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  1. Golf doesn't seem that difficult. Never tried it, I might be the best golfer in the world. If the holes were moving at 43 MPH, I could still hit 23 with one putt or whatever the first shot is called.
  2. I bet it costs them $20 to process every check. When you get jacked up by UEI they can put your checks in a pipe and smoke them.
  3. Ask for a ticket to the free breakfast buffet just to see the expression on his face. hahahaha priceless
  4. Send them the money $1 at a time. This way, there is repayment and they might not be able to advance to collection. make check to: Treasurer -State of New Jersey, Mail to NJ Division of Treasury, Division of Revenue, PO Box 417, Trenton NJ 08646-0417 Your cancelled checks should be saved as a receipt in case repayment issue ever bites you in the rump roast. Just an idea, I am not with the Gov.
  5. My first house in Keyport was $29k. No heat,no insulation, built in 1865 but better than an apartment. I survived. Too many people now "need" granite and central AC. I bet there are plenty of affordable houses.
  6. Mission accomplished. Now I can rock out doing my bad things in the bunker.
  7. I am good at splitting wood, shooting stuff, lathe turning and CAD. Not so good with these little phones. I put a lot of CDs on a little plastic card (20,000 songs). I can play them on laptop but can't seem to play on my phone. The card is in the phone, I did surgery with a big knife. I can play one at a time. Is there a way to play all of them in shuffle? It's enough music to load many shells. Phone: Samsung-SM-J320V Android version 7.1.1 Samsung Experience 8.5
  8. CJRPC is well worth the money. They have facilities you won't see at any other club in the state. You can be as active as you want. No requirement to help out but I do. A very good group of people.
  9. and this is why I don't like going to public ranges. Last time I was at XXXX, there were Nubians holding their guns sideways like the movies. Plus the Black Hat children were having a staple gun fight behind the line.
  10. I think the first way is better..... your sister likes it this way, too. It implies much more than just a feel says Mr. English Teacher.
  11. Merry Christmas my deplorable friends. I'm eating giant cashews, drinking ice cold Molson and waiting for Pizza Man. How much better could it get? Later; sit by the wood stove with my loyal hound, good wife and a stiff drink. That's how much better. And busting clays tomorrow. God Bless America.
  12. Recommend you email him. He may be the guy that has stuff around but not listed.
  13. contact this guy. I know him personally and he is the real deal. True American warrior. https://www.ammogarand.com/aboutus.html
  14. Plus they make great clubs if you can't reload in time. Why surrender a $1,200 rifle until the trial when you can give up a Hi Point. And they look scary.
  15. Its faster and better to waste material with pavers than using end cuts. His overage may account for that. If there is not material left over from a job, he didn't account for this. Save the extras cleanly, I guarantee you will need them someday. PM me if you need a guy in Brick, he has done work at my house 4x and I trust him 100%. I'm up to about $40,000 with him and never one question about the quality of his work. And I am a cheap MF that handles money for a living.
  16. She is 6 and only eats dog food. I eat 'em both and none left over. None of my dogs got leftovers cause there aren't any.
  17. How about 4 days of awesome weather? Boating, shooting, drinking outdoors, grilling, hot tub, raking leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will take Global Warning any time in November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If those guys are upset about it, that's crazy.
  18. Solid is a good word. Her paws are like fists. Great day in the lake today. And Saturday. And Friday. And Thursday.........................
  19. Our new dog is a purebred female English Lab. She was a field trial show dog then had pups 3x. She came to us with all the right voice commands, water target retrieval like a machine, walks great on a leash and all around great pet & house dog. She checked out fine at the vet and is a happy, healthy 90 lb. little bear. Not much of a barker but learning to answer the door. Of course, she likes riding in a truck like all good dogs will.
  20. I still have my tactical shovel, fiberglass & flashlight mount. Very effective home defense.
  21. I would not go within 10 miles of these things for my own safety and freedom. No need.
  22. I have city water in Bricktucky and an $8,000 well for irrigation. They also offer a second water meter for irrigation without sewer charges. The payback period to put in the well instead of second meter was 8 years so I am ahead now. Plus I could run the well on 220VAC if SHTF.
  23. Recommend you email the Captain or anyone else you can get from the Township website. Or write a letter, easy to do and likely to get a call back. I hate voicemail.
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