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  1. If recoil is a factor for her back a semi is the way to go my wife shoots a sxs and has no problem when I get Winchester AA 20 ga with the feather on the box recoil is so light the box says not for use in semi autos. If home defense is not an issue look for a 28 ga, a black and blue wife is not usually a happy wife
  2. I like rst for 2 1/2 12 ga loads shipped right to my door
  3. Average mouse job $175- $225 for a single family home average carpenter ant treatment with 1 year warranty $395 if both treatments are done at the same time the cost should be about $495 ,that price for just one unit sounds high get another inspection make sure you really have carpenter ants you should insist on a 1 year warranty and you want it transferable in case you sell the home .i do some work in your area
  4. What was the quote and is it both units that have a problem? I've got over 30 years of experience the last 9 on my own . I don't do a lot up your way but I can help you know if it's reasonable
  5. was that from a government drone
  6. I'd look at used $500 will get you a gun that went for $1200-$1500 .right now on new jersey hunter there is a valmet 412 listed at $500,these guns are tough as nails
  7. termidor is as good or better than chloradane ,altreset is a close second .The worst stuff was dursban tc dragnet
  8. tt-33

    The DP 12

    I saw that at the csmc tent at the orvis game fair. in at tent with over a million dollars worth of fine guns that gun stood out
  9. one shoe box of federal16 ga hulls and some wads for sale the price if local is a cup of coffee
  10. like the indoor range that went on to long
  11. that's the main reason the central region reps quit
  12. for the lite 10s rst has several listed but only non tox nice shot in stock .they are my choice for 2 1/2 12ga shells or anything uncommon
  13. you can look up the proof marks on line and find the year it was made and if its proofed for modern loads
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