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  1. Yea Freddy's class is $450 with the option for $30 breakfast/lunch and $10/night lodging. So $500 all in. Ghost is $600 for the same. Is this a good thing or bad thing? BHT is my first choice but depending on their course dates, I was thinking Ghost could work too
  2. Looking to take a long range precision class this year and came across these guys. Anyone have any experience with them? The range they use is located out in Lewistown, PA ( same range as Black Hat Training Corps)
  3. That was my thinking as well. I have the MOE Carbine stock now and within 2 seconds I can have a fully adjustable stock on there. Or using a variation of the "Stock Lock" kit where its a screw and nut holding a stock in the desired hole, that could be replaced in seconds as well.
  4. You would have to pull the stock and then remove the plastic/rubber strip. So its not permanent, but no solution really is. With a little work, anything can be undone. If I remember correctly, nothing in the law says the modification needs to be permanent, but simply the stock and can adjust.
  5. Driving back thru Delaware last week, I couldn't help myself and decided to stop in Cabelas. One of the ARs had the Magpul STR stock and I really liked it. Searching around Youtube for videos on this stock, I came across the video below. Its called the "Stock Stop" by Strike Industries. I was going to just do the usual blind pin but this seems even easier and doesnt damage the stock or the buffer tube. Basically, this rubber piece sits in the channel, blocking access to all the adjustment holes except the one you want. The stock is prevented from adjusting to any of the other positions. Is there any reason this wouldnt be legal in NJ? https://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/strike-industries-ar-stock-stop.html
  6. Unless NJ is now pulling the actual invoices for all online purchases, buying online is the best way to avoid being tracked.
  7. It will be similar to MA. The AG has threatened to sue the ammo distributer who would ship ammo to the state. None of these companies want to deal with that mess but there are a few who secretly will ship it. People's lips are sealed as to who these dealers are tho
  8. I know of some people, a few in my family in particular, who have multiple optics for one rifle so QD is very handy. They have a RDS most of the time but if they decide to hunt or need more accuracy for whatever reason, they can pull that off and swap on a scope quickly and you know it's zeroed or very close. Obviously having a few different rifles configured different ways would be ideal, but if you are on a budget, swapping optics is a lot more cost effective
  9. Area 419 Hellfire. 2 piece system allows you to use their brake or quickly screw on a multitude of different suppressor if you ever shoot in a free state. http://www.area419.com/product/hellfire_st/
  10. Get ready to set up a UPS box in PA or DE and have ammo shipped there
  11. Haha all good man. Just messin with ya
  12. Lol...updates?
  13. Just my opinion but if you are down to .308 or .300, scratch the .308 and replace it with 6.5cm. Everything the .308 can do, the 6.5cm will do better. At this point, match 308 and 6.5 ammo is about the same cost wise as well. Obviously, it's your call between the exactly what size caliber you want. A 300win mag is a big boy round and if that's what you want, go for. You'll have to watch out for barrel life with that tho. I don't think you can go wrong with either
  14. You are correct. I wasnt thinking about that when I made my comment. I've revised my original post