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  1. for those that were curious about the end result.....I took the well meaning advice of those here.. crossed into free America today and found what I was after in a walmart in stroudsburg,pa...a daisy model 880, shoots 800fps....the price was 20 less than dicks in nj...so I bought 2, plus ammo............ they had two isles of pistols,and rifles one side was real guns from shotgun to hp rifles, some pistols...woman behind the counter said they were overstocked but low on ammo...the end .
  2. evening folks looking to buy a pair of pellet rifles for the kid and I..yes i have the fid...noob to the retail purchase thing;;;just looking for a heads up on what to expect as far as purchasing goes ie;forms, extra fees, special tax, and or nics check, cost ? my plan is to get the daisy model 880 or 760..really depends on how my pocket feels that day...
  3. what this gonna be like having many thousands more than normal of bg checks occuring at the same time every 4yrs...having a bg check approval in time to renew your dl or whatever card they invent...the only way out is to follow the pa. nics system instead of the triple invest and personal reference nj does..
  4. open to anyone on tuesdays from noon till dark...$5.00 a round for non member..$4.50 for members.......$20.00 1yr membership. no work hours.......i shoot there from time to time... friendly place..but theres always one...owners are great...they have a websitehttp://www.howelltrapclub.freeservers.com
  5. did i read S2723 right ? fid goes away to become part of your DL and you would only need to have a pistol permit embeded on your DL that would be valid until the DL expires...how would that work? you get a PP from your local pd and present it to DMV when you renew your DL ?...
  6. the board of ed in my town(marlboro) voted the other night to have armed patrols in all the schools in town during school hours starting in january..with the blessing of the mayor and the pd.. they reason the cost is out wieghed by the safety gained.. kinda like" if it saves one life" type deal........
  7. here is a link for a CCW 250cc bobber....its pretty sweet..if i had the extra 3k; i'd go for it..... there's a bunch of vids online about the bike..........http://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/mcd/3243067944.html
  8. I got the TSD 1911 304 series $39.99.....dicks sells spare mags for it ... c02 at dicks is cheap... has a nice wieght and balance..can definetly reach out to 100 ft...
  9. I had a $200.blowback grn gas that only shot 50 rds before needing more gas..recently I bought a c02 1911 non-bb version from airsplat shoots @ 400 fps..it shoots over 100 rds per cartridge..... gun was less than $60..c02 was .50ct a cylnder...couldnt be happier....for less than a $100 I got 2000k bb's, gun, and fuel..
  10. I've been looking to get a pelet rifle myself for rats in the barn...So,.for giggles I looked online at walmart in Pa. to compare a model that is avaialable at dicks, here's what I found.....walmart in pa.; Daisy 880 . $44. no back ground check pay the girl at the register..time in store 10 minutes?.....Dicks in jersey; $69. plus 15 for the BG check..BG check can take 2 hours upto 3 days .. with assorted ammo in pa. total is $62.....same gun/ammo in nj is..$120 total before tax/fees...
  11. I've ordered from both home centers for several clients..never dissappointed..if it's in stock .the delivery/,install was painless..never more than 3-day wait...more than once they removed the front door (on apartments) to avoid possible damage..they used carry straps not hand trux...took the old unit and garbage with them...
  12. after reading it , my take is that 1) changes 2 yr valid before renewal to 5 yr 2) eliminates justifiable need,3 references and judge approval 3) if you qualify for the fid or p2p you qualify for carry permit along with NRA safety cert or similiar 4) eliminates public safety concern as excuse to deny 5) eliminate noting type and serial # of gun to be carried much like the app for fid/p2p it's still up to the cleo to approve (refer to #3) renewal would not require re-certification or approval providing you have not done something to revoke it..it said something like person having a CP would be deemed qualified and need not provide info as per the intial app....
  13. back in the day I did a bit of climbing...it looks like an ax for climbing ice....one end to chop a foot notch or smooth off rough ice...other end used to dig in for hand hold or use as a hammer
  14. a washington times blog...here's an inside look at the what people go through to excersize the 2A in DC... scroll to the bottom of the page for the first blog entry then work your way up...it boggles the mind.. but you'll want to read the whole thing..My link fixed the link should work now..this is part one.
  15. i think it was a vote for rules on a 1 hour debate prior to tomrrows vote on hr822
  16. seems to me, if judge gave no indication of; get it right this time or else; he wiil continue to ask for re-writes until he gets one so conviluted,vague and confusing enough that he finds in favor of the state..at what point if any, is the judge compelled to act?
  17. can someone explain it in simple terms...the bill uses the word "entitled" to carry concealed in and pursuant to the state in which the person resides .. technically nj residents are not "entitled" to carry concealed, right? I'm just not seeing how this would allow a nj resident to ccw with a Fla. permit when in nj it's impossible to get a permit...in nj, ccw is a priviledge not an entitlement..know what I mean.... sec.926d para 2 of the bill..My link
  18. what model ruger ? found several odd shaped pins hereMy link
  19. is there anything preventing the nj AG from telling other states not to issue non resident permits to nj residents ? something like what she did with CMP..
  20. what happened to the topic i started...17 on topic replies then it turned to 25 machine gun posts.....maybe the mods can delete my original and corresponding posts and change the topic title due to lack of interest..I thought the group would be interested in a case where carrying outside the home and how the 2A would apply, a case that has the best chance to date of being heard by scotus....nothing wrong with the MG convo but it should have been a different thread..
  21. in my view it's the argument in itself thats being made in this case.."whether or not carrying outside the home is protected by the 2A"(with or w/o a permit)..which could mean nj would have to remove the justifiable need requirement...maybe i'm looking at something that is'nt there.....we need scotus to say "to bear" means "to carry" in public not just restricted in the home... it's like why in most states do they consider carry a 2A right while nj feels that self defense ends at the thresold of our home.....
  22. .this is the case we waited for...this started when a guy in maryland was arrested for possesion without a carry permit... maryland permit scheme is like nj.... the argument being made is whether or not carrying a handgun outside the home is part of our constitutional 2A right to keep and bear....this case is slated for september's session.... scotus vs 2A
  23. i believe the woman in question using m&m won her case to keep her permit..the state was Washington (i think).. the only ones allowed to use m&m in nj, are only the most chronically ill or have some dibilitating condition and probably dont posses the strength or health to safely use a firearm much less the strength or ability to go through the process of buying one...being as how this is jersey and mary jane is illegal,,my guess is the pd would deny an applicant..they could easily amend the mental health form to include m&m in the background check... users are required to be registered with the state and will be issued I.D cards...
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