018. As others have mentioned, easy to handle and low recoil for a tiny pistol.
  7. No Po Po will knock on your door. However, DO NOT PISS off Wife/ GF. Then your troubles will soon begin.
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