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  1. shooter28

    Poly80 Build

    Haha they arent pretty enough. Polymer80 really did a nice job. Ive never been a Glock guy due to the way they sit in my hand but this feels great.
  2. shooter28

    Poly80 Build

    All safeties are maintained. It’s one of the main things I was looking for in an aftermarket trigger. After installing it, I double checked to make sure everything worked correctly and we are all set. I found out about this company from a couple popular glock youtubers. It was compared to the Apex and Overwatch kits and they said the Pontoon Elite Marksmen trigger was actually better. If we see each other at one of Joe’s classes this year, you can try it out. https://tacticalpontoon.com/
  3. shooter28

    Poly80 Build

    Quick video (hopefully it works)
  4. shooter28

    Poly80 Build

    Got some more parts installed. Now that I have sights, Im hoping I get a chance to shoot it this weekend. Ameriglo Suppressor height sights. Single orange/green dot up front, blacked out rear. Tactical Pontoon Trigger- this thing is awesome. Ranger Proof trigger shoe, adjustable over travel, Ghost edge 3.5Lb connector, polished trigger bar. There is basically no uptake in the trigger. I might see if I can tighten it up a bit more. Very short, crisp reset as well.
  5. shooter28

    Partial Receivers

    I'm no lawyer but... Are they going to be completed in a legal manner? For example, I had a 80% glock frame, along with a bunch of glock parts sitting at my place for a while. All of it was completely legal. NJ doesnt allow for manufacturing your own weapons so I when I was in PA, I drilled/filled the frame to make it a firearm by ATF standards and then brought it back to NJ and put it all together. When you are dealing with 80% frames/lowers and all the associated parts, you just have a collection of parts, with no firearm. AFAIK, constructive possession applies to a combination of parts and a firearm. Magazines are a bit different I think. Having a bunch of 30rd mag bodies would probably constitute a high cap mag since its not permanently blocked to 10rds. Thats why people who modify the mags themselves have to go out of state to modify them, or have a FFL who is allowed to handle hi-cap mags do the modification. But again, Im no lawyer
  6. shooter28

    Daniel Defense

  7. shooter28

    Stag arms nightmare

    When you handle cycle the bolt, does it feel smooth? Have you tried a different magazine?
  8. shooter28

    Daniel Defense

    One of my buddies bought a DD rifle from a local FFL here in NJ. I’ll find out which one it was.
  9. shooter28

    Want to Borrow: Glock Sight tools

    Thanks for the offer guys. Turns out my friend has one and Ill be borrowing it when I see him this weekend.
  10. Anyone have the front and rear glock sight tools I could borrow? Located in Jersey City but I commute down to Toms River area every day so anyone anywhere near that would be convenient.
  11. shooter28

    A couple new 1911's for the collection

    Dang. I was looking around after I read this and saw that the Commander line was being discontinued. I saw those prices around what you mentioned. The full size 5" models still seem to be hovering around $1700
  12. shooter28

    A couple new 1911's for the collection

    Is DW discontinuing the Valor line or just in SS? I’ve always thought the Valor was a beautiful 1911 and is on the list of things to pick up.
  13. shooter28

    2019 Training

    Probably 2 or 3 classes with Joe at S&T because he is so cheap and close. Looking at another long range class down south (TN or GA) with Precision Applications again or possible Ghost Firearms out in Lewistown, PA Also looking at doing either a Larry Vickers or Bob Keller ( Gamut Resolutions) rifle/pistol class.
  14. shooter28

    Backpack AR

    Lol yep. I have a T1 on my Larue rifle and a holosun on a AR I built for my brother. Both look kind of similar. I know where the center is supposed to be so I’m able to use it just fine. I really like the looks and size of these reflex sights tho....might go in that direction for this gun.
  15. shooter28

    Backpack AR

    Awesome thanks. Im nearing the end of a lighter-weight build and optics is one of the last things I need. I have an astigmatism as well but just deal with it but I had been going back and forth between a holosun T1 clone and a small reflex sight like this. Decisions...decisions....

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