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  1. I’m guessing you are seeing an IR laser
  2. Send me the files, I’ll put a screen shot on instagram and tag senator menendez in it.
  3. Things make it to Hollywood or Hollywood brings it to us?
  4. I sent a really nice email back to him. Left some comments on his instagram posts too
  5. Last week, Giffords, Brady Campaign and Bloomberg filed a suit agaist Cody as well. It was dismissed the next day. Cant wait to see NJ have to pay Cody for this lawsuit haha
  6. Yea I completely forgot to save that brass. I don’t reload and really don’t have the space to get into it here in his apt. I’ll try to remember to hold onto it from now on tho
  7. I hear ya. I’m constanlty going back and forth between parts for my poly80 g19 build, an AR build and stuff for tuning my X5.
  8. After way to long, I finally got to shoot her. Hot and humid day at R14 but it was fun. It took more than I would have liked to get it zero but eventually got there. I had previously looked down the bore and tried to dial the scope so i would at least be on paper but I was shooting high and it took a while to figure that out. Never shot a rifle like this before but I'm happy with the results. I'm definitely the weak link in the system and can tell this rifle will be wayyy more accurate than me. This was the first real group I shot for once I was close to getting it zeroed. Just over 1 MOA @100 yards. Confirmed zero group. Ignore the shots below and to the right of the blue circle. Those were from earlier in the day when I was trying to get the shots on paper. .75" at 100 yards I adjusted the trigger a bit when I got home. With a little more practice, I see no reason I can't get this thing down to under .5 MOA. @Ray Ray @Zeke
  9. Anyone try slides from zaffiri precision? They look pretty nice and the prices look awesome. https://www.zaffiriprecision.com/collections/glock
  10. Im building a Poly80 so this is relevant to my interests. Slides- Ive been looking at L2D Combat and Southwest Precision for their milled slides. I know the slide cuts are just for looks, but I think they look awesome haha. Trigger- Seems like the Apex Trigger kit is the go to. Ive never tried any of the triggers before fyi Barrel- Im between Faxon, Agency and S3F TiN barrels. Sights- Ameriglo Comp- Texas Black Rifle Co
  11. Congrats on the dog! Pics? Heres some training tips I had good luck using with my golden retriever. Its the only dog Ive had so far and he was a breeze to train. We got him as a 8 week puppy and he lived to be 13. He had an accident in the house the very first night and then it never happened again. Super fun, and one of the most laid back dogs Ive interacted with which was great since there were so many little kids on the street that wanted to play with him. Never nipped, barked, or got aggressive. We tried taking him to puppy school but found that was a waste of time. He trained so easily that it wasnt really worth it. Theres no real magic in doing anything. Just takes a little time and patience. It did get him to be social with other dogs which was nice but a bunch of people in our neighborhood got dogs soon after us so that wasnt really needed anymore. -Use treats for good behavior. -When he jumps up, just turn around and ignore him. -If he is pulling on his leash while walking, get one of those metal choker collars. They look cruel but they really arent. They get the dogs attention without hurting them. After my dog tried pulling during walks, he quickly realized it was a bad idea. I seriously got to retire that collar after the 2nd day and we never had the problem again. -For the nipping, our breeder taught us this trick of using your thumb to pin his tongue down to the bottom of his mouth. Dont try to crush his tongue obviously, but firm pressure is fine. The second he starts to whine, let go. Again, our dog stopped the biting pretty quickly after we started doing this. It sounds like your dog is also a puppy still so its nothing he will naturally grow out of as well.
  12. I think it was Roberts. I cant find the article right now but I know Thomas was involved. i thought 2 justices were mentioned and Roberts would have been the only other one that would make sense
  13. Out of the list, I think any of them would help the cause. As Mossburger said, the problem is getting them to hear the case. That said, it takes 4 judges to issue a writ of certiorari. With Kennedy gone, the number gets closer to solidly in our favor. I know Thomas and Roberts have expressed frustration that 2A cases arent heard enough. Im assuming Gorsuch would be apart of that group, so a pro-2A appointee could certainly open up some possibilities.