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  1. He probably meant there is a lack of supply of guns that fit the NJ restrictions (Guns that are neutered).
  2. Also, many sites are charging taxes. Add that into the final cost as well.
  3. Its out of stock already. LOL. War is coming.
  4. Yes comrade. Stalin approves of your venture
  5. To me, Aguila ammo smells like a dirty ______ (hint: cat).
  6. if you are caught shouldering a brace, you will be charged with treason and hanged from the highest tree as your family watches. Just kidding - Shoulder away. you are GTG.
  7. was never into professional sports anyway. The only sport I enjoy is shooting.
  8. these investigators have nothing better to do?? Then buy mags. Murph and Grewal : Looters, rioters, murderers- you are free to go. 30 rd purchase - you deserve the death penalty. LOL.
  9. If Sleepy Joe wins, we'll be in a world of hurt for a very long time.
  10. demoRATS and libtards. Whatever fits the agenda for the day.
  11. What will happen to all those who currently own the firearms. I think the new law says you can't have any. Poor bastards.
  12. I returned mine and they did not give back a refund. I had to dispute it with my credit card company. I returned the binocular on March 11. They said they received the item on March 20. I eventually got my full refund when I disputed with the CC on April 4, but I was annoyed that I had to go through the credit card company dispute process. It was a pain in the A$$ process. Never again.
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