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  1. The buffer tube slides thru the castle nut and end plate so those pieces do not effect overall length.
  2. SOLD I have an opened but unused SLR Solo Lite handguard for sale. I decided to go in a different direction with the rifle so I no longer have use for it (decided on using a shorter barrel) Includes barrel nut nut and anti-rotation inserts. From SLR 14.87" Exact Top rail length 15" Solo LITE -MLOK Weight 12.0 oz 1.3" ID Gen 4 Mil-Spec Hardcoat Anodize 7075 Barrel nut w/ Hardcoat Anodize Melonite Finish Hardware Free Floating Design Slip fit locking mount design Billet Anti Rotation Insert Anti Slip Design Barrel nut uses standard wrenches or SLR Billet wrench Continuous top rail design Mil-Spec 1913 Mounting rails $200 shipped or best offer
  3. My 6.5CM RPR with Nightforce scope will hit 1000 no sweat. Unfortunately Ive only been to a range that size once. If people want to plan a meet up somewhere I would be game. You're co worker would be welcome to try out my rifle.
  4. Looks awesome. How does it shoot? Thoughts on the 4 prong?
  5. Yea I’m in the same boat. Best bet is find a buddy that has one. I just swing by Mike at Tier 1 to have him do it. In and out in 5 min.
  6. Cant go wrong with Mike. Hes assembled multiple uppers for me. Everything came out perfect
  7. Yea I really like the Holosun stuff too. No problems picking up the reticle with differing backdrops? In the ways of ARFCOM, maybe Ill get both!
  8. How do you like the green reticle? Been thinking about getting one for my build but I have never used one so Im hesitant
  9. No he's saying that if you switch, make sure your new part is in hand so you can swap immediately. Dont be taking the gun out in public in unfinished form, or have it laying around in unfinished form in the rare event the police raid your home.
  10. Go to the non-nfa build guideline thread and look at the barrel/buffer tube combos. 10.5" is not long enough, even with a A5 buffer tube, to meet 26". Muzzle must be pinned.
  11. A5 with buffer is in stock at SKD. https://www.skdtac.com/VLTOR-A5-Bundle-p/vlt.308.htm
  12. Sweet. See ya there. Hopefully not raining like it did last time we shot together lol
  13. Just signed up for the S&T low light class on Nov 15. Anyone else in it?
  14. That’s the point of getting out there! Are you in the Friday or Saturday low light class? I’ll be in the Friday class
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