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  1. Just got back from Siesta Key Fl...... Wife's Aunt has been there 30+ years, so wife has been going there a long time..... I of course have been down a handful of times also... This is choice #1 for us to escape to when we either can leave within the next few years or when we retire..... If we go within the next 5 years, I will move to the mainland in Sarasota. IF it happens when we retire, I expect to move right onto the key...... and buy a boat..... and enjoy life...
  2. Anything BUT Dodge.... i prefer Ford or GM currently own 13 F150 with 5.0 V8 been flawless
  3. Patience...... it's all good.... Figure on a Feb 2018 opening....
  4. Thread cleaned up..... Keep it on subject
  5. Yep...... sure sign it is a TTY bolt.... Replace them!!!!
  6. I will add this.... My Opinion.... If its a TTY bolt..... do not reuse it, not worth the risk.....
  7. http://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=200002 Looks like they are TTY but most people reuse them with Loctite
  8. I think his question is less about the availability of the parts ..... but more as to why the local Chevy dealers do NOT have the parts in stock since they are needed to properly perform a brake job..... So either they are NOT TTY or these dealers are tempting fate and reusing the bolts..... This is why I said to ask either a Service Manager or maybe the Parts Manager to clarify the need to replace these parts during a routine Brake Job/Rotor Replacement.
  9. Parsippany is not bad..... they are within the 30 days.... Rockaway Twp. - 7-14 days for permits....
  10. Talk to the service manager at a local chevy dealership..... but if they are TTY and they are not replacing them then they are leaving themselves open to a huge liability law suit
  11. Keep it up...... and I WILL move this thread..... Final Warning.....
  12. LOL.... And I do NOT want to move this thread to 1A forum..... keep it classy folks.....
  13. Well..... If I feel like taking a chance on another aftermarket part.... I will look into it.... Very disappointed in the Taylor switch....
  14. Parents are outside of Ft Lauderdale..... They just decided they do want to deal with this one... Packing up and heading North to my sister in NC for a few days.....