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  1. I think I live in a pretty gun friendly town. My son got his FID a couple of years ago and they did contact his references, but he was a student and unemployed. I'm not sure how put in my employer info. There are only 30 or so employees in my office and the office manager/receptionist is not there for days at a time. We do have a few bosses, but I'm not sure they would even get it if it came in the mail. HR is not located in this office.
  2. Hi all, I'm thinking of applying for a couple of pistol permits in my town and I notice a spot on the form for employer info. 1. I have nothing to hide, but I'm not sure I want my employer to know I'm applying for pistol permits. I'm probably the only gun owner in the entire office and have never disclosed myself as a gun owner. 2. Even though my office is in NJ, our headquarters in in CA. (Another anti-gun state.) So, do I list the local NJ office or the CA headquarters office on the form? 3. Do they actually contact the employer? If so, do they tell them why? Thanks.
  3. They had about a dozen or two handguns in the case, mostly pistols. And about the same number for long Guns, if I recall. Ammo was seen in the cases, but can't recall seeing a lot of it.
  4. I stopped in around lunch time today. Firearms and ammo sales are still suspended. Most of the gun stuff is gone. No hard rifle cases left only soft ones. A few cleaning supplies, scope rings aplenty, etc. Not worth the trip, in my opinion. 40% off for gun stuff if you can find anything you want.
  5. Well, I am using Sierra 125 gr JSP bullets. So, I guess I'm safe using 15.5 gr of AA#9 with these bullets as long as I set COL to the manual? I'm not looking for full power load, just something safe for target shooting.
  6. Hi all, I'm using a new combination of powder and bullets for my .357 Magnum. I want some load recommendations for the combination of Sierra 125 gr JSP and Accurate Arms #9 powder. My Sierra manual shows a range of 15.5 gr to 17.9 gr for AA#9 and 125 gr bullets. However, when I look at the Western Powder website, I see a range of 14.1 gr to 15.6 gr for a Nosler JHP bullet and AA#9. So, what gives? I've never seen such a discrepancy before. I've been reloading for years, but the maximum of one manual is the minimum in another. ARGH!
  7. I've never attended a gun show even though I've been actively shooting for 20 years. I see there's one Sept 12-13 in Allentown, PA. Is this worth going to? I'm mainly interested in ammo, primers, powder, bullets. Any good deals?
  8. I've been a member for 20 years. I really like it there. It's relaxed. I try to go during the week since there's events going on during the weekends. The outdoor range is 100 yards and covered during the warm months. Indoors is nice as well with 50 foot range. I qualified for my M1 Grarand there years ago. Many events as described previously. Join. You won't regret it! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  9. I'm looking at getting the bolt carrier next. I'm a little confused on the legalities of the M16 version versus the AR15 version. I understand that Federal law seems okay with the M16 bolt carrier. However, what about the NJ legalities? I would prefer the M16 version since there are a LOT more choices for bolt carrier. Also, what brands are recommended? Finishes? Chrome, Nickel boron?
  10. Okay, that'll be my next build!
  11. Just to keep everyone informed, I picked up an Anderson stripped lower receiver from Jim Flynn for $80 plus $15 NICS. He was out of RRA lowers and said that Anderson is his #1 best seller. I also got a Shilen 20" Match SS HBAR barrel in 223 Wylde chanber with matching bolt.
  12. Does anyone know what Jim Flynn gets, out the door, for a RRA lower receiver?
  13. I've been shooting my Rem 700 rifle in 223 for decades, but I finally got the urge to build a target AR-15 rifle. I've resisted the urge for decades, but I've finally succumbed. I want to buy or build a target rifle. My choices are either a S&W version or build one. I've read many websites and everyone seems to recommend a build versus a buy. No problem. I can take my time and do the build over time to minimize $$$ and get exactly want I want. So, I've only done some research and I think I want the following: 1. 223/5.56 heavy Wylde barrel. Twist rate? 2. 20" min stainless bull barrel. No flash hider, no muzzle brake needed. 3. Flat-top for both iron sights and scope. 4. Floating barrel. 5. M4 ramps. Any reason not to? 6. Fixed stock. Does this make sense? Can anyone recommend specific components? Where to buy the lower receiver? I'm not far from Jim Flynn for this or Hackettstown Guns and Ammo or Ramsey Outdoors. Do I need a book to do this or is watching Brownells videos enough? Or, more youtube videos? Of course, I want to keep this NJ legal and US legal. Is this considered being a gun manufacturer? Sorry for so many questions. Thanks.
  14. I'm sure this will be challenged by the administration just like in Arizona.
  15. I stayed in Nags Head/Kill Devils Hills. I didn't intend to offend anyone. I was only stating what I perceived/experienced. I'm sure it's better than NJ. How could it be worse? I'm only asking because I'm considering moving down there someday for retirement.
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