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  1. Where are you at in FL?
  2. Gang party
  3. Go on......
  4. All your nudes as well?
  5. Remember, they hate you and want you dead! Great job by forum patriots for unmasking another totaitarian wanna be!
  6. Set up automated faxes as well from a web fax service or if you have a fax available. Last go around i had them going to most of Senate and assembly and the govs office. Good luck to ya.
  7. Oh gawd I just thought of the Kitten Clipper form Gnomeo and Juliet
  8. Whatever happened to the former owners anyway? Prison?
  9. So of course my wife and daughter are watching this, how may of the women on here and at y'alls shacks are tuned in?
  10. This is true, and painfully obvious to anyone paying attention
  11. I have closed on my house in the Tampa area, and my house in NJ is under contract. Am purging and tossing stuff out left and right. Selling anything I can get money for. I am planning on shipping most of my gun related stuff, will be selling a few things, probably. I will not be going on a buying binge anytime soon, I have other expenses to take care of first. Maybe a Christmas M1 carbine with 30 round mags. I already have a place to stop in NC for the final drive down, so what I don't ship will be OK. I am too far south to go on 81, which is a nice rid, but I I have shit to do and my stop in NC is far to the east. NJ is in the crapper and circling the bowl for a lot of reasons. Good luck if you stay, it will soon be District 12 to NY and Phila Liberals
  12. Glad I am getting out before the rush. My financial guy says the same, and my Florida RE agent is having a busier than usual spring. https://www.wsj.com/articles/my-clients-are-fleeing-nj-like-its-on-fire-1525289556
  13. Lawd, those areas are full of entitled rich white liberals. PA is really not that far from there. Save yourself
  14. Should be a weld mark probably at the bottom. But since you bought it outside of NJ it's probably not welded. Stay in the Eastern border area of pa. NJ is hell for a lot of reasons, and it's only getting worse