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  1. what are the good carbine length 308 rifles?
  2. Mini 30 maybe the answer. Or mini 14.
  3. Excellent article. Thanks. I am sure keyboard commados who decorate their so call shtf ARs like christmas trees do not want hear these.
  4. AntZ

    CX4 Carbine Done...

    can you still see the tri dot when g2 is on and pointing to a white object such as a wall close? Just heard a lot ppl said reflex dot often got washed out, but probably not in this situation in door.
  5. Read some where and also told by one store that the mag in front of the trigger on a pistal is also illegal. If that is true, ruger's charger is also illegal. I think charger is also over weight. But I saw chargers in local shops many times.
  6. I saw it in a local gun store and almost brought it. But I did not dot it because 1) it was over the legal weight limit for pistals in NJ. 2) read a number of posts saying it breaks after a couple of thousand rounds. Some parts would crack on the up receiver but I don't remember which part. The store owner told me it was NJ legal though.
  7. I was what I thought until I saw the test result.
  8. did you get them separately? It doesn't look like the 557 package. But I am looking at it on an iPhone.
  9. The guy posted what happened with pictures http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_3_118/543339_Epic_KABOOM_today___SandW_MandP15T_destroyed.html
  10. Looks like .308 should be the choice for hd. Much bigger wound and yet less penetration than pistol runs.
  11. Little bit lower than opticsplanet. Magnifier is &10 cheaper and this one is $35 cheaper http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=productlist.jsp&A=cart&Q=add&sku=761115&is=REG&addedTroughType=categoryNavigation&addedTroughValue=16009&q=1 Good news is you can get it in their store. The bad news is you have to pay local tax. Not exactly a hot deal but just in case you want it NOW.
  12. AntZ


    Maybe they are smarter than deer.
  13. Always read about coyote hunt in one's backyard using AR. Where do these people live?
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