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  1. Maybe, just maybe, the weather is getting warmer and people go shooting more (outside) hence people buying more ammo to shoot.
  2. Its been 3 days. Received product on Sunday. Have not received refund. I filled out all info on the link, ie paypal acct, order # etc. For those who got their refunds, how many days?
  3. what do you apply the stamp for? For an AR15 style weapon or something else?
  4. Do tell. Explain further. What are you building? Oh...Congrats
  5. I think I will wait one year.
  6. What's on your wish list? I plan on getting the Ruger 5.7 and the Glock 44. Pipe dreams: PSA Jakl and PSA AK74 Krinkov
  7. just get the new one. For $50, not worth the time or hassle. Maybe if $200 difference.
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