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  1. yeah, I did try the Sticky as an IWB, but the damn thing moved around too much as I am good looking, very trim and muscular, no flab to muffin-top over it. Was afraid of the gun or gun + holster would fall out somwheres. The IWB holsters I have all have belt clip(s) on them, and I generally use them with a 100-year belt, heavy and thicc. Now that its spring, I am back to pocket carry in cargo shorts most of the time.
  2. All is proceeding as I have foreseen. The pandemic in the US will peak in about 7-10 days, then quickly subside. Everything set to go back to normal by April 15th.
  3. Well, I am calling it now, it's all over but the scumminess of the Democrats by 15 April. Everyone back to work and school, toilet paper on sale, pent up demand released and bars/restaurants/hotels/airlines recovering. Won't stop them from asking for a gov't bailout (and maybe getting one). Libs will blame Trump for the CV panic ending TOO SOON. Memorial Day will be the biggest most festive and drunken one in years. These are my predictions and I am ALMOST ALWAYS RIGHT!
  4. Fer a few minutes at least, as she foists the kids off on you and runs out the house
  5. +1000 for Sticky Holsters for pocket carry. They are based in Naples, BTW and every gunshop I have been in so far in FL has them. I have them for my LCR and Colt 1903, works great in shorts.
  6. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/gun-owners-of-america-applies-for-a-red-flag-order-for-senator-charles-schumer/ Seriously, THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN to ANY politician that supports these things, and makes any statement that can even be remotely 'threataning' There's also been at least one case so far of an inmate filing for a Red flag order against a Sheriff in Colorado---
  7. Just like the Andromeda Strain
  8. bring lots of American dollars with you to Georgia, republic of. if there's anything i learned about travelling thru central asia and Africa, it's that yankee dollars in the official's hands make all kinds of problems disappear
  9. Yeah, this is the point I was trying to make from post 2. The story in CNBC quoting some guy that 1/3 of USians have trouble with finances in the Trump economy is bogus. There will always be a subset of people that make bad choices. Couple that with the source being someone who runs a student loan refi service, and probably oversampled his clients perhaps? Lastly the graphs and such make my eyes glaze over. Zero Hedge has been posting the same 100s of graphs every week for the last 8 years at least, and it's always gonna happen that tomorrow is the collapse of the world economy--this time FER SHERRRR!! The whole thing is propaganda, for student loan wannabe deadbeats, a/k/a Democrats to point at and say: 'SEE!! Trump SUCKS! People have no money in this supposedly Great Economy!?!?!?!??!??????!??!. Stop spreading Media LIES
  10. No, the story was created for the audience of CNBC so they could get more viewers among the college debt and spendthrift demographics. Bernie voters. The study 'author' is a guy who ran/runs some operation refinancing student loans. Probably backed by Soros or Warren Buffett. Anyway, what the story was saying to those of us in the real world is that when people get more money (great economy) there will still be a large number of grasshoppers that forgot or never learned that good times never last. What it is probabkly saying to the FSA army is that 'It's Trumps fault you still have no money in boom times'.
  11. Dan Macklin, Salary Finance’s U.S. CEO and co-founder of SoFi, tells CNBC Make It Bulshit story told by bullshitters to a bullshit outlet to bullshit listeners. Like I said, fake as CBD
  12. Stupidity knows no income boundaries. For every wisely budgeting minimum wage slave that scrapes by, there s dozen credit card running up spendthrifts living way beyond their means. I personally knew at least 4 or 5 people like this where I used to live that bought huge houses and multiple cars and travel and expensive designer crap, always running out of money. This comes from CNBC, so its' 100% bullshit as well. Might as well peddle CBD snake oil, Snipey
  13. matty


    The ONLY thing I miss about NJ is CJRPC. I lived in Jackson, and it was absalootley fan-fucking-tastic to be able to go there on a weekday and shoot wherever I wanted. No RSOs, very few idiots (some slobs). Many times I would have the GP or HP ranges to myself for hours at a time. Not to mention the pits for handgun and rimfire. 24/7 indoor was great as well. People who gripe about the cost or think the board members are enriching themselves somehow are a bunch of douchebags. Pay up for a nice place or go to R14, whenever it's open and deal with the range Nazis and giant crowds.
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