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  1. Good deal rot in hell you friggin POS
  2. BBK- that barrel is profiled lightweight the entire length. I was holding it with one hand like a pistol. Also its interesting how they did it. They have a micro gas block under the handguard, then that sight near the end is just that a sight, no gas tube goes into it. They should be on the AIM site in 3 weeks they said. No preorders. Also only available at AIM.
  3. I dont have any really but the guys at AIM posted some on AR15. http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=2&f=217&t=203892 AIM were some nice guys. They are releasing an awesome custom built Spikes AR15 upper in a few weeks. Its a 16" dissipator setup but built on a midlegth gas system. Basically they have a micro gas block under the handguard (MOE) with a standard sight post at the end of the barrel. Here it is
  4. or thats the bs legistators in NJ and elsewhere antigun like to say if they allowed CCW. I went to the convention yesterday alone, and today again with my family. Id saw a lot of folks open carrying, and Im sure a lot were CCW. I had a LCP in a pocket holster. Lets see, people held the door for us, guys at Glock gave my 2 year old a ball to play with, people at Voodoo tactical gave my 2 yr old a pair of glasses, Sig gave him a cap, another woman was playing peek a boo with him on the elevator.... Those crazy gunlovers! haha. No one died, no neg discharges, nothing. In fact I gather the crime rate was particularly extra low in the area surrounding the convention center lol. Was a fun time -- loads of awesome stuff. Met Jerry Miculek and saw Gunny there too. I also saw a gentleman God bless him that had lost both legs and an arm. He was wheeling himself around in a wheelchair and his shirt said "Clinging to my guns and religion." Oh a Sig 516 AR piston upper followed me home too - man those guys put nice stuff together! Show special $849... I dont think they are available in mass quanities yet.
  5. In NJ thats a no go. Remember integrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking. Not directed at OP.
  6. Watch it with BB handguns -- I believe they need to be on a handgun permit so if you buy one in PA (which is legal for PA residents) and bring it back to NJ you will have a problem.
  7. SPIKES makes nice stuff. I was in FL last week and went to visit Spikes. They took me and my kid on a tour, met everyone including the man himself. They have some nice stuff coming soon, including slim profile rails, punisher engraved lowers, and some other nice stuff. A+
  8. You need a lawyer ASAP. The PD advised you they DENIED the app. You have a limited time period to appeal that decision.
  9. I dont believe you answered that question correctly -- should have said no marriage counseling is not a shrink talking you off the ledge. That so called Dr you saw was probably a social worker two separate things. Good luck.
  10. I have both: an Inox made in Italy, and a G19. It depends on what you want the gun for. HD, range gun, talking piece, get the 92FS. Safeties and military standard issue. HD tactical course gun, go with the Glock. You wont feel bad when you roll around in gravel with it or it gets all wet/muddy. Also its easier to not have to worry about any external safeties or decockers, etc when doing transitions etc from rifle to pistol. I wouldnt go with a G17 you will be limited to 10 rounds in NJ. if you want a glock get a 19. Either the 92 or glock you wont go wrong.
  11. Good idea Im thinking about it... Ran it today about 150 rounds of Wolf metal case. Had 3 FTE... not bad. Need to break her in a bit more. If I get it flawless running on Wolf then it will feed anything I think.
  12. Bump for update with pics.
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