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  1. I was arrested my guns and FID confiscated, charges were dismissed, got my expugment. The police refused to return my guns and card without a judge order and I had the dismissed paper. I had to to go back to court to get my guns back. I got the hell out of NJ. To be safe get the case expunge first. The police have access to your case even if it was expunged.
  2. i have been using magick jack for years, especially when I travel out of the country, all you need is internet service and a phone, works great for $20 dollars a year,(first year $40 or $70 for wi-fi) no extra charge.
  3. Before you buy one, make sure you tap the door, on some old model the door opens up. Not kidding, saw it in you tube. The video is called: "Unsafe gun safe vault" [...]
  4. If you are caught carrying inside the park they will ASK you politely to leave the park. You can’t leave the gun in your car while parking in their lot and return to the park. I was told by friends that work for Disney.
  5. I believe it's the G17 but I stick to my G30
  6. Once they failed me for not having a reflective/flourescent sticker in the back of my helmet.
  7. +1, is that a new ID for Cherry Ridge?
  8. +1, I like the T shirt We no Speekee Spaaniisk! well I do, LOL
  9. That statement is true. It's well know that there are many Lebanese and Arabs living in what is call the triple frontier, that form the cities of Foz de Iguazu (Brazil), Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) and Puerto Iguazu (Argentina). You can get pretty much anything you want especially in Paraguay, like firearms, ak47, ar15 at very low price, (illegal to own in any of the tree countries without a permit from the government, in Argentina was legal up to 1994, you can keep it legally if you owned before the law went into effect) it's the Mecca for contraband and not to mention drugs, very, very cheap. There is almost no control crossing from one side to the other. It
  10. you should see if you can get into the country club. I'm going to get the Obamacare and all the benefits of the country club "plus". I have been here for for 41 years, maybe I run for "Presidente".
  11. This may help you, http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ ... 18-762.htm
  12. I can't figure it out, my old DL number don't match my birth date and year. I maybe an Illegal.
  13. President Calderon don't want 6 millions Mexican back in the country, no jobs and the lost of money that the
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