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  1. Has being denied impacted your ability to get a permit for pistol purchases?
  2. How do you like it? How much did you pay?
  3. These look pretty neat. Might pick one up in a few years, but the trigger is the best of all bullpups that I've heard. Plus the prices are falling below a $1000 as of late.
  4. Here's mine Great gun, but pricey. I've often debated selling it because I have too many guns.
  5. This isn't a new rifle. Just my old one I've owned for a few years now. I still love it.
  6. DevsAdvocate

    Sig P365

    It's the same size or smaller than other single-stacks. How much smaller do you want it? They also have the P239... P290RS isn't terrible, too small for me though.
  7. DevsAdvocate

    Sig P365

    Same size as a Glock 43 with more ammo. What is there to get?
  8. No. When the issue first arose, SIG requested dealers to return the guns to their distributors back to SIG for modification. The order of operations was: 1. LEO users and unsold guns 2. Everyone else. SIG worked from August to mid-October to fix (1) and then opened up to (2). If you buy a new gun from an FFL these days, they should be upgraded. I would obviously double-check to be sure. Otherwise I wouldn't buy it.
  9. Great! Thanks guys! I'll probably do the November one.
  10. 1. If I did IDPA before (at RTSP), do I need to do the Wednesday night practice? 2. What times are the IDPA shoots? The yahoo page says 4pm-10pm, while the club calendar says 10am-6pm 3. How does one sign up for it? Thanks!
  11. I mean, for the cost, what is lighter and stronger than steel? lol Plus, manufacturing of the M2A1 takes place at like 2 plants nationwide and it would be very expensive for the contractor to switch over to an alternative manufacturing method for a new material.
  12. I work at Picatinny, and in my experience, plastic ammunition containers simply cannot hold up across all the required conditions. Plastic is especially brittle in colder weather and loses structural integrity at hot weather. It also is very bad in fire as it tends to melt/burn, a big no-no on US Navy ships that might transport them. The last major plastic ammo container we used was a box for 25mm ammo for the M2 Bradley... even that was eventually replaced with metal. Aluminum is also iffy due to durability issue during drop testing... it deforms quite easily. The M2A1 Ammo Can is really tough to beat for what it does. I prefer the smaller .30mm can for ammo duties at home and at the range since boxes line up nicer in them.
  13. The DynaComp and Battlecomp suffer from the same issues, especially when mounted on shorter barrels (<16"). Mainly that as you shoot, carbon/unburnt propellant builds up in the tiny "slots" and then enough gets there it reaches a combustion point. For my 14.5" rifle, this is about every 3-4 shots, then fireball, then fine, then fireball.
  14. Jarod was on vacation last week, he hasn't gotten to it yet lol
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