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  1. I said rent first....you might not like the area when reality sets in. That's what I plan to do whether its Florida, Penn, or wherever the future holds.
  2. The RDO is a relatively new model. Maybe a year old
  3. I would ask a few different FFLs. They all have different answers. Also, DO NOT relied on a gun forum for legal advice.
  4. looks great and of high quality. I don't think they are going to be cheap.
  5. Just not into it. Actually, was never into it. The only thing I enjoy watching is Youtube gun channels.
  6. Thanks Pal! So, how do they pinned the faux suppressor? Can you still take the rifle apart for cleaning?
  7. My advice - don't bring a paintball gun to a gun fight.
  8. I bought this in November. The RDO version and love it. fits the hand real nice.
  9. in 5 years when I retire....Florida, or North/South Carolina. If kids stay in NJ, then PA.
  10. the used kac rails- what is their condition?
  11. Looking forward to Shot Show 2022 with new upcoming products
  12. I love this pistol and plan to shoot the sh*t out of it, so the scratches don't really bother me. The pistol is very light in recoil and I got the RDO version to install a red dot. I got the centurion model.
  13. I just got a 92x as well and I have the same problem. Not as bad as yours, but has the scratches as well after just 100 rds.
  14. I always do. Just get all the factory grease off and put a nice layer of new gun oil.
  15. nice and congrats. I'll see you in 7 years after I retire and kids move on. Cannot wait to leave myself.
  16. By the time a move out of New Joseys, they will cost $2,000.
  17. I heard that the ATF is forming an elite scuba diving unit.
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