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  1. WOW! Went to the Springfield Museum once... you had them beat by a mile!
  2. "...to finish the collection." LOL! That was funny! ... oh, and maybe a Win-13, a gas trap, Pre-War SA, WWII era, Post-War SA, a couple Sniper variances, Tanker, Beretta BM-59... "No one can eat just one!" Best of luck on your Winny, all it takes is money!
  3. I noticed. Also noticed he did it after he ordered everyone to isolate so there wouldn't be any pesky demonstrators like last time. (You know; We the People). On the same day he also ordered the May general and special elections postponed just to make sure that you can't vote 'em out either!
  4. I really like these stainless steel springs. Only 8 bucks at Orion's. (agree this is most likely culprit). http://www.m1garand.com/store/m1_garand_orion7_17-7stainless-steel_operating_rod_spring.html I may have some extra, I'll send you a PM...
  5. As a lefty, I've fired a lot of right-handed AR-15/M-16's without issue except for the original M-16's in basic, (they didn't have a brass deflector and definitely had the problems you described -- brass across the eyebrows, brass down the shirt, etc). I believe all the models now have that brass deflector and I really don't notice the ejections if I'm concentrating on the target, even on M-4's in auto, (burst). Since you already ordered, that's great, but in the future you may want to try someone's RH version just to try it out.
  6. While it is normal to assist it the last portion of travel, the bolt should usually go most of the way on its own, (but not all do, I guess). Proper lube is a biggie, but what really made the difference on all of mine is a new op rod spring. The Stainless Steel springs from Orion 7 are great for only $8, (Sarco has them too). M1 Thumb is a definite danger with the new springs, and I never have to assist with the op rod handle.
  7. A Savage .22/.410 was my first gun, and I think they're the best to start a kid out with. I also have a Savage .22/20gu and a Stevens .22/.410. All three were made in the 1940's but are excellent as there's nothing really to wear out. Used to use it pheasant hunting and could switch over to .22 if a rabbit popped out, or a coyote. Same with deer hunting; have a slug in the shotgun chamber, but can pop a squirrel with the .22 if they prove too tempting. They're a basic single-shot, so an awesome gun to teach safety and marksmanship to a kid with. You seem them sometimes on Gunbroker for fairly low prices. Rossi, H&R, and Marlin also make them. Marlin has some high-power calibers too.
  8. Silverado, Any idea how much that was? The speedo only went to 120, but when I buried my '67 SS396 once, my dad was following and clocked it at 147 and I'm sure it had a little more in it, but it was pretty light in the front end by then and I was a little chicken. :-) IIRCC after 120 the needle just lays horizontal and almost out of view.
  9. Yes, 11-48 barrels will work, as well as Sportsman 48 barrels, (Mohawks were built after the other two were discontinued, supposedly out of the leftover parts). I love my Mohawk - really simple, really reliable - but I'd have to agree with Old School about being careful; a new barrel will set you back as much as the whole gun is worth. Unless it has some sentimental value, or you can find a good deal on a bbl, it might not be worth it.
  10. It's a pretty common problem - Google "7th Round Stoppage" for a bunch of info on it. Clip latch spring seems to be the most common and easiest fix. You can order a stronger one from Fulton Armory, or maybe borrow a few parts from someone to figure out what's causing it.
  11. Sure makes this a bit of a mystery. The barrel absolutely has the SA drawing number for an original USGI 30.06. If it were modified by the military they definitely would have stamped it 7.62. But from your test it sure sounds like it's modified for .308, (1/2 inch shorter). So it MUST have a chamber insert or "Navy Sleeve" even though it's not visable in the photo. The Navy considered the sleeve a failure as it would sometimes extract with the empty shell and caused a dangerous situation as the next .308 round would slide into the now 30.06 chamber, but for every person that says sleeves don't work, there is another who swears they do. (I don't know). My guess is that whoever refinished the rifle also put in either a Navy or commercial insert. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion yet. It would really be helpful to have an expert look at it. Can you shine a light down the chamber to see if you see a fine outline of an insert? (It would be helpful to get all that grease out of there for a better look at the chamber). Did you ask your father-in-law if he ever shot it and what he used? Or if he knows who may have converted it? If you're going to send it out for refinishing, either Dean or Shuff would be able to give you the skinny on this so you know what you're dealing with for sure. Best of luck with it.
  12. This guy does fantastic work. $125 and back to you inside one week. My link Deans is without a doubt one of the best in the buisiness, but a bit more money and MUCH slower turnaround time. Tim Shufflin is very personable and would make it more of a personal transaction and not like dealing with a big company. Can't go wrong either way.
  13. I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence, but just to be sure you know, DON'T SHOOT THAT RIFLE until you get this sorted out. I agree with Edge, I don't see anything at all that points to .308 or 7.62 conversion so I think it's still 30.06. I've NEVER seen one (conversion) that didn't have the barrel stamped, (even if only the insert was added they still restamp the barrel). If it is 30.06, it wasn't a good idea for someone to put that op rod on it, but if it was converted, the op rod is a poor choice of locations to mark it as it could be changed out too easily. It's hard to tell from only two pix, but the finish looks strange on it too. It looks like some kind of paint or coating that has been chipped or started peeling off. Parker would not do that. The only reason I bring it up is that it may show that someone that isn't one of the "usual" Garand gunsmiths has worked on it. Maybe they did a non-standard conversion as well as a non-standard finish? Either way, it looks like a real decent rifle and the price was certainly right! Once you figure out which round to stick in it, you should have a very good gun, but definitely put a 30.06 round in it and see if it chambers. Good luck!
