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  1. Do you shoot anything a bit weird I’ve got some hard to find odd ball ammo
  2. wts 750 rounds of silver bear 60 grain bimetal fmj $165 or b/o will trade for calibers i shoot
  3. nothing available but i got a bee suit from brushy mountain and thought they were good to deal with
  4. Best way to judge cast put butt on floor barrels up rib by your stomach trigger guard facing away loostraight down barrels then look at butt stock especially the toe
  5. He said it was measured at some point I would use 2.5” if needed
  6. How is this not sold already. The only thing holding me back is being left handed does it have a lot of cast or is it neural I might want to look at it if it’s pretty straight any trades possible
  7. If recoil is a factor for her back a semi is the way to go my wife shoots a sxs and has no problem when I get Winchester AA 20 ga with the feather on the box recoil is so light the box says not for use in semi autos. If home defense is not an issue look for a 28 ga, a black and blue wife is not usually a happy wife
  8. Is the 9 mm a 9.3 as in 9mm Mauser ? Does the butt stock have a check piece ? The 16 ga you said is 2 3/4 was it 2 1/2 and lengthened
  9. I like rst for 2 1/2 12 ga loads shipped right to my door
  10. Average mouse job $175- $225 for a single family home average carpenter ant treatment with 1 year warranty $395 if both treatments are done at the same time the cost should be about $495 ,that price for just one unit sounds high get another inspection make sure you really have carpenter ants you should insist on a 1 year warranty and you want it transferable in case you sell the home .i do some work in your area
  11. What was the quote and is it both units that have a problem? I've got over 30 years of experience the last 9 on my own . I don't do a lot up your way but I can help you know if it's reasonable
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