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  1. NJGF the place if you have a HARD-ON for cops

  2. Shipping took about two weeks with no email notice or tracking number.
  3. dupe http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/61188-common-core-statism/
  4. Careful which way the wind is blowing when using the spray.
  5. I was a customer of TD bank for 11 years and never payed anything for a money order. Local branch knew me by first name, always helpful.
  6. No wawa down here, we got sheetz.....gag
  7. Maybe they can see that the truth sells better than BS
  8. Pull the king pin then watch when he drives off.
  9. So what would happen if a civilian took on the suspect , fired three shots , missed the suspect and injured bystanders . Would they be free to go home without charge or arrest ?
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