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  1. Well that would be because it's obviously not an option!
  2. Your the picture guy, I was waiting for one
  3. I haz not moved to Florida. The interwebz is wrong!
  4. LOL the cat one is just pure amazing
  5. As orignator of said thread, pictures are allowed inside thread
  6. Good one Bob. I was unaware that the Virginia CCW does not count for Florida. I always carry both just as a "safety precaution" but now I know I can just leave my Virginia one home since it does not good anyway!
  7. Just so you know, a gun doesn't have to be an M1 Carbine to be considered a carbine. He didnt say M1 Carbine, he just said he has a bunch of carbines.
  8. Brother might be interested. Just sent him a message.
  9. I shoot 45 AR in my 625 and its easy squeasy.
  10. 20 bucks for the 25-2, sure, when can i come pick it up!?
  11. You ready to sell it yet Chris And I agree get a nice Smith and Wesson either 686, 625, 60, or something along those lines and you won't be disappointed.
  12. Not exactly! You got the first part right in that people give stuff away as a karma thing. But what is suppose to happen is the person receiving the karma is then suppose to pay something forward as well. I've seen a few people hold to this standard but for the most part it was lost on this forum. Which I'm not surprised at all with the general population we have here these days.
  13. This show is an embarassment to the gun community. These shows just continue to make us all look retarded. The owners son is a total douche. And just adds to the douchery of the show. The way he enclosed the generator is idiotic. The blocks weren't even filled solid or have rebar in them so anyone can dig them up and rip them out. An airsoft gun as a deterrent are you serious? Every time they showed those bilco style doors to go down into the bunker I slapped my forehead. A bright white door, yeah that won't stick out badly. Then the camera setup that he put up with a 5 ft ladder. Yeah those won't be hard to take out. At least now I can go to bed at 10pm after watching the circus I mean sons of guns.
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