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  1. There was already an NJ2AS splinter group that was formed awhile ago when whiners were not happy with Frank, the founder. A poster on here named Wojo, I believe was involved in it. Never went anywhere of course, they probably couldn't agree on what to call it.
  2. I was at one of my local LGS's and the place was very busy for a Friday afternoon. Lots of new shooters and guns and ammo--what they have--are flying off the shelves again. Like Coronavirus part deux (which will be a big dud of course). I'd be fine if the PDs are greatly reduced, there are too many cops. New Jersey is WAYYYY over copped, every little shitpoke town has to have their own cops. And then the counties have some amount of cops, then the State police. Cut it all back to county and state level. Remember when the Camden PD was reorganized and County-fied? Many fearmongers on here even, said there would be a bloodbath with home invasions in the tony suburbs. Didn't happen. Didn't help things in Camden of course, but that's beyond hope. Reducing the number of cops and laws (or de facto enforcement) won't cause the world to end.
  3. Grinding whole bean forever. Have had at least 25-30 grinders, some real fancy some cheap. Anyone else remember the coffee grinder machines at the checkouts at A&P? As far as bang for the buck, 8'oclock coffee (whole bean) is STILL the champ. The Italian Espresso roast is very good and comparable or better than small roasters (BRC, Rook, Buddy Brew, etc.) Not a lot of indies do a great dark roast, and many times they dry out the beans too much. Costco has a rotating lineup of whole beans which can be hit or miss. Best coffee I had was 100% Kona I had got from a small place that sold in the Pearl Harbor exchange. When it was gone that was it till the next year.
  4. having worked with Boeing for many years on a variety of things, I can say for sure that won't happen
  5. Tony Altieri is a good guy from way back, I wouldn't worry too much. With the Nazi NJ government oppression right now it may take a little time for things to get settled.
  6. Full face mask wearing should be mandatory for all Bayonnaise
  7. The CDC can't even get its story straight. They miighht help, maybe but more research needs to be done, of course. I don't know how many times I have seen that in government reports, and written it myself when working for an FFRDC. Typical Government gobbledeygook that can be twisted to whatever the reader wants. Oye Gevalt! https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/19-0994_article
  8. Remember that AVB and Greenie are shilling for people that would confiscate your guns and kill you. They hate you and want you dead
  9. He must need to fill out a time sheet or weekly report for his Soros-check
  10. "Proof" from one of your house organs, Georgie? Methinks not. Lets see some hard data, hm? "Wired". what a joke you and your ilk are. Uneducated and uncouth and unknowing. Begone, you boorish flapdoodle!
  11. Thanks, I really appreciate it. It runs in her family (10% of cases do), her mother died of ALS in 2011, and two other relatives years back. This is the 2nd time I have had to deal with this, much worse now with her only having a few weeks or months left. And 3 teens at home trying to get schoolwork done while locked out of school and I still have to work on site, etc....but enough whining. I have learned more than I wanted to about genetic testing and ventilators and medications. There's no cure for ALS, of course, but each person is totally different in how it affects them. Her mother lost speech and ability to swallow long before she could not walk. My wife is unable to move any part of her body except one hand a little. She was able to speak and eat however, normally, until a few weeks ago. She does not want to go to a nursing home, so we have people coming in to help. It's still a major toll on her and everyone else. Get out and enjoy your lives and everyone while you can, don't live in fear.
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