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  1. Thank you. Thats what I love about these forums
  2. Class was $600 for 2 days. Certainly not cheap, but IMO, worth it. Awesome thanks. I will definitely let you know. I think I may have figured out my problem tho. After the 1st day of shooting to 450, I was messing with my turrets because the hash mark on the turrets wasn't lining up with the indicator line on the scope body. Im think I may have shifted it over a mil when adjusting that cap. That would explain why my numbers started deviating about a mil over expected at 500+. Im headed to R14 on Friday and if my zero isn't correct at 100, Ill know that was my problem.
  3. Just got back from a weekend down in Pelham, TN taking Basic Long Range Precision Rifle with Precision Applications, LLC. Wow. If you guys want to get into this type of shooting, this is a great place to start. The lead instructor, Rob Sheppard, is a ex-Marine scout sniper and now he teaches LEO SWAT snipers, as well as various classes for civilians. He knows his stuff and is great at explaining to everyone. Number of students: Shep keeps the classes limited to 10 students. We only had 9 which was nice. Rifles: I was shooting my modified Ruger RPR with NF ATACR 4-16x. Two others were shooting AR-10s, and the rest were shooting either Remington 700s or Savage on various stocks/chassis with NF and Vortex scopes. I was the only 6.5CM while everyone else was shooting .308. Day 1: Class began at a little after 830am. The 1st half of the day we spent in the classroom going over everything caliber and scope selection, FFP vs SFP, different types of reticles, zeroing, cold clean bore/ cold fouled bore/ hot fouled bore shots, databooks, measuring the effects of weather, creating range cards, understanding how to range with a reticle, etc... It really laid the foundation for the remainder of the class. The classroom section finished off around 1230 where we broke for lunch. After an hour lunch break, we all gathered at the firing line and checked/ established a 100 yard zero on paper. After everyone was good to go, we broke into two groups and took turns shooting. The 1st 4 people stepped up and they would engage steel targets at 150,200,250, & 300 yards. Shep gave an estimate for elevation adjustments for each distance and then would work with each student until then were smacking that steel. Shep's info was geared towards the .308 so around 400 yards, my 6.5CM was starting to differ with elevation adjustments.The rest of us would watch and could practice spotting on one of his spotting scopes and learn to to track shots and call adjustments. The two relays would swap back and forth until the day ended with each group shooting out to 450 yards. Day 2: Day started at 8am again. We spent some time going over maintenance and cleaning routines, recommended products, etc... Shep kept this relatively quick and got us back out on the firing line. 4 targets were placed down range at varying distances. Each of us had to range the 4 targets using the reticle to within +/- 7 yards. Once we determined a range, Shep would check it and either pass us or makes us do it again if we were off. Once everyone finished, shooting began. Same concept as the previous day. Relay 1 would shoot 500,600, & 700 yards while the rest of us waited. Then switch. The day ended with everyone successfully hitting a 20" gong at 1000 yards. All-in-all great class. I learned a ton and Im looking forward to going back. Ive never shot past 100 yards before but by the end of the weekend, I was drilling 1000 with relative ease once we got the elevation adjustments right. Need to work on my trigger pull a bit more but, other than that, everything went great. Rifle performed great- no problems. The 140g ELD match ammo was very consistent so I was not chasing rounds all over the place. I did notice a discrepancy between my actual elevation adjustment and the projected adjustment by BallisitcArc so I need to figure out whats going on there.( Anyone have a chronograph I could borrow for a day???) Heres Shep's website for more info. Ill post some pictures later tonight when I get home. http://precision-applications.com/
  4. Went out the other day to confirm zero before class next weekend. I think Im set. 140 ELD @ 100 yards Note: The red X's are from me shooting the AR with a T1 at 100 yards unsupported. Those are not from my RPR.
  5. I run grease and oil. If it slides, it gets a touch of grease. If it spins or rotates, it gets oil. Do I have to use grease? No but I have noticed it stays put longer where oil has a tendency to blow off.
  6. I’m guessing you are seeing an IR laser
  7. Send me the files, I’ll put a screen shot on instagram and tag senator menendez in it.
  8. Things make it to Hollywood or Hollywood brings it to us?
  9. I sent a really nice email back to him. Left some comments on his instagram posts too
  10. Last week, Giffords, Brady Campaign and Bloomberg filed a suit agaist Cody as well. It was dismissed the next day. Cant wait to see NJ have to pay Cody for this lawsuit haha
  11. Yea I completely forgot to save that brass. I don’t reload and really don’t have the space to get into it here in his apt. I’ll try to remember to hold onto it from now on tho
  12. I hear ya. I’m constanlty going back and forth between parts for my poly80 g19 build, an AR build and stuff for tuning my X5.
  13. After way to long, I finally got to shoot her. Hot and humid day at R14 but it was fun. It took more than I would have liked to get it zero but eventually got there. I had previously looked down the bore and tried to dial the scope so i would at least be on paper but I was shooting high and it took a while to figure that out. Never shot a rifle like this before but I'm happy with the results. I'm definitely the weak link in the system and can tell this rifle will be wayyy more accurate than me. This was the first real group I shot for once I was close to getting it zeroed. Just over 1 MOA @100 yards. Confirmed zero group. Ignore the shots below and to the right of the blue circle. Those were from earlier in the day when I was trying to get the shots on paper. .75" at 100 yards I adjusted the trigger a bit when I got home. With a little more practice, I see no reason I can't get this thing down to under .5 MOA. @Ray Ray @Zeke