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  1. @bhunted @Barms As John has said....make sure there post event trigger recording schedule is set. It is worth noting the following.... If your cameras are indoors you can use motion detection relatively easily with ore post event trigger recording to save space.....if you are outside not so....u kind of have to go 24/7.......unless u are using an analytic.
  2. @capt14k.....I am not so sure.....you have to unfortunately look to the totality of posts..... gunnarsport? No no they are not.....they can be used for sport, definition by whomever wants to make it - being involved with firearms carries a much higher responsibility to liberty than sport or a passing hobby fancy. This isn't a damn hobby ! So no I do not think he was being sarcastic. ... I was also being snarky......really snarky for a reason- to illicit an emotional response to get his brain and keister in gear.... When looking at totality of posts a few years ago I was an appeaser..i was a negotiator. .....seeing the error of my ways.......one however cannot negotiate with those that will not try to find common ground and or are reasonable. ..... I have become an absolutist. .....no you cannot have them.....no you cannot legislate my rights away....no i will not sit at the back of the bus....I am NOT a criminal do not make me one. I am leaving NJ for a myriad of reasons and the 2a is paramount but there are others...just as important....but not more important There is a fight coming and a big one.....best be ready. I am render of this - only the best movie ever made....
  3. Your all over thinking this. @DirtyDigz I have been a remote employee for over 18 years for two separate companies. I have just taken a new position BACK in Manhattan at an engineering MEP consulting firm that needs me in office at least three days a week. I gotta tell ya - there is something to be said about being 'in the mix' again that is exciting - i have been in my industy for 30 yrs and haven't felt this excited in about 10 years - and the bus ain't that bad...lol but I dgress. My job requires me to be on many calls and many conferences that share screen data while I'm office bound - if I am not on site at a bldg etc. What tools were at ur desk? You will need the same ones. Assuming they provided the laptop etc. They would still provide that. Printer copier that's on you if you used that stuff. BUT your company HAS a phone system, it is probably IP based....they can and will setup an extention off that system for you as they did at your office. Plug it into your network ahead of the DMZ and let it provision with the server. Don't use a cell phone ! You will.hate it and you will iradiate your skull...lol...oh and get a headset and a comfortable.pair of sweats.... But you WILL grow to dislike being a remote employee - why? At home your ALWAYS at work - you will work harder and longer being at home than in the office. That being said - my opinion - is flex time. If you can swing two days at home that is the key ! Those days should be wed/thur or tues/wed - you cannot believe how that breaks up the week and keeps you elevated and going. ..if you need other tips ping me.
  4. FBI FEEBI'S - feeble minded individuals @High ExposureAnd to your note above - YES what u say and what you 'do' online WILL be used against you..excellent point. And me adding to that - when the warrant comes if it ever comes to solicit your profile data on THIS forum...guess what - there will be compliance with that writ.
  5. ..idiot.. Sell all ur items now..... please ..... If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen. Samuel Adams
  6. Why not....squirrel is not bad meat. Frankly during the colonial years what do you think supplemented the dinner table if not was the table. They feed pigs nuts to enhance the meat....what do squirrels eat? Read up in the chef that fed critics squirrel and raved about how good it was before they knew what it was....
  7. ....aaaaaand this folks is the problem....right here typed on the forum. .... why I need to leave this state and why we r losing
  8. There, I fixed it for you @JohnnyB It's coming, be ready and have a plan.
  9. I did t really look at them as I am not a colt guy....but they seemed nice....best to talk to him at the prices 9737649550
  10. Smith and colts are a smart investment..... Better than anything out there....milsurps....eh..... plastics....ughh..AR...REALLY? Lol OLDER STEEL and wood - they will always hold their value and grow to boot. I have been on an s&w kick lately - there are deals to be had - you need to look around. And when things change in NJ Nad they will - Those values will skyrocket in state BTW @Maksim there is a python and a diamond back at the shop.....last I was there
  11. Not yet....and when it does...so what?
  12. So what is wrong with this movie already - I will see it just to see some enfields 'in action' - this is not meant to detract from one of the greatest feats of the English people - a la battle of Britain in the time frame - by the way what happened to the English people? That is another question for another day - so i will not digress much further. But ask yourselves, why did the tanks stop, why did the SS and Wehrmacht not advance to the British Expeditionary force positions and overrun them? It was not because they could 'pick them off from the air' - as stated at the beginning of the film trailer. Reportedly - "One of Hitler's last statements before his suicide on 30 April 1945, claiming that he had allowed the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) to escape as a "sporting gesture" in order to induce British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill to conclude an agreement with Nazi Germany. " However - "On 24 May Generals von Kluge and von Rundstedt issued the order for a halt of the German 4th Army. Hitler, as is often overlooked, only sanctioned it the same day. The reasons for this halt were manifold. Both generals had fought in World War I and realised that, like at the Marne in 1914, a sudden Allied counter-attack could change the course of the whole war. In their eyes this risk still existed, because the British and French still offered resistance in neighbouring areas. At the same time, they wanted to give their armies time to rest, repair and replenish after a thrust whose speed and distance had taken everyone by surprise. The decision by generals von Kluge and Rundstedt did not go uncontested. The army's chief of staff, general von Brauchitsch, disagreed and tried to repeal it at once, though without success. Hitler, for the time being, remained firm. His reasons have been a matter of much controversy. German historian Karl Heinz Friedser, after close scrutiny of all available documents, has convincingly argued that Hitler did not, in fact, call off the attack as an olive branch to Churchill. In fact his decision was the result of his intention to, once and for all, make it clear to the military leadership that he was in fact the supreme commander of the German armed forces, and not them." While this is not a documentary, when we look back at history and attempt to change facts and or reasoning for the sake of effect in a movie - we do harm to history. IMO
  13. The electronic battlfield, will eventually require the KISS principle and the need to bring big guns and ordinance to a target without the need of complicated guidance systems
  14. I have been saying this for years.....and on this forum.... What they cannot enact federally they will do and push for at the state level. Also the push to supress the 2A, is a battle also being fought the way they fought big tobacco. It's all in the playboy folks, pay attention.
  15. Yes by all means.....a different state. I have been here 23 years ....loved it...notice the past tense. There is no compelling reason to move to this state....even beyond the 2a issue. Look elsewhere.....