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  1. Resident of an apt complex shot two 'teens' that broke in and allegedly threatened him and another person with a gun. This is a pretty nice apt. complex, not cheap. One died and the other is critical. Will see what happens. No charges or clearing yet for resident. I will guess they will sit on it and make no immediate decision, after the fiasco in Pinellas, especially if the supposed perps were good boys turning their lives around. the HS mentioned in the article is not a ghetto school, so could be wannabe gangsters that got schooled https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/ne...sion-in-tampa#
  2. So tell us about your new habit? Shoes? Dresses? Makeup? Lingerie? Giving money to Bernie Sanders?
  3. Pasco is still red for now, but there is a TON of building along the Suncoast N-S and SR54 E-W. Odessa thru Trinity to NPR going west is a mess on Rt. 54. Pretty soon the whole strip from New Port Richey to Zephyrhills in the southern 3rd of Pasco will be like NJ Rt9/46/30. Apartment dwellers have turned my formerly blood red voting precinct in NW Hillsborough very light pink. It will probably tip in a year or two if all the building they want to do happens. Make sure you VOTE ALL THE TIME. Bring conservative relatives/friends with you! The AG commissioner--you can see her smarmy face on the new gas pump certification stickers--has stated she wants to get rid of that job and send it over to FDLE and make it harder to get a CWP. BUT, for now the wait times have decreased substantially and counties (not mine or Pinellas AFAIK) can do what Pasco is doing for renewals.
  4. What finally did it for me 23 years ago, was walking to the convenience store about a half mile from my apt. at the time. I would buy hostess cakes and other junk food and eat it. No limit, gorged on the stuff. Whenever I wanted a ciggy-wiggy I substituted food. A few weeks after that I started to run when it got warmer outside. That helped me never to smoke again as my lungs were crap, and also to wean off the junk food.
  5. I'm pretty sure the religious exemption is being driven by a subset of Orthodox Jews that happen to be anti-vax. Most OJ do the vaccines, the ped we had in Freehold had a Lakewood office we would go to sometimes and plenty of OJ kids were there getting shots. You also sometimes will hear of pertussis outbreaks, usually starting around this time of year I had chickenpox, mumps and my cousins had measles way back when so all of mine got/get the vaccines. Nothing wrong with spreading them out over a little time, in case of reaction.
  6. Must of got his marching orders and pay cheque from the Soros organization today
  7. I still have one British bike from the 70s. Not all 100% original anymore, but correct (repro or NOS) parts. Did change to electronic ignition nearly 20 years ago. When I was in the UK in the military in the 80s, I had a Triumph Toledo (car, not bike) an Austin and a DAF. I had always worked on my own cars before joining so was no big deal to work on them then, as I had to. Plus the base had a place to do that and the barracks parking lot was always available. Always re-tell the story with my old RAF Woodbridge goombahs when we get together of drunkenly driving down the road in foggy darkness of the english countryside, and banging on the dashboard of my DAF 66 to get the lights to work. Somehow we survived...
  8. You can see how in the video Conan wants to be petted and scratched by VP Pence. Dogs are very good judges of character, and he knows what a great VP Pence is.
  9. Hmm I guess Soros's moolah went to the necromancers this weekend. Explains why avb and greenie got all shitfaced and stroppy. Nothing for them from sugar daddy George!
  10. YUUUUUUUUPP!! I doubt this will get much play in the Collusional media. AVB and greenie are awaiting their spin orders from their Sorosian masters. They will be along soon to try and spread their lies.
  11. I have not made it to Berns yet, but I did go to Malio's for a Christmas party and the steak was quite good. Nice views, right on the Riverwalk. Was trying to get dinner reservations for Thanksgiving day also, at Berns or Columbia in Ybor, but they were booked up months ago. I did get into Jackson's, at least food is decent there but yer paying for the views there as well---
  12. No such thing as a correct M1 carbine, UNLESS you get grandpaws old gun he brought back from the war, even then its likely there will be parts from other MFrs on there. That's just the way they were made. With the adjustable rear sight and bayo lug band, it was likely re-arsenaled at some point. Nice easy shooters, I admit to being annoyed by the front sight lack of adjustment. Have to use lots of holdover on one of mine at 100yd. Probably buy a new FS and file down little at a time. PPU ammo from SGAmmo works good. Magazines--do not buy from Sarco! Get the ones from Keepshooting.com, 15s and 30s. I have buttstock pouches from olongapo outfitters. Not correct but people want outrageous money for the real thing. Plus the are sized better and have velcro flaps. Good luck with it
  13. This according to the brainwashing source of choice for Libs, the NYT. Several other outlets have reported it as such. Lets hope this comes to something--the Deep State will fight back to keep from being destroyed. Stay the course, patriots, and be prepared. We don't know what the crazed leftists will do to maintain their hold on the machinery of the federal government. Pray four our President Donald Trump and for our country to root out once and for all the treasonous slime in the FBI, DOJ, CIA and Congress!
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