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  1. I have NJM also look into there umbrella policy one million dollar coverage roughly 650.00 year with new drivers its always good to protect your assets .
  2. Registration is open at www.steelscoring.com
  3. Registration is open at steelscoring.com
  4. May 16 and May 17 the outdoor range at OBRPC will be closed due to road and range work .All matches cancelled that weekend .Thanks Mike
  5. Hi,just wanted to give a heads up due to range conditions the match has been cancelled .Hope to see you in March Thanks Mike
  6. match is cancelled due to weather .see you in Febuary weather permitting Thanks Mike
  7. 6 stages of static steel 9am hammer down sign up at steelscoring.com/
  8. perfect day 5 strings per stage 25x6=150 so 200 to be safe .standing in box no movement.similar to steel challenge .We just change it up a bit.5 steel targets set up between 8 to 18 yds or so .
  9. Tommorows weather 70 degrees 6 stages of static steel 9am start register by 830 at sign up desk.looking to get into competition shooting if your a first timer let me know at thesign up desk and i will squad you with a sesoned shooter. 5.00 per gun for members of OBRPC ,20.00 per gun for non-members .5 magazines are ideal Thanks Mike
  10. How about this " Criminals Beware" Today we the lawmakers of NJ have taken out the word justifiable need and replaced it with shall issue to all law biding tax paying hard working citizens of New Jersey .Now thats common sense law and public saftey all in one wave of a pen.
  11. sounds like common sense here in NJ
  12. Like the title says they just received 2 million small pistol primers 27.00 per thousand plus shipping and hazmat.
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