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  1. Most AR's aren't piston driven (the SIG is). But then AK is the way to go if one wants a piston driven rifle anyway ...
  2. Joined this morning. Yes, last minute ... didn't know they take new members only on 2nd sunday of the month.
  3. fair. it's just a leggo puzzle. Find the best parts and build it.
  4. Crescent shaped mags ... is that referring to AK mags or something else in particular?. Mags are mags, (and you know guns don't kill people ...), but a vision of something sinister is all in the mind of person/group anyway. Generalizations of that sort bother me.
  5. So, what are you asking if you built one already? Air gushing out ... sorry, I couldn't help it
  6. I suggest we as gun owners and 2A rights advocates get into politics, else things will not change. Remember, it's govt for the people, by the people. It's democracy and it's messy, but only people can clean it, not the govt per se. After all, who is the govt that we can complain about!?
  7. +1 The dog deserves the honor. Besides, the LEO would also agree.
  8. I wish people wouldn't believe what they hear in public media as they do. Does the OP have evidence that what's known is not what happened? See the movie, wag the dog and you know what I mean. I have seen time and time again that the media (and those control it) can easily sway public opinion about a country, people and nefarious acts by dictatorial states and individuals (with lots of money). Beware what you believe. ps: i am not claiming that i know anything more about this.
  9. You guys are grossing me out. I will let my wife deal with getting into the guts of an animal ... she is a nurse and nothing gross bothers her! I am a lucky guy, nothing gross about me bothers her either
  10. My membership at BA has expired and I need to join a club that's nearby. I am range-less right now and that's bad! So, I plan to join OBRPC tomorrow morning (2nd Sunday in the month) I looked up their site, but there is no application to download and fill-out. Who is a member there that can help me get the membership tomorrow? Please PM me. thanks!
  11. What's the point of a compact .45? I don't get it. Nice gun, but 1911 in compacts doesn't make sense to me. I am going with a full size 1911 for x-mas present to self
  12. Oh, man! I am traveling out of NJ next week ... missed out.
  13. Radek

    Saiga-12 Legality

    Not to jack the thread, but if anyone is interested in the Saiga-12, I have one I may want to sell. I mostly use my Remington semi-auto, so don't have space for the saiga. PM me if interested. I think I have one extra 5rd magazine for it. It shoots and cycles standard 00, 9 pellet loads flawlessly, never tried skeet/trap loads. I know someone makes a finely adjustable gas-port plug for it that will allow you to dial-in and tune it for the load you may want to use. If I find the link for it, will post.
  14. The Indian Swastika is depicted in various beautiful forms during Diwali (festival of lights) and many auspicious occasions throughout India. It's been used as a symbol of all that's good, referenced in epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana, as well as Vedic writings, dating back over 4000 years, well before western civilization existed. I am not a particularly religious person, but looking at the swastika brings forth peaceful thoughts to me, similar to being in a temple with the quiet and cold stones on the floor ... Here is an example.
  15. I didn't go today because no one answered the phone! In another post usnmars said they are moving. Hmmm.
  16. Radek

    Saiga-12 Legality

    Yeah, don't call the NJSP ...
  17. If you have a beef with me or my posts, send me a PM. Man up and don't hide behind anonymous negatives to my posts.

  18. From the other post started by usnmars, it seems they don't sell handguns in NJ anymore ... I may have to order online and have it shipped to FFL. Looks like centerfire is also selling it for a decent price ...
  19. I was thinking of taking a drive to Sterling today, but from your post it looks they are no longer keeping handguns/rifles in Sterling for sale ... I called their showroom # and no one picks up! Grrrrr
  20. Did you negotiate the price?
  21. I assume you mean look-up on gunbroker, etc ... or can you suggest specific vendors selling?
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