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  1. Remember, they hate you and want you dead. This is but another step toward criminalizing everyone in some way.
  2. OMG! No One Cares (in a normal world)
  3. This is the Democrat party's and Soros' strategy for the USA and the whole world. TV, "smart" phones, so-called social media, mass media brainwashing, cheap drugs. Keep you poor, stupid and wasted. Complete government dependency and passivity. Death to those who don't go along.
  4. Greenie Trollio ROASTED! BASTED and LAMBASTED!
  5. I think she should retire, there's no need for an injured old woman to be working at all. Luckily, there is a replacement readily available!
  6. Hoppe's #9 and Mpro7 till I run out of the spraybottle I have, and a foaming borecleaner once in awhile for rifles to clean, then Breakfree to do the outsides and handguns, I have what's left of a tube of light white grease I use on Sig and 1911 slide rails. M1, carbines get the red synthetic grease in the can I have had for years on the slide/oprod channels and receiver bridge, hammer tops and a little on the bolt lugs. I ran out of the dry lube awhile back and just haven't bothered to buy more. So the .22's get Hoppes + CLP. Moly type lube I have in Chainwax for the motorcycle chains. I learned a long time ago that stuff stains anything it gets on and does NOT come out. Ever.
  7. If Gillum gets elected (bigger IF than a lotta people think) and starts making gun control noises or EOs right away, there's lots more checks on executive power in FL. The legislature is highly unlikely to go Dem anytime soon, but you never know. Also remember that the AG and Ag&Consumer comm (CCW permits) are elected also. And of course that far more power devolves to the county level than in NJ. A few Sheriffs are endorsing Gillum, but for the most part the rest are neutral that are not endorsing DeSantis. What IS worrisome to me is the 13 or 14 dumbass ballot measures. This volume and the ability to put an AWB on a ballot question that will be worded and hyped completely opposite to what it really will do. In WA state a huge gun control ballot issue is up. The People That Hate You and Want You Dead are using this method to enact AWB and other disarmament initiatives by getting more illegal aliens in to vote they way they tell them to. This is whay I said way bac in the 2016 election run up, illegal Immigration isn't AN issue, it's THE issue. All those leeches coming up from the south in these caravans courtesy of Soros are intended to do just that.
  8. Or maybe I will just collect 'm all---estate sale, decent deal, cheaper than anything off GB for sure-- 1943 Underwood with 1-43 Inland barrel. Among the first 2000 that Underwood produced. This has been re-parked and the slide and bolt reblued. Pitting on recv side rails where it came in contact with the stock, parkerized over. Replacement M2 stock, not marked. M1 mag catch, lever safety. No import marks so maybe it sat rusting away somewhere until the PO got it and fixed it up. Not shot a lot after that I expect. Cheese grater was already on it. It actually is growing on me, but I have a new handguard on order. Repro sling, oiler and mag pouch I added.
  9. how much're the CMP 1911s? not that I want one
  10. Its kind of ugly anyways. Remember a few years back when AO/Kahr came out with these and they were marked AOM 30 or something? Someone from NJSPFIU said GTG! THEN..............some dealers in NJ started taking preorders, at full MSRP. I believe that one such establishment that shall remain nameless was even more (I wonder if the people that gave money ever got it back...hmmm) Anyway, everybody and their mama started calling NJSP, who tossed it over to the AG, who said no way mang, Is a baby killing evil death machine. Good times
  11. You are not allowed to see this pornography. Your AG wants to control what you see, so DON'T LOOK! You may get TWENTY YEARS!!! . . . . .. . . . . . 1944 Inland M1 Carbine, arsenal overhauled at Ogden at some point. Not shot it yet but looks good so far!
  12. You must not remember the last flap about that not too long ago. I would say that the default position of this NJAG will be NO, and while you are asking, all AK and AR pattern rifles are now banned because they are similar to the banned by name rifles, a la Mass AG not too long ago either. I will post some gloating pix when I get the chance though
  13. Forget about it Marty, it's Jersey-town
  14. If I still lived in Hell Hole NJ, I would keep my 15s and SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Gawdamighty some of you are complete dumbfucks when it comes to broadcasting stuff you should SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT.