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  1. Haha hell yea I'm in. The rain is gonna make this fun
  2. The upper and lower receiver came from the factory FDE. I had Modern Materiel cerakote the rail FDE as well but it didnt match the receiver set, so I actually had them respray it everything.
  3. Sure thing. Aero Upper/ Lower 13.7" SLR Solo MLOK Handgaurd 14.5" Faxon Gunner barrel SLR Sentry 6 Adjustable Gas Block Griffin Armament M4SD FlashComp with QD Blast Shield Black Nitride Toolcraft BCG Larue MBT Larue APEG Sons of Liberty Gunworks LPK Magpul Fixed Carbine Stock
  4. Haven't fired it yet so I don't know. From what I've read, they seem to work well at not pissing off the neighbors in the lane next to you tho haha
  5. Just finished this up. Just need a RDS
  6. Thanks. I will look into this. I am glad too. Traffic around here blows and people cruising in the left lane or not using their blinkers has caused a lot of problems. Its just frustrating when I get accused of it haha. Especially when a pickup truck literally drifted into the cop but nothing happens to him Awesome. Thanks for the info. If he wanted to pull me over for speeding 5 over, he should have. Either way its 2 points which kind sucks.
  7. Wasnt riding in the lane, just passing. But anyways, my record should be clean. I certainly havent gotten pulled over for anything in the past 5 years. Do I call the prosecutor ahead of time or do I have to rely on striking this deal up the day of court? I called my insurance company and they couldnt give me an idea of how much it would affect my premium so that route seems like a dead end.
  8. Thats what I asked him when he first mentioned it but they work fine.
  9. So yesterday on my way to work, a state trooper pulled me over for failing to signal as I changed lanes. Headed south on the turnpike at 630 am, the road was pretty wide open. Trooper was going about 65 in the center lane, I was doing about 70 in the left. There was also a pickup truck 3 or so car lengths behind me. I passed the cop, and when I had about 4 car lengths on him, I did signal and move over. The truck decided to move over as well and merge right onto the cop forcing him to move over a lane. I thought for sure that truck is going to get pulled over. The lights go on but what do ya know, he flies up on my butt and pulls me over. He says I didnt signal. I know I did, I always do, especially when I am pulling over in front of a marked cop car. Heres the actual law I "broke" I feel like that last sentence makes or breaks the entire law open. I certainly didnt effect traffic by my move. There was barely anyone on the road. I didnt cut anyone off or force them to hit their brakes Anyone fight something like this in court? Ive never gone to court before so I dont know how it works here in NJ. If I ask for his dashcam video, any chance I get it or will there be nothing on the video since the "offense" happened before his lights went on? Can you fight tickets on your own in NJ or do you need a lawyer to actually get you the deal/ticket dropped?
  10. Awesome! I also just signed up for a long range precision class with Precision Applications, LLC down in Pelham, TN. Really looking forward to that one in October.
  11. I'm signed up for Carbine 1 with S&T on the 19th. Anyone here doing that?
  12. Burris XTR II 1-5
  13. Nightforce NX8 1-8.....
  14. Easiest way to "pin" your stock https://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/strike-industries-ar-stock-stop.html
  15. Yea I saw that class. The class seems a bit expensive for what it is. The entire 1st day is in the class room and you only get to shoot the 2nd day. Im looking at Black Hat and Ghost Firearms training over in Lewistown, PA and its very little "classroom" time. Instead its learning out on the range the entire 2 days. Its also half the cost.