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  1. Yeesh, those places are total sketch, always in low end strip malls. NS Sherlock they are ho-daddin out of there. Probably nail salon girls working their other jobs. Give wifey a job on her hands in the AM, then a handjob to hubby later on that nite.
  2. Maybe they should use this to do f2f transfers also and call it--------------- Firearms application, registration and transfer service or F.A.R.T.S Whatever it is it will be manipulated to disadvantage firearms owners in NJ.
  3. matty

    Six weeks

    Thanks, Keith! Just checking email and gun forum stuff and saw yet post. Moved in July, mainly because of work. Have about a 20 min commute now barring traffic. About the only thing I miss is cjrpc and being able to go there and shoot without much hassle. No 200 yd private ranges close by :-( I did end up buying an LCR in 38 spl +P. After trying it and some compact 9s, decided on that. I still travel to military bases and go to kid school things so can't carry every day. Revolver go bang each time and it's not too bulky. Plus have been doing better with wheelguns lately. Picked one up from a guy that works near airport like me. Came with crimson trace grip, hogue grip, iwb holster, speed loader, box and papers. More comfy to shoot with the hogue grip. CT grip was ok, but those have not been my thing. Have carried on belt at 4-5 and in pocket. Will probably pick up a pocket holster for it for summer. Hope all's well with you in Jax!
  4. As I keep saying over and over again---they HATE YOU AND WANT YOU DEAD
  5. NJ wants you to shut up, get high and wasted and eat government cheese forever
  6. Eh. I still use a variation of an iptables-save script I had from the 2.4 days as a basis for rulesets. fw-cmd and some other wrappers make it easier. Very simple to set up a home fw/ipsec/ssh box, as long as your ISP doesn't block that inbound
  7. Yeah, monowall, smoothwall, , Ipcop. pfSense is a popular one now. Have used RH, Debian, Slack, Gentoo, etc. Since 1995. Slack was a stack of floppy images downloaded from finland. Used RH since 1.0, now use CentOS for a number of work related things and servers. Ubuntu is OK, but am very used to Debian, so I usually use that as an alternate. For many years I used various linuxii and I don't know how many window managers as my primary desktop, mostly on old castoff laptops. I have one left running Debian 9 with xFCE. It is my home ssh/VPN gateway. Lots of great Linux careers out there, particularly in cloud computing, OpenStack, etc. IBM is buying the rest of Red Hat-they owned a chunk of it for long while now--
  8. matty

    Six weeks

    To get my FL resident CWP, and that's calendar days. I could have used my DD214 as the training requirement, but decided to take a class at my local range. Was worth it from a learning the actual law POV. It also confirmed how completely fucked up NJ is after reading all of the Florida law on firearms. Now have to figure out what to get/buy for carry here. The instructor carried a full size M&P 9 in a kydex IWB holster made by a local. But he works in a gun shop full time. What works for hre rest of you?
  9. Nein, there is a place called mancave warehouse around here, though. Spending too much time outside to plop myself in front of a TV
  10. So is anyone else's TV monopolized by wife/GF/mother/SIL/daughters/granddaughters/neices/aunts right after Thanksgiving till the 25th? This year they have a whole bunch of 'new' movies. Same formula, woman finds love/helps kids or town or whatever. Rinse and repeat. One of my wife's favorites this year is one with some guy pretending to be some woman's fiance for some function and they end up getting married. They are really ramping up the numbers of these though. Probably 50 for next year. All good, I get it and to me if a woman watches these movies regularly it's probably a good indication she is likely to be a more traditional wife/GF, especially around holidays in making food and decorating and shopping and all that. And maybe even a gun owner (my wife is all of these). So how about it--are the Hallmark Channels on nonstop or most of the time? What says the distaff side on the movies?
  11. Remember, they hate you and want you dead. This is but another step toward criminalizing everyone in some way.
  12. OMG! No One Cares (in a normal world)
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