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  1. tj462nj

    Garden State Shooting Center

    Garden State Shooting Center is a NJ FFL located in Lakewood, NJ Visit the vendor section here. Visit the website at www.GardenStateShootingCenter.com
  2. tj462nj

    Firearms Sales Help

    Garden State Shooting Center is looking for part time sales help. Firearm and sales knowledge experience helpful. This is a permanent position, 20-25 hours a week. Apply in person. 1955 Swarthmore Ave Lakewood, NJ 08701
  3. Stop in Garden State Shooting Center to check out our huge gun sale!! Save 5%-20% on all new, used, in stock & special order firearms!! Sale starts 11/18 and runs thru 11/30!
  4. Sig Sauer Lima38 red laser, fits P938 & P238, $75.00
  5. NIB, Sig Sauer Lima38 Red Laser, fits Sig P938 & P238, $75.00
  6. tj462nj

    Yagzz Stands

    sorry, I didn't see your post, I do have several options of Yagzz's stands if you still need them
  7. tj462nj

    How well would ..

    we (GSSC) have a simulator, several hundred scenario's
  8. tj462nj

    Brake job blue's

    you may need to reset the abs module
  9. Sig SO13801-SP red laser, fits P238 & P938, brand new, never used, $110.00
  10. tj462nj

    Discount on Membership

    absoutley still applies
  11. tj462nj

    Dodge or Ford?

    I have my 2005 F250 and just bought a 2017 F150 Roush. The 5.0L has a proven track record. The 2018's now have a 10 speed tranz too which improves fuel economy. I would not go with the 2.7L
  12. tj462nj

    Discount on Membership

    Yes, it still applies Chris. Call ahead of time to be sure I am there so you get the discount. Tony.............
  13. tj462nj

    Is there anything Sig Sauer doesn't make?

    I want to see the suppressors

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