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  1. They should be handing out gift cards towards an Aimpoint purchase...
  2. It went to a sub committee to probably die in May... The third read went from 90 yes to 74 yes... It wasn't a full "consituational carry" bill. It was an if the person holds an out of state permit, they can carry in SC bill.
  3. I agree. There are a ton of pro gun pilots on different aviation forums. That sounds like bulk price, that's a great price!
  4. While their landing fee isn't too bad, their 100LL prices are ridiculous. I just checked, they are getting $7.36 a gallon. About $3 over priced. It's to keep GA moving along...
  5. That definitely would be fun. Monmouth (BLM) is $12. What a joke. I'm gonna hit up EWR after 10 just for fun. I wonder if Approach would allow flight following for a quick touch and go... haha Pretty sure EWR has a takeoff fee too.
  6. Kennedy is only $100 landing fee, not sure about LGA.
  7. Very, very true... I wouldn't venture up to those parts carrying. Period. But going down south, other then Maryland and South Carolina you are pretty safe. AND... Maryland is so thin width wise. At 8,000 - 10,000 ft with a 4 seater Cessna you can glide a good 12 - 15 miles so you could always stay by Delaware and Virginia...
  8. Yes you absolutely can. Same rules as FOPA. As long as you can possess it where you start and end. HOWEVER... If you were to do an emergency landing in say Maryland, there could definitely be an issue. While your plane is not inspected when you have an emergency landing, you are required to fill out some FAA forms in curtain circumstances. Also... If you are general aviation, most of the time you are in a plane that will require refueling every few hundred miles. So, when planning a flight you better make sure every state is legal to carry in as well.
  9. They obviously did not handle it the exact way I stated. The court ADMIN will tell you whether you have a warrant or not. The court admin is not a clerk of the court, they run the court.
  10. Unfortunately it sounds like forgot to void the ticket, possibly just a mistake. Call the Lt at the PD (his boss) and explain what happened. Tell the Lt, your brother cousin or sister Srgt of blah blah PD told you to call him to get it straightened out because the officer told you he would void the ticket already. Also call the court and ask to speak with the Court ADMINISTRATOR and explain you spoke to the officer and Lt SoAndSo and explain what happened. You can get it straightened out over the phone.
  11. Just 2 questions.... 1. Do I get to keep the handicap sign? 2. Do I have to keep "Christ in Christmas"?
  12. Google has a cache date of July 23, 2015... : /
  13. We are going to have to go with "assault knife" on the Applegate... SOG is not a gravity or switchblade. It takes force to get it past the fulcrum that springs the blade open. You are good with the Flash.
  14. I have always said the key was in the wording "circumstances not manifestly appropriate for such lawful uses". Meaning harming someone or others property. I've said this many times before on this forum. Carrying a knife is not doing harm to someone else or others property. It is a very useful tool. A fighting knife like the Applegate Fairbairn IS NOT a good tool. I would put that in the "size, shape and condition of the knife" making a knife illegal to "carry".
  15. I'll make it easy for everyone... This is the most important part of the read. N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5(d) addresses "'the situation in which someone who has not yet formed an intent to use an object as a weapon possesses it under circumstances in which it is likely to be so used,'" namely "circumstances not manifestly appropriate for such lawful uses as those objects may have." State v. Blaine, 221 N.J. Super. 66, 69-70 (App. Div. 1987) (quoting State v. Lee, 96 N.J. 156, 161 (1984)). The "'surrounding circumstances such as the size, shape and condition of the knife, the nature of its concealment, the time, place and actions of the carrier when found in his possession'" can "indicate that possession of a knife may be 'not manifestly appropriate' for its lawful use." Lee, supra, 96 N.J. at 162 (quoting State v. Green, 62 N.J. 547, 560 (1973)). In order to sustain a conviction for N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5(d), the State must prove that the folding knife was possessed under such circumstances that a reasonable person would recognize beyond a reasonable doubt that it was likely to be used as a weapon; in other words, under circumstances where it posed a likely threat of harm to others or a likely threat of damage to property. See State ex rel. G.C., 179 N.J. 475, 483-84 (2004).
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