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  1. I’m all over the state as I have family and other business throughout. Have some older vehicles that I need either paint work or panel replacement (with paint). None are looking for perfection. Any recommendations for shops that do decent work at reasonable prices? Guys who do it as a side hussle are ok too. Just looking for quality work reasonable. What I’ve found are either refinishing shops that want to do rear apart restorations for big $$, collision shops who don’t want to do restoration work, or else maaco, who I hear sprays decently, but can have other issues. Thanks!
  2. Hooked up is a great seafood place on the way in. Not sure what they’re looking for - take out, eat in? The group of restaurants right when you come into the island, to the left and right, near and far are all good. So is two Mike landing on the little road to Cape May, the Lobster house, etc. or head up to Avalon and go to Sylvester’s.
  3. So what’s the best thing for folks to do? Flood Sweeney’s inbox with comments not favoring this stuff?
  4. Ok thanks! The law talks about parts and kits, wanted to be sure that these other things couldn’t be construed as the making of a kit or some other wacko theory.
  5. Just to be definite, buying a replacement slide or barrel is NOT an issue with current regulations, even if it has a S/N, right?
  6. This topic is interesting also, relative to certain other components. Say you have a Sig that has caliber exchange kits, or want to swap a Glock 17/19/45, 43/48/43x, 20/21, etc slide on a (legally owned) part. Is this grounds for the authorities to, at minimum, hassle you as to intent? Rationale being, the law as I read it, says, “ As used in this subsection, 1[“untraceable firearm” means an unlawfully manufactured firearm for which the sale or distribution chain from a licensed retailer to the point of its first retail sale cannot be traced by law enforcement officials] “firearm frame or firearm receiver” means the part of a firearm that provides housing for the firearm’s internal components, such as the hammer, bolt or breechblock, action, and firing mechanism1.” problem being, while it says receiver or frame, it also indicates firing mechanism. Couldn’t an overzealous investigation say that parts of a striker fired mechanism in a slide count? Maybe it’s a stretch, but you can’t be too sure with these poorly written laws. After all, a replacement or different slide in a striker fired handgun (the serialized portion of which you already own) could be construed as parts or a kit for a “ghost gun” they will try to make the claim you had “intent” to make, might fall within the law as: Purchasing firearm parts to manufacture 1[untraceable] a1 firearm 1without a serial number1. In addition to any other 1[penalty imposed] criminal penalties provided1 under1[current]1 law, a person who 1, with the purpose to manufacture a firearm and without being registered or licensed do so as provided in chapter 58 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes,1purchases 1or otherwise obtains1 separately or as 1part of1 a kit 1a firearm frame or firearm receiver which is not imprinted with a serial number registered with a federally licensed manufacturer or1 any combination of parts from which a firearm 1without a serial number1may be readily 1[assembled with the purpose to manufacture an untraceable firearm]manufactured, but which does not have the capacity to function as a firearm unless manufactured1 is guilty of a crime of the third degree.
  7. The scary part of this to me is understanding what might get an honest person flagged. I own diesel vehicles that take large fuel filters. I’ve built PCV catch cans for engines. Apparently if one shops for these and buys them, they could get flagged in a baseless manner, for what? Because the item has a thread pitch? Ive never looked into this stuff enough to know what is advertised and how it’s advertised. I did see the diesel mechanic’s issues with ATF, shown on YouTube, a few months back. You just never know how rabid some may be to find a clue... or “smoke” and then pursue it. And while NJ isn’t necessarily trustworthy with folks’ 2A rights, this seems to be tied with the Feds too... so it’s hard for people to really know what is going on. Not relative to sneaky worded, hint hint type ads, but regular people doing regular things.
  8. Thank you. I was going to (I think) the same site but it never had a message up.
  9. Is there a specific site where one can go to see how far behind/how many in the queue?
  10. I’m not seeing one now. Is there a link, or does it only show up on a certain browser? this might be handy in the future.
  11. Time for a plague mask filled with aromatic herbs
  12. That’s sad, but it makes sense. Need to make space for the younger ones getting bigger. It’s not apparent to me how long a more mature hog is “good for” before harvest. I get the care and feeding attribute. There’s plenty of free space in most rural areas, one would hope they could build additional structures for care (dont need to be fancy, think colonial era), and give them a bit more time. Does anyone know processors in NJ/PA, where we could buy “a pig”, or maybe “half a cow”? Would be nice to deal with a smaller processor and stock up on these animals versus seeing them euthanized and incinerated or buried.
  13. That’s fine - but there are reasonable and “rational” explanations behind it. Hopefully most people were prepared. I suspect that the population at large is marginally so. That is what it is at this point. Fortunately, people are highly adaptable to all sorts of things in their diets. So long as the pigs, cows, chickens and lamb are all going on living, not diseased, and are reproducing, this is a temporary matter that will pass. If there’s widespread disease or reduction in the stock of animals, that’s a different problem. Your concern resonated with some of us, and some have freezers filled with “stuff”. It’s the best we can do at this point...
  14. Thought I had read that one of the largest pork processing’s factories had shut down. Then Inthought I had heard of another one. I’d suspect that unless processing is done by robots, social distancing is affecting processing rates. Seems that limited supply is entirely plausible.
  15. How many other states have similar infection and death numbers to NJ? How many states have the same population density in such a consistent manner? Statistics can be massaged to tell many stories... I’m pissed daily when held up to get what I need when shopping, or restricted from my family unit using parks that I pay taxes for. But I also recognize that we have pretty high population, density, and infection cases. While I’d prefer personal responsibility, some folks are just idiots. id have much preferred a stronger emphasis on best practices and responsibility. But it’s reasonable to understand that pickup sports games and other gatherings do increase the chance of transmission. It’s also reasonable to me that if I went to my place at the shore, where the closest hospital is 10 miles or so, versus near my home, where there are more hospitals than I can count within 10 miles, the strain on services could be much more dire in some places if everyone, including some at-risk carriers needed to use that infrastructure. Much of this is common sense, problem is the fact that they have to try to legislate it.
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