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  1. Healy is MA. She issued a freaking memo completely redefining the AWB. MA has had their ban in place since 98 and it mirrored the federal ban. In July 2016? She decided to completely reinterpret the laws and banned all sale of AR and AK rifles. No actual law behind her but everyone has fallen to their knees. The fact a court hasn’t knocked this BS down is amazing. I mean, literally 10+ years of federal and state precedent and interpretation and she switched it on a dime
  2. Have a FFL take the SP5 and put a stock on it to make it a rifle. Then pin a fake suppressor to the barrel to get 16". Or there are MP5 clone builders out there that could build you a clone as "other" or an AOW
  3. Careful. He lives in PA, not NJ. That pistol would not be legal in NJ
  4. How long do FFLs keep copies of the 4473? I have a unassembled lower from the other year and wondering if I can call and get a copy of that form to attach to he ATF form 1.
  5. All I know is the black friday stuff sale absolutely ruined Geissele this year. They weren't prepared and many people haven't received or haven't gotten ahold of anyone at the shop about their order. Big thread over on Arfcom about it.
  6. This is awesome. Ever since the non-NFA firearms started rolling out, I wanted to build a 300blk. Problem was, I didnt want a 11.5" barrel on it. Here we go. 8.5" 300blk coming my way. @mikey_golds Care to explain the process?
  7. Looks awesome. I love my P80 as well. Just fits the hand so nicely. I stippled the small area just in front of the slide release lever. Helps give the thumb something to push on
  8. Talk to Jason and he will build you one. Follow him on Instagram and he regularly posts pretty awesome deals
  9. Guys, this is supposed to be a picture thread. This diagram been posted in 3 or 4 threads, multiple times now, where people are trying to nail down the nitty gritty of each build. 10.5” barrel will require a pin and weld unless you find an extended tube over 8.25”.
  10. Yea brand new is gonna be tough to find one without the tube. If you look on the EE at AR15.com, Im sure you could find one tho.
  11. No. Its just a standard 6 position tube- the same one comes with the SBA3 and is the one almost everyone uses on their rifle stocks.
  12. Correct. With an A5 receiver extension, you can use a 11.5” barrel and not pin&weld the muzzle device.
  13. Finished this up the other week but forgot to post pics. I was hoping to get out to the range over the weekend and zero it in but didnt get a chance. Build Specs Lower Aero Precision Lower SOLGW LPK Larue flat-faced MBT BCM Mod 3 grip VLTOR A5 extension, A5H2 buffer, Green Springco spring- with this extension, I can get the same LOP as a traditional stock/extension which is awesome SBA3 brace Upper- Assembled by AndroCorpInd Andro Upper receiver SLR 10.7" Ion Lite handguard BA 11.5" barrel AO Precision nitride BCG SLR Ambi charging handle Magpul VFG A2 Flash Hider Holosun 510c
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