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  1. Tell that to the majority in the Jim Crow South who didn't want coloreds drinking from their whites only water fountains...
  2. I picked up my NH permit a few years ago, when it was $25 for 4 years. Now that the price went up to $100 for the same duration, I decided not to renew it this time. Looks like it wouldn't have mattered if I had decided the other way...
  3. Walls is a U.S. district court judge, not a NJ judge. Different court system.
  4. Right, on state/local issues in all 50 states. That's why they have the state associations.
  5. So much FAIL... I guess you don't listen to GFH radio. I suggest downloading and listening to episode 109.
  6. Umm, you are aware that the ANJRPC is the NRA, aren't you?
  7. BigHayden


    I don't think they had any members left...
  8. If you read it on the internet, it HAS to be true!
  9. 2010, actually. Not sure if the NJSP has settled on a new patrol vehicle yet.
  10. Sorry [email protected], missed this post... Guess Mac is out too. My Father-In-Law (mechanic of ~40 years) has recently switched back to Snap-On. He used to be a die hard Mac guy, but switched to Matco about 12 years ago and then Snap-On in the last 2 years. Guess the quality is speaking for itself.
  11. The 4th circuit opinion said there is no right to carry outside of you home. The 7th circuit disagreed. That's still a split on the core right. The NY case was brought on grounds that it was expensive, though I can't remember if the 2nd circuit opinion mentioned the specious "the 2nd Amendment only applies in the home" argument. I think SCOTUS is looking for a cleaner case, like MD or NJ. ETA: Correction: The Kachalsky case wasn't the one regarding the fees; it was "proper cause", and the ruling actually acknowledged that discretionary permits were an infringement on the 2nd amendment, but it was OK because some of NY's firearms laws predated the Constitution. (If that doesn't make your head spin...)
  12. I guess the 7th circuit doesn't count? The declined cert, which means they agree with the lower court ruling which stated we have a right to carry outside our homes. The NY case was rooted more in the fees, rather than the arbitrary nature of the issuance of permits. More likely to see the MD case or even the NJ case granted cert by SCOTUS. We're not done yet...
  13. As others have pointed out, she can't change that one since it's a statutory agreement. Plus, UT already changed their law requiring anyone seeking a UT non-resident permit who resides in a state that has UT reciprocity must have a permit from their home state first. That satisfies the goal of the AG, which is preventing PA residents from carrying in PA on another state's permit.
  14. I guess NH and AZ will be next on Kane's hit list. Edit: Missed the post re: AZ...
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