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  1. You are correct. I wasnt thinking about that when I made my comment. I've revised my original post
  2. A lower is a lower. Its good to go, unless its named AR-15 or called out by name in the law. I really wish Spikes had gone with " Cal- Fluid" over "Cal-Multi" haha
  3. Both of those places will sell to civilians.
  4. A good guide for sizing. http://bulletproofme.com/Sizing.shtml If you go to SKDtac.com, they dont really carry junk stuff so if its listed there, its good stuff.
  5. Any update?
  6. I use grovetec swivel cups on mine
  7. I turned in 50 upc codes but on other forums people are sending in just the upc off the case itself and getting the rebate. You have to provide the original invoice so Federal will know how many rounds you bought. That bolded part is just not true. Max rebate is $200. You can place multiple orders and send in multiple rebates as long as you dont go over the $200 limit.
  8. I thought I read online that you can cut off the upc from the case. Maybe just call and ask?
  9. I'm running an RS Regulate mount on mine
  10. Final call. Deadline is Monday night to contact Joe
  11. Hes keeping registration open until the end of the week and then he's calling it. Do it!
  12. Anyone else sign up yet?
  13. $175 for the day. He told me all you need gearwise is a rifle, sling, 350-400rds, 3 mags (more if using low capacity), pistol and 50 rds.
  14. Hey guys, Anyone interested in S&T AK platform class? I'm one of 3 signed up to take the class and Joe said he needs at least 5 to hold the class When: Oct 7 Where: Bethlehem, PA Cost: $175 Gear: AK with 350-400rds, 3 mags and sling, pistol with 50rds Lets do this!
  15. Just talked to Joe. There are only 3 people (including me) signed up. He needs 5 to make it happen. Contact him and sign up!