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  1. When it arrives, I will. Still waiting on it to ship
  2. Done
  3. MHD tune for my X5- holy shit what an improvement Zaffiri Precision Glock 19 slide w/ RMR cut- cerakote in black multicam FDE Aero upper
  4. Small update: So I talked my my insurance rep and when they pulled my driving record, they had the violation still listed as a turn signal violation. I called the DMV and they have the violation listed as unsafe operation. So just my luck, insurance happen to run a check on me during the week between getting the ticket and the court date. I'm now waiting for the DMV to send me the abstract which I then have to forward to insurance. For whatever reason, the insurance people cant re-run my record. The rep did note that unsafe operation is a violation that can cause a premium increase, but it shouldnt be as much.
  5. 2 within 5 years, and only 3 total for your lifetime. I will give them a call tomorrow and see what they say.
  6. There was one from 7 years ago I think but other than that, it’s clean. Yes it was in NJ.
  7. Just got my insurance renewal and it loooks like they hit me with a surcharge as well-$450/ year. I had the ticket dropped to “unsafe operation,” 0 points, paid the extortion fee to the state and now on top, im paying a insurance surcharge. WTF.
  8. Out of those two options, Primary Arms Platinum all the way.
  9. Welcome to the disease....
  10. 1. Thats gonna be user preference. They are both midlength gas systems so thats a plus. It really just depends if you want to deal with an extra 1" or not. 16" will give you a little more velocity over the 14.5" but depending on your intended use, that might not matter. 2. Again, user preference. My 1st AR had a FSB on it. If you want to use iron sights, it works fine and cheaper than the flips up (most of the time). If you run a red dot, the FSB does not get in the way of your field of view. Obviously a flip up site wont get in the way either. My current ARs dont have FSB or iron sights on them, red dot only. 3. From a performance standpoint, the Midwest rail would be better as it free floated. The additional length gives you more mounting options and lets you really reach out with teh support hand to help control the muzzle.The midwest rail would be more robust compared to the plastic handguards too. Other than that, it comes down to the look you are going for. BCM makes good stuff so the plastic handguard will work. I prefer metal rails, but to each their own 4. On the 16" setups, the muzzle device is not pinned. If you email them, they may be able to pin it. The bayo lug would have to be removed as well. It might be easier just to have the entire upper sent to a gunsmith near you and have them pin it and shave the lug themselves.
  11. Yea. It was pretty awesome. Definitely try to make it next year. One guy had a really nice night vision setup on a helmet. I got to try it on at the end and holy shit was it awesome. It was amazing what you could see. No wonder our guys absolutely wreak havoc at night. Just another note on weapons used (since a lot of people are curious what others shoot and how it works) I used my Larue PredatAR with T1 and Wilson’d Beretta 92fs. From what I remember, other guys were had an assortment of BCM, Spikes and DD builds with Aimpoints and Holosun red dots. Varied barrel lengths from 10.5” to 16”, suppressed and unsuppressed. One guy had a H&K G36 chambered in 300blackout which was pretty slick. Handguns were mostly a glock variant, with at least half having a RMR or similar on top. I saw no pretty much no issues with any weapon systems. The H&K had a few problems in the beginning because the user tried to run with with almost no lube haha. Once it was properly lubed, no issues. The other issue was at the very end of class. A guy running a 11.5” SBR suppressed was having issues with FTF. I’m assuming it was just dirty from the blow back. It may have needed a cleaning or just more lube.
  12. If anyone is looking for a good low light class, Joe's Low Light Pistol/Carbine class was great. I will be signing up for next years for sure. Day started just after 12pm. We started with pistols first. We did all sorts of pistol drills that incorporated the use of a handheld light. Nothing super complicated, but just the basics of managing a light in one hand, while shooting, reloading,moving etc.. The thought was to practice in daylight to get the movements down and any problems laying flat before darkness falls. Next we stepped up to rifles and again drilled down on concepts and procedures for using a light to identify targets and engage. Since the lights are mounted on the rifle, there wasnt a lot of new information or procedures to introduce. Most of it was just practicing standard carbine drills, with some movement and "getting off the x" after you turned your light on and identified your target. Around 4:30/5, the sun went down and it started getting dark. There are no lights anywhere in the area (no moon that night either) so when it got dark, it was dark. We basically reverted back to the same drills we did earlier in the day and got a chance to see how our performance was affected with the low light/ no light. We did handguns first, then rifles. It was amazing to really get 1st hand experience shooting in those conditions. Night vision, Smoke and muzzle flash all played a role in how well you could see and shoot- things you dont think about or see during a regular range day. By 8pm, we were all done. All in all, great class. Learned a lot. Met some cool people with some really cool toys. Ill be back
  13. Saturday
  14. Bumping.... Anyone doing low light carbine/pistol with S&T in two weeks? I’ll be there
  15. ^ What they said. Go ahead and buy the 80% lower and ship it right to your house. Go to PA, drill the holes and its now considered a "firearm." If you want to bring it back to Nj to finish or finish it in PA, you are fine to do so. You dont need a serial number right now but the P80 frames come with a little piece of metal that sits exposed inside the picatinny rail. I believe some people have stamped a number into that if they want it serialized.