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  1. Sold out once more for OEM g19 mags. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  2. More notice next time. I’ll join you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  3. FN model D in 308. Only a handful were made and it's a beautiful refinement of the Browning BAR.
  4. If we ever get that far, should we have different rules for noise sensitive locations?
  5. Perona farms in Andover, NJ is pretty good
  6. A couple things. Report all accidents to insurance companies no matter how small. Anything that happens with a car today is over $500 so file a police report. (You did that which is good.) The law firm sent you a letter on the cheap as a fishing expedition most likely. Its not worth going to court over. (The inflated number is a negotiation technique called anchoring. You now will typically respond with a number higher than you would have otherwise be cause the opening number was higher.) This leaves the law firm with some most to pay their client and whatever person wrote the package up. You got asked about veteran status because NJ has a statue that you can't move for default judgement against anyone active in the armed forces. This gives the opposing attorney an easy means to verify this and proceed with court and a default judgement should you not respond. Bottom line. Call your insurance company said see if you can still get coverage and legal protection. Do not ignore the letter else you'll get hit for default judgement and whatever legal fees they want to claim. Good luck.
  7. I have personally seen a guy obtain and execute 50 permits. (This was before one gun a month) If you have the funds, go buy as many as you want. There is no way that buying that many doesn't qualify you as a collector under one gun a month.
  8. Book was great fun. Movie - not so much. Not even close story to the book other than at a really high level. Very cool special effects though.
  9. I don't believe that the ATF has access to that level of data. Numbers manufactured- yes. When they trace a specific firearm, they call the manufacturer who refers them to the distributor who tells them the dealer who tells them the end sale target. They'll be able to get the number of NICS checks by state and what general type(hand gun, long gun, other or multiple) but specific sales to end users aren't filed with them unless one person buys more than 1 handgun in a 5 day period or it's a machine gun, sbr or similar form 4 weapon. ( these won't happen in NJ)
  10. Angry Erik's Lafayette, NJ Tiny little place that sprang up a few years ago. Owned by a wonderful family and makes some of the best beer. Favorite here is "The Dainty Viking" A blonde ale that bashes you in the head like a shield maiden.
  11. Managed to catch this. Not bad. Scott Bach needs more that 15 seconds to go over this issue. He was reviewing the current “news’ that people could buy guns in Carteret, NJ. With the limited time, he thoroughly debunked it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  12. And the NJ handgun permit system is successful. Make it so painful for the law abiding that they won't bother.
  13. Automatic weapons are not illegal. They are, however difficult to obtain and the number available are capped. If you consider for a moment what other stocks might be classified as bump stocks since you can bump fire any rifle, stock not withstanding, you'll see why banning by feature isn't a good idea.
  14. If any handgun has ever been made in a specific caliber, then ATF considers that the AP ammo regulations then apply to that caliber. That’s why you can’t buy AP ammo for cartridges like 7.62×39 and several others. Even more confusing is it’s a caliber restriction not bullet. A .308 size bullet in 30-06 Springfield is fine - no handgun has been made. The same bullet in a .308 Winchester cartridge is banned. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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