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  1. I have had no problems with feeding, etc. using mini mags. If I remember correctly TS will do custom colors for an extra fee. Unfortunately you will need a pistol purchase permit.
  2. Thanks. It has been awhile but they were very easy to deal with. Just a heads up, I did have to sight it in. Also my barrel fit the grip frame perfectly right of the box. I have heard sometimes a little fitting is required. Good luck.
  3. I have the 6” length with flutes on a Mark II and I am very happy with it. It is very accurate. As to which model, personal preference. I prefer the longer sight radius and the look of the flutes. Even with the 6” barrel , you will definitely save a considerable amount of weight, especially over a bull barrel. Unfortunately It is the serial numbered part of the gun and must go through an ffl.
  4. zuke

    Colt Python

    Thanks for the leads and info. I will be checking them out . I just wanted to try and keep my money local.
  5. zuke

    Colt Python

    Looking to purchase. Anyone seen one at any dealers ?
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