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  1. Its kind of ugly anyways. Remember a few years back when AO/Kahr came out with these and they were marked AOM 30 or something? Someone from NJSPFIU said GTG! THEN..............some dealers in NJ started taking preorders, at full MSRP. I believe that one such establishment that shall remain nameless was even more (I wonder if the people that gave money ever got it back...hmmm) Anyway, everybody and their mama started calling NJSP, who tossed it over to the AG, who said no way mang, Is a baby killing evil death machine. Good times
  2. You are not allowed to see this pornography. Your AG wants to control what you see, so DON'T LOOK! You may get TWENTY YEARS!!! . . . . .. . . . . . 1944 Inland M1 Carbine, arsenal overhauled at Ogden at some point. Not shot it yet but looks good so far!
  3. You must not remember the last flap about that not too long ago. I would say that the default position of this NJAG will be NO, and while you are asking, all AK and AR pattern rifles are now banned because they are similar to the banned by name rifles, a la Mass AG not too long ago either. I will post some gloating pix when I get the chance though
  4. Forget about it Marty, it's Jersey-town
  5. If I still lived in Hell Hole NJ, I would keep my 15s and SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Gawdamighty some of you are complete dumbfucks when it comes to broadcasting stuff you should SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT.
  6. I moved mine to Florida and bought a couple 30 rounders (STANAG) and have an M1 carbine inbound. ordered 30 rounders for that also.
  7. Throw it over the wall
  8. Well that's one way to be able to see the future granchillens
  9. sks
  10. Where are you at in FL?
  11. Gang party
  12. Go on......
  13. All your nudes as well?
  14. Remember, they hate you and want you dead! Great job by forum patriots for unmasking another totaitarian wanna be!