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  1. 11.5" BA. Modern series I think. A5 buffer tube, springco green spring and A5H2 buffer
  2. Good to go. I have the same setup on mine
  3. It took 4 of us to quarter her and hike her up the mountain back to camp. The following day we hiked her, along with 2 other elk, 4 miles back to the trail head where the truck was parked
  4. Just got out of the woods yesterday. A group of us had set up camp near the China Wall Flat Tops for 1st season rifle elk hunting. Took my very first elk at 711 yards with my 6.5cm. I was shooting the 127g Barnes LRX rounds. I was up on a ridge line shooting down into a opening in the timber. She was standing broadside and I placed the crosshairs just off to the side of the front shoulder. The bullet actually hit a few inches higher, going thru the blackstrap area and severing the spine. The round dropped her in her tracks without taking a step. She fell awkwardly on fallen logs. While she was practically dead, she was still moving her head around so I chambered another round and put a final round thru her neck to finish her off. Both shots penetrated both sides of he elk and continued into the ground. It was late afternoon and sunlight was disappearing quickly so I didn’t have time to dig around looking for the round. I’m impressed tho. Will definitely be using these LRX rounds for future hunts. The rifle Shooting lane ( the opening area in the timber) The elk
  5. Your gunsmith is wrong on both accounts. Even if this was a flash hider, it doesnt matter on "Others" because the AWB rules do not apply. I have seen some manufacturers engrave "Other" on the side but it serves no legal purpose. As long as the receiver you are building on was not a rifle previously ( scouts honor!) any stripped lower receiver will work. What shop is this?
  6. Are you looking to put this on a normal rifle or a non-NFA gun? On a non-NFA gun, you can basically use any muzzle device you want ( except a suppressor) since it doesnt need to adhere to NJ AWB (because its not a rifle, nor a pistol). If used on a normal rifle, I believe the answer should be yes as well. Ive never heard of anyone saying blast shields are illegal in NJ. Its not described as a flash hider and in the description specifically states that its only meant to direct blast and sound down range. I have a Griffin blast shield and it works well inside so you arent annoying your neighbors.
  7. Exactly what I thought. I guess if he actually has an SOT, the ATF will approve him for whatever he wants but he said this after the fact. Im trying to find out where this guy works but his profile is private. All I can tell is that he has that over-compensating operator guy look (huge, beard, sleeves) and a tough guy quote about doing violent actions. I asked him where he works but wouldn't tell me because he doesnt want my or my "few friends" business lol
  8. Bump! Anyone try this out recently? The other month I got into a bit of an argument on Instagram with a supposed FFL here in NJ who says these are illegal. His name is Michael Grin I believe. I pointed him to this thread, he says it’s illegal and the ATF will approve any form submitted to them regardless of state law, but then tells me to go research more on this forum lol. He claims because he’s an 02 SOT, he can’t possibly be wrong. Anyone know what shop he might work for?
  9. Anybody have a box or two of Barnes VOR-TX LR 127g ammo they could part with? Trying to track some down and not having much luck.
  10. Ditto. The specs of my other are posted here too. Im not sure what is so complicated about picking a barrel length, a buffer length and then figuring out if you need to pin the muzzle device or not
  11. It’s been done in multiple threads. What are you looking for that hasn’t been answered or isn’t captured in that chart? It doesn’t get any easier than the decision chart above. If people can’t buy a receiver, follow that chart and the simple rules of 1) must have a brace, 2) needs a VFG and 3) OAL > 26”, they shouldn’t even be considering this type of weapon. Stick with your basic P&W 14.5” or 16” rifle.
  12. Not length of pull, just overall length. But yes, a longer buffer tube does factor in, hence its part of the decision tree you quoted This has been discussed at nauseum.
  13. Like Jack said, federal law reads the same. Issue with this line of thinking is that anyone with an SBR Ar15 would never be able to own a regular AR15 since you could swap uppers and lowers around and suddenly have unregistered SBRs. Once it’s mated to a lower, you are good to go.
  14. Yea I discovered that 1st time at the range. Luckily Holosun makes a small riser plate that brings it up to lower 1/3 witness height. I just didn’t take a pic of it
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