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  1. Think I beat you Dave. Hope all is well. Dave
  2. Hey Ray Ray I'll take them . They need to be shipped to Pa. I'll PM you my address. PM me about how to get you some 00 buck. Thanks Dave
  3. DaveMcL

    Six weeks

    Good luck in your search. Dave
  4. DaveMcL

    Six weeks

    5 acres , log home on a mountain a couple of miles from down town Jim Thorpe . Local rod & gun club $15 per year. Some shopping 8 miles away ( Wal-Mart , Lowe's ). Allentown for Costco ect. 20 miles away. I see deer every day and more bear than I like but all in all it is wonderful ! Brick NJ 90,000 people , here 4500. Two traffic lights in town . Life is very different. We love it.
  5. DaveMcL

    Six weeks

    When my wife and I moved to Carbon County Pa it took 15 minutes to get our CCW. I already had the paper work filled out to save time. $20 for 5 years. It was easier to get our CCWs than change over our drivers license. As far as concealed carry I use an Alien in the waistband , a Blackhawk on my right hip and I recently picked up a Galco Miami Classic shoulder system. Good luck to all Dave
  6. Hey JohnnyB , sorry but did not pay attention to prices. I was looking for levers and revolvers. Was my first time at this show and was blown away by all the old guns they had. If you are looking for old stuff this is THE place. Dave
  7. If you want a Lugar wait till the next Forks of Delaware show at the Agricultural Hall in Allentown Pa. Feb. 9+10. I went to the show this weekend ( Saturday) and there were tons / 100s of Lugers. If you want military this is THE show off you. www.allentownshow.net Good luck, Dave
  8. Pa. Has the highest gas tax in the country but I'd pay that than live in NJ. Been here six months and I love it. Two traffic lights in the town of 4500 people.
  9. Send your kids out to find the eggs you didn't hide. Dave
  10. Did you hear McAuliffe say twice that 92 MILLION people a DAY are killed by guns in America.
  11. Next show is Sunday May 28 700 am 1100 am
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