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  1. June 25 next show.
  2. Did you hear McAuliffe say twice that 92 MILLION people a DAY are killed by guns in America.
  3. Next show is Sunday May 28 700 am 1100 am
  4. Next show Sunday April 23 700 am 1100 am Am Vets Post Rt 571 Jackson
  5. Glad I could help you out Bob.He makes some cool stuff. I'm sure your son will love it and Ill bet he buys another one. Dave
  6. Check out Beaver Bill forging. I have two of his standard hawks. Great to throw. Dave
  7. Today 7:00 / 11:00
  8. CVS
  9. Sunday December 17 7:00 am is the next show.
  10. Decembers show is on the 18th. The show is the 4th Sunday of the month in 2017. There is no website.The club that puts the show on is called The Jersey Shore Antique Arms Collectors.Dues is $25 per year ,that gets you in all 12 shows and $5 for a table and $10 for each additional table to sell your stuff. Dave
  11. Next show is Sunday Nov. 27 7:00 -11:00 Am Vets building rt 571 Jackson. $4.00 admission. Guns, ammo,breakfast sandwiches and coffee.Can't be that on a Sunday morning. Dave
  12. The show is always the fourth Sunday of the month. 7:00 am. You never know what will be on the tables. It takes my 10 minutes to get there on Sunday mornings so I go every month.After the show I hit the Lakewood flea market. Dave
  13. He drives but he does not have a DL Dave
  14. Jack Reacher would kick Tom Cruise's butt Dave
  15. I have a few Blue Rhino tanks that I got from my local DPW recycling center. Dave