  14. Not sure what you're asking here. As you said, it's from the Garand Guy, so it wouldn't match up to any CMP grade but the specials, because he usually puts on new barrels. Are you asking which Garand Guy grade? Probably easiest to just call him and ask. Between the issue grade and Super Colossal Stupendous Premium Grade, I get confused. BTW, that's an absolutely incredible-looking rifle, Sir! (And being from the Garand Guy I'll bet it shoots even better than it looks).
  15. Winchesters are rare compared to Springfield, so that's the price difference. And, as Intercooler mentioned, it's guaranteed to be WWII vintage. But, as he also mentioned, the current Service Grade is near perfect. You mentioned adding to the "collection" so if you're collecting, it might be worth the extra. If you're getting one to shoot, I wouldn't pay the extra. If shooting is your goal, though, I WOULD shell out the extra $100 for a Service Grade. It'll be much nicer looking and less worn out. IMO, the difference between "luck of the draw" Field and Sevice condition is MUCH more than $100 price differenc. (By "luck of the draw" I mean you could be sent a Field grade that looks like it's been dragged behind a truck, whereas if you went to the store it's possible to pick out a Field Grade that's just as nice as a Service Grade, but even the worst luck-of-the-draw SG would still be pretty nice).
  16. Shane, I agree with you that it's usually better to be safe than sorry and different departments may look at things differently... But these rifles are just too darn cool to play it safe!!! Seriously, I don't really think this particular passage is gray either. They never say earlier versions are banned, they say "...earlier versions of the M1A, which contain at least two of the criteria...are defined as an assault firearm." So by definition, earlier versions with only one of the criteria... are not defined as an assault firearm. But of course that is using logic and we all know how NJ legislators feel about that! At any rate, I keep a copy of the AG letter rolled up in the buttstock just in case.
  17. When they added the section concerning the M1A to the statute they left off the last sentence from the original AG letter that would help clarify what they're saying; Here's what they left off; "As a result, it will be necessary to clearly distinguish the physical characteristics or lack of physical characteristics when making a determination regarding the M1A rifle." In other words, they don't look at the serial number / manufacture date, they look at the features. If it was made after 1994 it's automatically good to go, (unless someone added evil features to it later). If it was made before 1994 then one of the evil features must be removed, (bayonet lug). I confirmed this with the State Police last year when I bought one.
  18. I believe it was just John and I. Too bad too. As John said, weather was great and attendance was light. I left about 1600 and it was pretty near dead. Hard to believe after how busy it was last Friday. Hope to see some of you on Wednesday! Keith
  19. He's said it many times for the last few years. I didn't realize they'd added that last line - thanks for bringing it up. Last rifle I bought was last January (09) and you didn't need it then.
  20. That's a new one too. In the past Orest said explicitly that it wasn't required.
  21. Don't know if anyone is still following this, but Orest stated he has a meeting with NJ Attorney General today over the issue. Sounds like meeting will determine if CMP can still mail rifles directly to your home or if it would have to go through FFL. Knew Christy was anti-gun and very pro AW ban, but was really hoping he'd be a little too busy trying to clean up this state and wouldn't bother with our guns for now. I was wrong. I'm sure they're working out a way to collect the sales tax automatically too!
  22. Guess it really was kind of a big deal. Here's what Orest said today; "...However, just before the shipment was to go out the door, we received a call from authorities in NJ who informed us that we may be in violation of NJ State Law by shipping rifles directly to your home". Went on to say they'd have it resolved by 15 Apr.
  23. You faked me out good today! :oops: Thought I finally might get the chance to put some faces with names today, but didn't look at the site before I left, so I didn't realize everyone postponed. Oh well, some other time then. Real good day today for the rifle range though. Pistol range was down for hunter safety classes, but even still there were only 5-6 tables being used at any one time today. Very light and good weather, which was nice. Jam-up today was on the skeet/trap range, so you're lucky you postponed. Had a pretty good waiting list all afternoon. Only 4 stations in service because of all the flooding and the guys on those stations were all wearing rubber boots. Pretty damp. May be able to make it Friday too, so maybe I'll meet some of you then.
  24. Hard to tell what's up by Orest's typical cryptic response, but his tone makes me think it may lean toward tax issues vs. gun law issues. My reasoning is that he's stated many times in the past that he doesn't care about local laws; he only has to follow federal. It's YOUR responsibility to ensure you meet your own local laws, not his. But I have heard of a lot of internet companies being harassed by NJ about collecting taxes for internet sales, which is what makes me wonder. What do you think? Of course he could also just be verifying that his organization is exempt from OGAM also. Very curious. BTW, Orest made VERY clear MANY times that Carbines would be available to New Jersey when they finally came out, for the above reasons. (Not illegal for CMP to send them to you, it's illegal for you to receive it). But there were so many NJ WHINERS that just couldn't accept yes for an answer and continued to press him that he finally just gave up and said he wouldn't accept NJ orders. Had it not been for the whiners, we could have ordered one and had it shipped somewhere else.
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