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  1. Do you have a NYC address? Cabela's used to ship powder/primers to a NYC address of all places. I'm not sure if that has changed recently. I had powder delivered to NYC a couple of years ago.
  2. Cablevision News 12 reported last night that the mayor intends to appeal the decision and will not change their permitting requirements.
  3. Black bears are generally more scared of you unless they get used to coming around and eating garbage. I know of one instance where a female got a little aggressive and had my friend up a tree. This happened in PA. He was walking a field and got between a mother and several cubs. I was in a tree stand bow hunting, and a mother walked out with her cubs 10 yds. from me. She stood watch while the cubs hacked berries off a bush. Mama's are very protective of their young.
  4. That's pretty interesting Scott. I use the same powder drop but haven't noticed excessive static in the pan. I use a metal powder pan. Are you using a plastic powder pan? I'll make a mental note for myself "Do not drop a deuce while measuring powder"
  5. I have a PPS I bought about 4 yrs ago. It shoots great and well built. The trigger was slightly gritty when new, but smoothed out real nice after shooting it a couple of times. I've had no failures with about 1600 rounds through it. I've been shooting mostly 124gr FMJ & LRN since I reload. I have shot HP, but not many and it's very accurate for a small pistol. It's thin and makes a nice CCW piece. I have no complaints about it and don't mind the mag release at all.
  6. I don't know if it's a panic, but it's definitely been creeping up in price the past couple of years. The same with 7.62x39.
  7. That's pretty close to the top of the most hideous looking thing I've seen. WOW!
  8. At the Ramstein brewery yesterday enjoying some craft beers. It's nice having a brewery you can walk to. http://www.ramsteinbeer.com/
  9. American Mobile Glass in Newfoundland just did mine for a Ford Escape. It was about 250.00 and they replaced it in about an hour at my house. He did a good job. He removes the sticker off the old glass and glues it on the new. It's not perfect, but looks ok. http://www.amgglass.com/contact-us/
  10. Nice! - it's also great for 357Mag & 44Mag.
  11. I would try a RCBS hand priming tool. It's extremely fast. It seats a primer as fast as you can squeeze the handle and you can load it with 100 primers at a time. I can prime about 20 cases in a minute.
  12. The RCBS Chargemaster 1500 is top notch. Has been extremely accurate and reliable.
  13. I've used three scales, RCBS 505, Rangemaster 750, and Chargemaster 1500. The 1500 is a great scale. There's no warmup time, fast, consistent, and accurate. I primarily use the 1500 and one of the others as a sanity check. I highly recommend the 1500. It's expensive, but worth the cost if you really get into reloading. RCBS may still have the rebate program going on, not sure. The 750 is good, but mine needs some warmup time to get stable. I would not cheap out on a scale.
  14. I have a 1977 in excellent shape just like in the pic above. Double action is a little heavy, but it's a great shooter. The grip is on the smaller side. I say go for it.
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