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  1. Approximately 100rds. Had it out for one range day to sight in the Aimpoint after cerakote and that’s it.
  2. Aimpoint has moved over to a different rifle of mine, bump on the LWRC, make an offer.
  3. Was just told an optic I ordered was just received and ready to be shipped out, so this has to go, $1400 OBO for just the rifle! Let's make this happen!
  4. Butler, but spend most of my time in Bridgewater. Happy to meet wherever.
  5. Ended up building two other custom rifles and there's no space for this one in the safe at this point. I had Tier 1 Defense do a battle worn cerakote and threw in a Geissele SD-3G trigger. Looking for $1600 OBO without the Aimpoint CompM4S, or $2300 OBO with it.
  6. I have a few 5.11 Tactical M4 backpacks that work great.
  7. I got mine in twenty-four days but I was one of the first to apply.
  8. I've used them several times, they're fantastic.
  9. Same, my Chief's admin said she was wondering why she got prints and then the next day when I dropped everything off it clicked lol
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