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  1. More lies from the left about Kavanaugh. Makes me think something is up with Ginsburg--maybe she is on her deathbed again, or has decided she cant go on anymore?
  2. Hmm, so I have heard a few sources today talking about the mainland Chinese gov sending in truckloads of....people? Soldiers? Police? No armor. Stay tuned I guess Confirmed-looks likely the s is gonna HTF-- https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3022479/chinese-armed-police-truck-convoy-rolls-city-near-hong-kong
  3. Offer to buy the Nova and get the son out there
  4. Thee is no point in compromising, don't give up and don't cave in https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2019/08/08/they-will-still-hate-you-even-if-you-disarm-n2551257
  5. JHCTDOAC, I am SO glad I left NJ, a lotta 'gun owners' in NJ are a bunch of fags, some idiot did just as I predicted! Look for all this crap to be banned very shortly, via 'reinterpretation' of the AWB statute.
  6. 20 bucks on Amazon. Might last a little while on a 22
  7. Fucking money quote right at the end--exactly what Libs and their shills like Greenie and AVB-y want Anyway, if you ever find yourself thinking about how gun control (and speech control) fits in with a supposedly liberal, civil rights-promoting political party’s ideology, consider what gun control —not to mention speech control— gets leftists: Power and control. Over you.
  8. No, they would agonize over it endlessly on NJGF, and call the NJSP to boot.
  9. Wow, I bought a midlength rifle kit with MOE furniture & magpul buis from them not long ago, and though it was a good deal at 329 on sale! I paired it with an Aero lower. Now have a 'real' AR finally with adjustable stock, flash hider, bayo lug, and they were selling their cheapo 30 rounders at the tine for like 6 or 7 bucks. Stock up whilst you can
  10. See this is how I know you are a plant, willing or not. Has ANY surtax on ANYTHING actually gone to fix the thing it was supposed to fix? NJ Lottery? Casino gambling? NJ Income tax? Tolls for the roads? Ciggy taxes? Not in NJ! what may actually come of it, will be put into the 'general fund' and used for bringing in more illegal aliens, giveaways to connected people, etc. You are plainly trying to shill up this idea to make the tax look not so bad. Go back to your Soros-masters and report their tricks don't work anymore on people that can think without the brainwashing of the media
  11. Remember, Democrat politicians and a large number of their followers want you DEAD. The shills that pollute this forum have come out in favor of gun control before. They want to be the ones to lord over you peasants, but history shows the cucks and shills will be the first purges after 'victory' (see Trotsky, original Cambodian communists after Pol Pot, Chinese 'Cultural Revolution' and aftermath, Iranian revolution and takeover by Islamic fanatics, etc.
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