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  1. Ill be posting pics of mine in a couple days when I get a chance but heres my build list. Lower: Aero Precision lower Larue MBT trigger SOLGW lower parts kit VLTOR A5 extension with Springco Green spring & A5H2 buffer BCM Mod 3 grip Upper: Completely assembled by Andro Corps Andro Upper 11.5" BA barrel 10.7" SLR Ion handguard Magpul VFG Radian Charging handle A.O Nitride BCG A2 flash hider - (until I move out and get into the suppressor game....)
  2. A5 tube with a 11.5" barrel will get you just over 26" without any pinning. If you want a 10.5" barrel, you will need to pin
  3. I asked in the thread but the guy never responded. I would love to know just to make sure I dont send any business to them Completely agree about listening to gun store advice on a lot of issues about this and a whole bunch of other gun related laws in this state. That said, there are a few FFLs on this board who I do trust and look to for information. I think most of us know who they are.
  4. I wonder if its the same FFLs pulling this shit https://www.ar15.com/forums/Hometown/Stripped-Other-Firearm-Lower/50-639195/ They are selling lowers marked " Other Firearm" for $200 saying these are the only recievers you can build a non-NFA firearm on
  5. Ill be doing a couple of Joe's ( of Sights & Triggers) pistol, carbine and low light classes as usual. I want to do another long range class since I didnt get a chance to do one last year. My 6.5 has been patiently waiting to be worked again as shooting 200 at Ft Dix is a joke for it haha. Ghost Firearms Training host level 1 and 2 long range classes out in Lewistown, PA where you stretch out to 1000+ yards. My dad will be doing a class up at Sig Academy so Ill probably be joining him for that as well.
  6. It doesnt matter what the shooter can do, its how the weapon was designed to be fired. For example: Pistol braces were designed to be strapped around your forearm to be fired. The fact that you can shoulder them is a by product of the design and not what it was designed to do. The fact that it was designed to not be shouldered is what designates it as a pistol, thus allows you ignore NFA laws and build 9" guns. VFGs arent allowed on AR pistols because it redefines the firearm as a 2 handed weapon, thus not a pistol. Yes, everyone shoots AR pistols with 2 hands anyway because the handguard allows you to put your hand there but in the eyes of the law, a VFG necessitates a 2nd hand on the weapon. Yes all these laws are silly but they are what they are for the moment. If you want to add a folding grip to the weapon, go for it. In all honesty, you probably will never be caught. Just realize that if you do, theres a good chance you arent facing just state laws, but federal laws as well.
  7. Folding is not substantially identical, just like throwing a minimalist type stock is not the same as a brace. That firearm is meant to be fired with 2 hands. You fold the grip up allows it to be fired with 1 hand so its no longer a firearm, its a pistol.
  8. I would be wary of that. Similar to the LAW Tactical Folder for stocks/braces where overall length is measured from shortest 'fireable' position, ie. the stock folded over, a VFG that can be folded up eliminates the need for 2 handed shooting and is considered a pistol by ATF standards and illegal in NJ. Stick to a normal VFG
  9. The buffer tube slides thru the castle nut and end plate so those pieces do not effect overall length.
  10. SOLD I have an opened but unused SLR Solo Lite handguard for sale. I decided to go in a different direction with the rifle so I no longer have use for it (decided on using a shorter barrel) Includes barrel nut nut and anti-rotation inserts. From SLR 14.87" Exact Top rail length 15" Solo LITE -MLOK Weight 12.0 oz 1.3" ID Gen 4 Mil-Spec Hardcoat Anodize 7075 Barrel nut w/ Hardcoat Anodize Melonite Finish Hardware Free Floating Design Slip fit locking mount design Billet Anti Rotation Insert Anti Slip Design Barrel nut uses standard wrenches or SLR Billet wrench Continuous top rail design Mil-Spec 1913 Mounting rails $200 shipped or best offer
  11. My 6.5CM RPR with Nightforce scope will hit 1000 no sweat. Unfortunately Ive only been to a range that size once. If people want to plan a meet up somewhere I would be game. You're co worker would be welcome to try out my rifle.
  12. Looks awesome. How does it shoot? Thoughts on the 4 prong?
  13. Yea I’m in the same boat. Best bet is find a buddy that has one. I just swing by Mike at Tier 1 to have him do it. In and out in 5 min.
  14. Cant go wrong with Mike. Hes assembled multiple uppers for me. Everything came out perfect
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