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  1. It has come to the staff's attention that this transaction was not completed following the forum's rules. As per the rules the first "I'll take it" constitutes the reservation of the sale (like using the "Buy it now" button on eBay). The buyer was in contact with the seller and were working to setup a meet when the seller stopped responding (the messages were definitely read). The seller then decided to sell to another forum member. This is NOT acceptable behavior. Communication is key to a good transaction. We realize the right for the seller to be able to choose whether or not to choose to sell to a buyer, however this must be communicated and agreed upon before deciding to sell to another person.
  2. Please read classified rules and add needed verbiage to the ad
  3. Please read classified rules and edit ad to include needed verbiage
  4. Please read classified rules and add needed verbiage please
  5. Please read classified rules and add needed verbiage
  6. 67gtonut

    More Berettas

    My twins Wilson Brig and my Brig modded with Langdon Trigger Job in a Bag
  7. Bump And I will do the .22lr Bricks for $100/ea Seems to be the accepted price
  8. Sorry to hear....... Prayers to you and family
  9. Please read classified rules and update your ad
  10. Please read classified rules and add needed verbiage to ad Thank you
  11. Anderson Lower PSA LPK PSA Buffer/Spring Hogue Grip Magpul MOE Fixed Stock(Gray) ALG ACT Trigger Maybe used for about 200rds $300.00 Located in Morris County FFL of your choice within reasonable distance - All Fees covered by buyer First I'll Take It - gets it - follow with PM
  12. 1 Case of Federal 5.56 500rds - SOLD $450 100 rds of Wolf Brass .223 - SOLD $85 120rds Freedom Munitions REMAN .308 - SOLD $100 2 Bricks of 500rds - Blazer .22lr $150/ea Brick Located in Morris County Need Matching FID and DL Post i"ll Take It with what you want and follow with PM
  13. Seems to be his MO ..... Keep all communication onsite ..... so PM's can be screenshot if necessary.....
  14. Warning..... Be civil in here..... NO PERSONAL ATTACKS
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