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  1. Anyone else sign up yet?
  2. $175 for the day. He told me all you need gearwise is a rifle, sling, 350-400rds, 3 mags (more if using low capacity), pistol and 50 rds.
  3. Hey guys, Anyone interested in S&T AK platform class? I'm one of 3 signed up to take the class and Joe said he needs at least 5 to hold the class When: Oct 7 Where: Bethlehem, PA Cost: $175 Gear: AK with 350-400rds, 3 mags and sling, pistol with 50rds Lets do this!
  4. Just talked to Joe. There are only 3 people (including me) signed up. He needs 5 to make it happen. Contact him and sign up!
  5. I have the Magpul fixed carbine stock. You can thread the hole in the stock and install the grove tech slip cups. Midway sells them in pairs for like $5. Much cheaper than the magpul version and they are anti-rotation. I'll post up a link tomorrow Edit: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/972000/grovtec-sling-swivel-bases-push-button-limited-rotation-steel-black $7.
  6. Sounds like it would be a good anniversary gift....
  7. ^ this. after taking a class with Steve Fischer my entire outlook on slings has changed. Its amazing how much it can help your shooting.
  8. Ill be taking the S&T AK Platform class with Joe in Oct. Anyone else doing it?
  9. Picking this up from Mike @Tier1 tonight. 20746372_681927912004492_220177328282701538_o by ryan19vic, on Flickr LRI 24" 6.5CM Barrel 15" SLR Ion Lite Handguard XLR Tactical Stock Larue A-PEG grip Cerakote: Coyote Tan and Patriot Brown
  10. I have rent to pay I have rent to pay I have rent to pay I have re.......shit
  11. Forgive me if this isn't the right subforum. For any BMW E39 sedan people here, have any of you tried fitting a pelican 1720 or Storm 3200 in the trunk of our car? Dimension wise it seems really close so I'd rather not order one just for it not to fit and have to return it.
  12. I might be at the AK class as well. Right now the date is open and hope it stays that way. It would be good to get some real training on that rifle. Im also looking at Fischer classes again. And they just happen to be on either side of the AK class: Essential Handgun- 9/23-24 Essential Carbine- 10/7-8 Practical Urban Carbine 10/13-15 Wish I could afford to do all of them back to back.
  13. Just got back from Fischer's Essential Carbine Employment out in Alliance, OH. To say the least, it was amazing. I still have a ton of work to do but the amount of improvement I saw in myself after 2 days was great! Anyone who has a chance to train with him should definitely take advantage of it.
  14. I sent in my application on 5/9. Received permit yesterday 5/30. No references contacted
  15. Including pistol? OP- are you shooting pistol or long gun? If its a long run and you have a FID, you can leave it unloaded and locked in the trunk.